339 - Shenfield - Epping

A bus service operated by The London Bus Company

Shenfield - Epping

North Weald, o/s Railway Station 10:20then every 30 minutes until13:5014:2515:0015:3016:10
North Weald, adj Park Close 10:2013:5014:2515:0015:3016:10
North Weald, opp Hurricane Way 10:2113:5114:2615:0115:3116:11
Epping, opp Woodside 10:2413:5414:2915:0415:3416:14
Coopersale Turning (SW-bound) 10:2513:5514:3015:0515:3516:15
Epping, o/s St Margaret's Hospital - main Rd 10:2713:5714:3215:0715:3716:17
Epping, opp Maltings Lane 10:2813:5814:3315:0815:3816:18
Epping, opp Council Offices 10:2913:5914:3415:0915:3916:19
Epping, opp Church 10:3014:0014:3515:1015:4016:20
Epping, opp Nicholl Road 10:3014:0014:3515:1015:4016:20
Epping, o/s Woodlands 10:3114:0114:3615:1115:4116:21
Epping, o/s Railway Station 10:3214:0214:3715:1215:4216:22

For dates of operation see website (www.eorailway.co.uk/visit)

Epping - Shenfield

Epping, o/s Railway Station 10:05then every 30 minutes until14:0514:4015:1515:45
Epping, opp Woodlands 10:0514:0514:4015:1515:45
Epping, adj Nicholl Road 10:0614:0614:4115:1615:46
Epping, o/s Church 10:0614:0614:4115:1615:46
Epping, o/s Council Offices 10:0714:0714:4215:1715:47
Epping, adj Maltings Lane 10:0814:0814:4315:1815:48
Epping, opp St Margaret's Hospital - main Rd 10:0914:0914:4415:1915:49
Coopersale Turning (NE-bound) 10:1114:1114:4615:2115:51
Epping, adj Woodside 10:1314:1314:4815:2315:53
North Weald, adj Hurricane Way 10:1514:1514:5015:2515:55
North Weald, opp Park Close 10:1614:1614:5115:2615:56
North Weald, o/s Railway Station 10:1714:1714:5215:2715:57

For dates of operation see website (www.eorailway.co.uk/visit)

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)