353 - Gloucester - Sandhurst

A bus service operated by Stagecoach West

Gloucester Transport Hub - Sandhurst The White Horse

Gloucester Transport Hub (Bay D) 11:0513:05
Gloucester New Look (Stop X) 11:0813:08
Gloucester, opp The Warehouse 11:1013:10
Gloucester, opp Lower Quay Street 11:1213:12
Gloucester, opp Castlemeads Court 11:1213:12
Gloucester, opp St Oswald's Park 13:16
Gloucester St Oswald's Village (inside) 13:17
Gloucester, nr B & Q 13:18
Gloucester, by St Oswald's Park 13:18
Kingsholm, on Estcourt Road 11:1713:21
Longlevens, o/s 83 Estcourt Road 11:1813:22
Longlevens, o/s 135 Estcourt Road 11:1913:23
Longlevens Oxstalls Campus (corner of) 11:2113:25
Longlevens, on Oxstalls Campus Grounds 11:2113:25
Longlevens, before Chamwells Avenue 11:2213:27
Longlevens, nr The Glevum Inn 11:2313:28
Longlevens, opp Flower Way 11:2313:28
Longlevens, after Oxstalls Way 11:2413:29
Longlevens Crossroads (after) 11:2513:30
Longlevens, opp Brooklands Park 11:2513:31
Longlevens, by Allotments 11:2613:32
Innsworth, by Technology Park 11:27
Innsworth, by Falcon Close 13:33
Innsworth House Farm (nr) 11:29
Innsworth, opp Junior School 13:34
Innsworth, after Hannah Place 11:29
Innsworth, by Jackson Crescent 13:35
Innsworth, after Shearwater Grove 11:30
Innsworth Shearwater Grove (corner of) 13:36
Innsworth, opp Hannah Place 13:36
Innsworth, by Frog Furlong Lane 13:37
Twigworth Down Hatherley Lane (corner of) 13:41
Twigworth, opp Manor Farm 13:42
Wallsworth, by Lodge 13:45
Sandhurst, by Springhill Court 13:48
Sandhurst, by Ladycroft 13:48
Sandhurst, opp Rectory Cottage 13:49
Sandhurst, opp St Lawrence's Church 13:49
Sandhurst, by Village Green 13:50
Sandhurst, by St Lawrence's Church 13:50
Sandhurst, by Rectory Cottage 13:51
Sandhurst, opp Hill View 13:52
Sandhurst, opp The White House 13:55
Sandhurst, opp The White Horse 13:56

Sandhurst The White Horse - Gloucester Transport Hub arrival

Sandhurst, nr The White Horse 09:08
Sandhurst, by The White House 09:09
Sandhurst, by Hill View 09:11
Sandhurst, opp Rectory Cottage 09:13
Sandhurst, opp St Lawrence's Church 09:13
Sandhurst, by Village Green 09:14
Sandhurst, by St Lawrence's Church 09:14
Sandhurst, by Rectory Cottage 09:15
Sandhurst, opp Ladycroft 09:15
Sandhurst, opp Springhill Court 09:15
Wallsworth, opp Lodge 09:19
Twigworth, by Manor Farm 09:21
Twigworth, before Down Hatherley Lane 09:22
Down Hatherley, opp Ash Lane 09:23
Innsworth, nr Frog Furlong Lane 09:27
Innsworth, after Hannah Place 09:28
Innsworth, after Shearwater Grove 09:2811:30
Innsworth, opp Jackson Crescent 09:2911:31
Innsworth, by Junior School 09:3011:32
Innsworth, opp Falcon Close 09:3111:33
Innsworth, after Technology Park 09:3111:33
Longlevens, nr Allotments 09:3211:34
Longlevens, before Brooklands Park 09:3311:35
Longlevens, after Oxstalls Lane 09:3311:35
Longlevens, before Flower Way 09:3511:37
Longlevens, opp The Glevum Inn 09:3511:37
Longlevens, after Chamwells Avenue 09:3611:38
Longlevens, nr Oxstalls Campus 09:3811:40
Longlevens, o/s 112 Estcourt Road 09:3911:41
Longlevens, o/s 88 Estcourt Road 09:4011:42
Kingsholm, in Estcourt Road 09:4111:43
Gloucester, opp St Oswald's Park 09:44
Gloucester St Oswald's Village (inside) 09:45
Gloucester, nr B & Q 09:47
Gloucester, by St Oswald's Park 09:48
Gloucester, before St Nicholas' Church 09:5311:47
Gloucester, nr Blackfriars Priory 09:5511:49
Gloucester, o/s The Warehouse 09:5711:51
Gloucester, opp St Michael's Square 09:5811:52
Gloucester Boots (Stop Z1) 09:5911:53
Gloucester, at Transport Hub arrival 10:0011:55

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