32A - Uttoxeter - Stoke Rail Station

Operated by D & G Bus

Uttoxeter to Stoke Rail Station

Uttoxeter Town Ctr, adj Tesco Store 11:5717:00
Alton Towers Hotel (adj) 12:1513:4214:42
Uttoxeter, adj Trinity Road 11:5917:02
Uttoxeter Town Ctr Bus Station (Stand 4) 12:0217:05
Uttoxeter Town Ctr, adj Thomas Alleynes High School 12:0217:05
Rocester, adj Station Road 12:1117:14
Rocester, opp Riversfield Drive 12:1217:15
Rocester, opp Abbey Road 12:1217:15
Rocester, opp Northfield Avenue 12:1217:15
Denstone, adj Lady Meadow Close 12:1517:18
Denstone, adj Hawthorn Close 12:1617:19
Denstone, opp The Tavern PH 12:1717:20
Denstone Lane (opp) 12:1717:20
Denstone, adj Greenfields 12:1717:20
Rocester, adj Marlpit Lane 12:1717:20
Denstone, adj Lower Micklin Farm 12:2017:23
Tithe Barn, nr Saltersford Lane 12:2117:24
Alton, adj Knight Lane 12:2217:25
Farley, opp Alton Towers Gate 01 12:2417:33
Alton Towers, opp Farley Gates 12:2517:34
Alton Towers Entrance (adj) 12:2013:4714:4717:4017:40
Cotton, by The Star PH 12:2412:2813:5114:5117:4417:44
Oakamoor, opp Churnet Bridge 12:2712:3113:5414:5417:4717:47
Greendale Lane (adj) 12:3112:3413:5814:5817:5117:51
Cheadle, adj Hales View Farm 12:3512:3814:0215:0217:5517:55
Cheadle, adj Moor Lane 12:3612:3914:0315:0317:5617:56
Cheadle, opp Queen's Arms PH 12:3712:3914:0415:0417:5717:57
Cheadle, adj Tape Street 12:3712:4014:0415:0417:5817:58
Cheadle, adj Charles Street 12:3812:4014:0515:0517:5817:58
Cheadle, opp Oak Street 12:3912:4114:0615:0617:5917:59
Cheadle, opp Cross Street 12:4318:0118:01
Cheadle, adj Natwest Bank 12:4318:0118:01
Cheadle, adj Prince George Street 12:4318:0118:01
Kingsley Moor, adj Kingsley Road 12:4818:0618:06
Kingsley Moor, opp Broad Oak Lane 12:4918:0718:07
Blakeley Lane, opp East View 12:5018:0818:08
Blakeley Lane, opp Cheadle Road 12:5018:0818:08
Cellarhead, adj March Lane 12:5218:1018:10
Cellarhead, nr Crossroads 12:5318:1118:11
Cellarhead, opp Moorside High School 12:5318:1118:11
Cellarhead, opp Southlowe Road 12:5318:1118:11
Werrington, nr Rownall Road 12:5418:1218:12
Werrington, opp Johnstone Avenue 12:5518:1318:13
Washerwall Lane (opp) 12:5518:1318:13
Werrington, adj Clough Lane 12:5618:1418:14
Ash Bank Hotel (adj) 12:5718:1518:15
Ash Bank, adj New Road 12:5718:1518:15
Ash Bank, adj No. 72 12:5818:1618:16
Ash Bank, adj Green's Lane 12:5818:1618:16
Townsend, opp Brookhouse Lane 12:5918:1718:17
Townsend, adj Corneville Road 13:0018:1818:18
Townsend, opp Eaves Lane 13:0018:1818:18
Bucknall, opp Central Avenue 13:0118:1918:19
Bucknall, adj Winston Place 13:0218:2018:20
Bucknall, adj Trent Bridge 13:0318:2118:21
Bucknall, opp New Finney Gardens 13:0318:2118:21
Hanley, opp Somerset Road 13:0518:2218:22
Hanley, adj Wellington Road 13:0518:2318:23
Hanley, opp Potteries Way 13:0518:2318:23
Hanley, adj stop Q2 13:0718:2518:25
Hanley, adj stop S4 13:0818:2618:26
Hanley, adj stop S6 13:0818:2618:26
Hanley Bus Station (arrival stop) 13:11
Hanley Bus Station (stand T) 18:2918:29
Hanley, adj Harding Road 18:3118:31
Shelton, opp Wellesley Street 18:3118:31
Shelton, opp Stoke-on-Trent College 18:3218:32
Shelton, adj Seaford Street 18:3318:33
Shelton, adj Film Theatre 18:3418:34
Stoke-upon-Trent, opp Stoke-on-Trent Railway Station 18:3518:35

Stoke Rail Station to Uttoxeter

Stoke-upon-Trent, adj Stoke-on-Trent Railway Station 08:3009:40
Shelton, opp Film Theatre 08:3109:40
Shelton, adj Beresford Street 08:3309:42
Shelton, adj Stoke-on-Trent College 08:3509:44
Shelton, adj Wellesley Street 08:3709:45
Hanley, adj Regent Centre 08:3909:47
Hanley, adj car park 09:5016:45
Hanley, adj stop J1 08:4409:54
Hanley Bus Station (stand C) 08:4509:55
Hanley, adj stop O 1 08:4709:57
Hanley, adj St Ann Street 08:4809:5816:48
Hanley, adj Somerset Road 08:4909:5916:49
Hanley, opp Ivy House Road 08:4909:5916:49
Bucknall, adj New Finney Gardens 08:5010:0016:50
Bucknall, opp Trent Bridge 08:5110:0116:51
Bucknall, adj Northfleet Street 08:5110:0116:51
Bucknall, adj Central Avenue 08:5210:0216:52
Bucknall, adj Chapel Street 08:5210:0216:52
Townsend, adj Eaves Lane 08:5310:0316:53
Townsend, adj Jessica Grove 08:5410:0416:54
Townsend, adj Brookhouse Lane 08:5410:0416:54
Ash Bank, opp Green's Lane 08:5410:0416:54
Ash Bank, adj No. 101 08:5510:0516:55
Ash Bank, opp New Road 08:5610:0616:56
Ash Bank Hotel (opp) 08:5610:0616:56
Werrington, opp Clough Lane 08:5710:0716:57
Werrington, adj Washerwall Lane 08:5810:0816:58
Werrington, adj Johnstone Avenue 08:5910:0916:59
Werrington, adj Rownall Road 08:5910:0916:59
Cellarhead, adj Southlowe Road 09:0010:1017:00
Cellarhead, adj Moorside High School 09:0010:1017:00
Cellarhead, adj Crossroads 09:0110:1117:01
Cellarhead, opp March Lane 09:0110:1117:01
Cellarhead, adj New Park Farm 09:0210:1217:02
Blakeley Lane, nr Cheadle Road 09:0310:1317:03
Blakeley Lane, adj East View 09:0410:1417:04
Kingsley Moor, adj Broad Oak Lane 09:0510:1417:04
Kingsley Moor, nr Kingsley Road 09:0510:1517:05
Cheadle, adj Harbourne Road 09:1010:2017:10
Cheadle, opp Prince George Street 09:1110:2117:11
Cheadle, adj Charles Street 09:1110:2117:11
Cheadle, opp Oak Street 08:2209:1210:2213:2214:2215:1717:12
Cheadle, opp Cross Street 08:2409:1410:2413:2414:2415:1917:14
Cheadle, adj Natwest Bank 08:2409:1410:2413:2414:2415:1917:14
Cheadle, nr Tape Street 08:2409:1410:2413:2414:2415:1917:14
Cheadle, opp Moor Lane 08:2509:1510:2513:2514:2515:2017:15
Cheadle, opp Hales View Farm 08:2509:1510:2513:2514:2515:2017:15
Greendale Lane (opp) 08:2809:1810:2813:2814:2815:2317:18
Oakamoor, adj Churnet Bridge 08:3109:2110:3113:3114:3115:2617:21
Cotton, nr The Star PH 08:3309:2510:3313:3314:3315:2817:24
Alton Towers, adj Farley Gates 08:3709:3110:3713:3714:3715:3217:29
Alton Towers Hotel (adj) 08:4210:4213:4214:4215:37
Alton Towers Entrance (adj) 08:4709:3510:4715:4217:32
Farley, adj Alton Towers Gate 01 09:37
Alton, nr Station Road 09:40
Alton, opp Knight Lane 09:42
Tithe Barn, adj Saltersford Lane 09:42
Denstone, opp Lower Micklin Farm 09:44
Rocester, opp Marlpit Lane 09:46
Denstone Lane (nr) 09:47
Denstone, adj The Tavern PH 09:48
Denstone, opp Hawthorn Close 09:48
Denstone, opp Lady Meadow Close 09:48
Rocester, adj Northfield Avenue 09:50
Rocester, adj Abbey Road 09:51
Rocester, adj Riversfield Drive 09:53
Rocester, nr Churnet Bridge 09:53
Rocester, opp Station Road 09:53
Uttoxeter Town Ctr, opp Thomas Alleynes High School 10:02
Uttoxeter Town Ctr Bus Station (Stand 4) 10:03
Uttoxeter Town Ctr, adj Thomas Alleynes High School 10:04
Uttoxeter Town Ctr, adj Tesco Store 10:06

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