304 - Hitchin - St Albans

A bus service operated by Centrebus (South)


Hitchin - Oaklands

Westmill Estate, o/s The Priory School 15:50
Westmill Estate, opp Wellingham Avenue 15:50
Westmill Estate, opp Angel's Reply PH 15:51
Hitchin, nr Fishponds Road 15:52
Hitchin, opp Waitrose 15:53
Hitchin, nr Grammar School Walk 15:54
Hitchin, nr ASDA 15:59
Hitchin St Mary's Square (Stop L) 06:5009:4011:4014:1016:0018:10
Hitchin Bancroft (Stop G) 06:5009:4011:4014:1016:0118:10
Hitchin, opp Lister Avenue 06:5309:4411:4414:1416:0618:14
Hitchin, opp Newlands Lane 06:5409:4411:4414:1416:0618:14
Hitchin, opp New England Close 06:5409:4511:4514:1516:0718:15
St Ippolyts London Road Crossroads (S-bound) 06:5609:4711:4714:1716:1018:17
Little Almshoe Crossroads (S-bound) 06:5709:4811:4814:1816:1118:18
Little Almshoe, opp The Rusty Gun PH 06:5809:4911:4914:1916:1218:19
St Paul’s Walden, opp Stagenhoe Lodges 07:0209:5311:5314:2316:1618:23
St Paul’s Walden, opp Strathmore Arms PH 07:0309:5411:5414:2416:1718:24
St Paul’s Walden, opp South Lodge 07:0409:5511:5514:2516:1818:25
Whitwell, opp War Memorial 07:0609:5711:5714:2716:2018:27
Whitwell, o/s The Maidens Head PH 07:0709:5711:5714:2716:2018:27
Whitwell, adj King George's Way 07:0909:5911:5914:2916:2218:29
Whitwell, nr Strathmore Road 07:0909:5911:5914:2916:2218:29
Cuckolds Cross Hitchin Road Footpath (S-bound) 07:1310:0212:0214:3216:2618:32
Kimpton, opp The White Horse PH 07:1610:0512:0514:3516:3018:35
Kimpton, opp The Boot PH 07:1710:0612:0614:3616:3118:36
Kimpton, nr Lloyd Way 07:1710:0612:0614:3616:31
Kimpton, opp Luton Road 07:1810:0712:0714:3716:32
Kimpton, opp The Lodge 07:1910:0812:0814:3816:34
Blackmore End, opp Beech Way 07:2110:0912:0914:3916:36
Blackmore End, opp The Broadway 07:2210:1012:1014:4016:37
Blackmore End, opp The Slype 07:2310:1012:1014:4016:37
Gustardwood, nr Lamer Park 07:2510:1112:1114:4116:38
Wheathampstead, adj Lamer Lodge 07:2710:1312:1314:4316:40
Wheathampstead, opp Garden Court 07:2910:1412:1414:4416:41
Wheathampstead, opp St Helen's Church 07:3110:1512:1514:4516:42
Wheathampstead, opp St Helens School 07:3110:1512:1514:4516:42
Wheathampstead, nr Walnut Court 07:3110:1512:1514:4516:42
Wheathampstead, nr Hill Dyke Road 07:3210:1612:1614:4616:43
Nomansland, o/s The Wicked Lady PH 07:3410:1712:1714:4716:43
Sandridge, adj Langley Grove 07:3910:2012:2014:5016:46
Sandridge, nr St Leonard's Church 07:4010:2112:2114:5116:47
Sandridge, opp Village Hall 07:4110:2112:2114:5116:47
Sandridge, adj Reynolds Crescent 07:4210:2212:2214:5216:48
St Albans, nr Sandringham Crescent 07:4510:2312:2314:5316:49
St Albans Sandridge Gate Business Centre (S-bound) 07:4710:2312:2314:5316:49
St Albans, adj Lancaster Road 07:5010:2512:2514:5516:51
Bernards Heath, opp Seymour Road 07:5110:2612:2614:5616:52
Bernards Heath, adj Boundary Road 07:5310:2712:2714:5716:53
St Albans, opp Chime Square 07:5710:2912:2914:5916:55
St Albans St Peter's Street (Stop 1) 08:00
St Albans, nr Alban City School 10:3112:3115:0116:57
St Albans, nr Police Station 08:01
St Albans, opp Police Station 10:3412:3415:0417:00
St Albans, opp Lattimore Road 08:04
St Albans St Peter's Street (Stop 13) 10:3612:3615:0617:02
St Albans City Railway Station (Stop A) 08:07
St Albans, opp The Crown PH 08:10
Fleetville, opp Cemetery 08:11
Fleetville, nr Harlesden Road 08:12
Fleetville, opp Morrisons 08:14
Fleetville, opp Ashley Road 08:15
Fleetville, nr Oakwood Drive 08:16
Oaklands, nr Wynches Farm Drive 08:17
Oaklands, in Nicholas Breakspear School Grounds 08:20
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Oaklands - Hitchin

Oaklands, o/s Nicholas Breakspear School 15:22
Oaklands, nr Colney Heath Lane 15:24
Oaklands, opp Wynches Farm Drive 15:25
Fleetville, opp Oakwood Drive 15:26
Fleetville, nr Ashley Road 15:28
Fleetville, adj Morrisons 15:30
Fleetville, opp Harlesden Road 15:30
Fleetville, adj Cemetery 15:31
St Albans, nr The Crown PH 15:32
St Albans, o/s Iceland 15:33
St Albans, nr Lattimore Road 15:33
St Albans, opp Police Station 15:34
St Albans St Peter's Street (Stop 13) 15:35
St Albans, nr Chime Square 07:1508:4510:4012:4015:4117:11
Bernards Heath, opp Boundary Road 07:1608:4710:4212:4215:4317:13
Bernards Heath, nr Seymour Road 07:1708:4810:4312:4315:4417:14
St Albans, opp Lancaster Road 07:1808:4910:4412:4415:4617:16
St Albans Sandridge Gate Business Centre (N-bound) 07:1908:5010:4512:4515:4717:17
St Albans, opp Sandringham Crescent 07:1908:5110:4612:4615:4817:18
Sandridge, opp Reynolds Crescent 07:2008:5210:4712:4715:4917:19
Sandridge, nr Village Hall 07:2108:5310:4812:4815:5017:20
Sandridge, opp St Leonard's Church 07:2208:5410:4912:4915:5117:21
Sandridge, opp Langley Grove 07:2208:5410:4912:4915:5117:21
Nomansland, opp The Wicked Lady PH 07:2608:5810:5312:5315:5517:25
Wheathampstead, opp Hill Dyke Road 07:2708:5910:5412:5415:5617:26
Wheathampstead, opp Walnut Court 07:2809:0010:5512:5515:5717:27
Wheathampstead, o/s St Helens School 07:2809:0010:5512:5515:5717:27
Wheathampstead, o/s St Helen's Church 07:2909:0110:5612:5615:5817:28
Wheathampstead, adj Garden Court 07:2909:0110:5612:5615:5817:29
Wheathampstead, opp Lamer Lodge 07:3009:0210:5712:5715:5917:30
Gustardwood, opp Lamer Park 07:3209:0410:5912:5916:0117:31
Blackmore End, nr The Slype 07:3309:0511:0013:0016:0217:33
Blackmore End, adj The Broadway 07:3409:0611:0113:0116:0317:34
Blackmore End, adj Beech Way 07:3509:0611:0113:0116:0317:34
Kimpton, nr The Lodge 07:3609:0811:0313:0316:0517:36
Kimpton, nr Luton Road 07:3809:0911:0413:0416:0617:37
Kimpton, opp Lloyd Way 07:3909:1011:0513:0516:0717:38
Kimpton, o/s The Boot PH 07:4109:1111:0613:0616:0817:39
Kimpton, o/s The White Horse PH 07:4209:1111:0613:0616:0817:39
Cuckolds Cross Hitchin Road Footpath (N-bound) 07:4509:1411:0913:0916:1117:41
Whitwell, opp Strathmore Road 07:5109:1711:1213:1216:1417:44
Whitwell, opp King George's Way 07:5209:1811:1313:1316:1517:45
Whitwell, opp The Maidens Head PH 07:5309:1811:1313:1316:1617:46
Whitwell, nr War Memorial 07:5309:1911:1413:1416:1617:46
St Paul’s Walden, o/s South Lodge 07:5609:2111:1613:1616:1917:49
St Paul’s Walden, o/s Strathmore Arms PH 07:5809:2211:1713:1716:2117:51
St Paul’s Walden, adj Stagenhoe Lodges 07:5809:2211:1713:1716:2117:51
Little Almshoe, nr The Rusty Gun PH 08:0209:2611:2113:2116:2517:55
Little Almshoe Crossroads (N-bound) 08:0309:2711:2213:2216:2617:56
St Ippolyts London Road Crossroads (N-bound) 08:0509:2911:2413:2416:2817:58
Hitchin, nr New England Close 08:0709:3111:2613:2616:3018:00
Hitchin, nr Lister Avenue 08:0809:3211:2713:2716:3118:01
Hitchin, nr ASDA 08:1009:3411:2913:2916:3418:04
Hitchin St Mary's Square (Stop L) 08:1109:3511:3013:3016:3518:05
Hitchin Bancroft (Stop G) 08:17
Hitchin, nr West Hill 08:19
Hitchin, opp Fishponds Road 08:21
Westmill Estate, adj Angel's Reply PH 08:22
Westmill Estate, nr Wellingham Avenue 08:23
Westmill Estate, o/s The Priory School 08:25
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Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Centrebus (South)


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