303 - Llantwit Major - Bridgend

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Llantwit Major - Bridgend

Llantwit Major Interchange (inside) 05:5006:5008:05then hourly until23:05
Llantwit Major, opp Old Swan Inn 05:5006:5008:0523:05
Llantwit Major, nr Goedre Coed 05:5106:5108:0623:06
St Donats, o/s Atlantic College 05:5606:5608:1123:11
St Donats (nr) 05:5706:5708:1223:12
Marcroes, at Marcross 05:5906:5908:1423:14
Monknash (at) 06:0207:0208:1723:17
Broughton Chapel Road (junction) 06:0407:0408:1923:19
Wick Church Street (junct) 06:0807:0808:2323:23
Wick, opp Post Office 06:0907:0908:2423:24
Wick St Brides Road (opp 27) 06:0907:0908:2423:24
Pitcot, opp Farmers Arms 06:1207:1208:2723:27
St Brides Major Vicarage (nr) 06:1207:1208:2723:27
Southerndown, opp Three Golden Cups 06:1607:1608:3123:31
Southerndown, after South Terrace 06:1607:1608:3123:31
Ogmore-by-Sea, nr Black Rocks 06:1907:1908:3423:34
Ogmore-by-Sea, after Sea Lawns Hotel 06:2007:2008:3523:35
Ogmore-by-Sea, after Post Office 06:2107:2108:3623:36
Ogmore-by-Sea, nr Craig Lodge 06:2107:2108:3623:36
Ogmore-by-Sea, nr Matiana 06:2107:2108:3623:36
Ogmore-by-Sea, before Pelican Inn 06:2407:2408:3923:39
Ogmore-by-Sea, before Water Works 06:2407:2408:3923:39
Ogmore-by-Sea, nr Ty Maen 06:2507:2508:4023:40
Ewenny Cross (before) 06:2607:2608:4123:41
Ewenny Bridge, before Pottery 06:2707:2708:4223:42
Hernston, before Priory Avenue 06:2807:2808:4323:43
Bridgend, o/s Brynteg School 06:2907:2908:4423:44
Bridgend Nolton Street (o/s The Rhiw) 06:3307:3308:4823:48
Bridgend Bus Station (Bay 11) 06:3507:3508:5023:50

Bridgend - Llantwit Major

Bridgend Bus Station (Bay 11) 05:5006:5008:00then hourly until23:00
Bridgend Ewenny Road (o/s 21) 05:5506:5508:0523:05
Ewenny Bridge Priory Ave (before ) 05:5506:5508:0523:05
Ewenny Bridge, after Pottery 05:5706:5708:0723:07
Ewenny Cross (after) 05:5706:5708:0723:07
Ogmore-by-Sea, nr Ty Maen 05:5806:5808:0823:08
Ogmore-by-Sea, after Water Works 05:5906:5908:0923:09
Ogmore-by-Sea, after Pelican Inn 06:0007:0008:1023:10
Ogmore-by-Sea, nr Matiana 06:0207:0208:1223:12
Ogmore-by-Sea, nr Craig Lodge 06:0207:0208:1223:12
Ogmore-by-Sea, before Post Office 06:0307:0308:1323:13
Ogmore-by-Sea, before Sea Lawns Hotel 06:0307:0308:1323:13
Ogmore-by-Sea, nr Black Rocks 06:0407:0408:1423:14
Southerndown, before South Terrace 06:0707:0708:1723:17
Southerndown, o/s Three Golden Cups 06:0807:0808:1823:18
St Bride’s Major, nr Heol Cae Gwyn 06:1007:1008:2023:20
Pitcot, o/s Farmers Arms 06:1207:1208:2223:22
Wick St Brides Road (o/s 27) 06:1507:1508:2523:25
Wick, o/s Post Office 06:1607:1608:2623:26
Broughton Chapel Road (junction) 06:2107:2108:3123:31
Monknash (at) 06:2307:2308:3323:33
Marcroes, at Marcross 06:2607:2608:3623:36
St Donats, before Atlantic College 06:2907:2908:3923:39
Llantwit Major Interchange (inside) 06:3507:3508:4523:45

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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