32 - Sprowston - Norwich - Keswick Hall

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Sprowston - Norwich - Keswick Hall

Heartsease, opp Hammond Way 09:20
Sprowston, opp Blenheim Road 09:24
Sprowston, adj The Beehive 09:27
Sprowston, adj Leveson Road 09:27
Sprowston, adj Thornham Road 09:29
Norwich, adj Corbet Avenue 09:30
Norwich, adj Royal Norfolk Cottages 09:30
Norwich, adj Rider Haggard Road 09:32
Norwich, opp Firwood Close 09:33
Norwich, adj Borrowdale Drive Shops 09:34
Norwich, adj Cotman Fields 10:15
Norwich, adj Riseway Close 09:34
Norwich, adj Lloyd Road 09:35
Norwich, opp The Heartsease 09:36
Norwich, opp Heartsease Inn 09:37
Norwich, adj Gordon Avenue 09:37
Norwich, adj Morse Road 09:38
Norwich, adj Community Centre 09:39
Norwich, opp Lion Wood Road 09:41
Norwich, adj Junior School 09:42
Thorpe Hamlet, adj Waterworks 09:43
Thorpe Hamlet, adj Primrose Road 09:45
Thorpe Hamlet, adj The Jubilee Pub 09:46
Thorpe Hamlet, adj Hill House Road 09:47
Riverside Morrisons (Stop DH) 09:51
Norwich, adj Palace Street 10:16
Norwich, adj Towers 09:54
Norwich Tombland (Stop CP) 10:18
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CV) 10:00 10:20
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BS) 10:03 10:25
Norwich, opp St Stephens Square 10:25
Norwich, adj Ipswich Grove 10:26
Norwich City College, adj Campus 10:27
Norwich, adj Harford Manor School 10:28
Tuckswood, adj Maid Marian 10:29
Tuckswood, adj Forester Close 10:31
Tuckswood Robin Hood Road (opp 68) 10:32
Tuckswood, adj Bessemer Road 10:35
Tuckswood, opp Fountains Road 10:35
S Tuckswood, adj Marsh Harrier Inn 10:36
S Tuckswood Ipswich Road junction (SW-bound) 10:37
Keswick Hall Road (adj) 10:41


Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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