35C - Bishop's Stortford - Hertford

A bus service operated by Central Connect

Monday to Friday until Friday 26 July 2024

Bishop's Stortford to Hertford

Parsonage Estate, o/s Birchwood High School 15:50
Hockerill, opp Raynham Road 15:51
Hockerill, nr The Nags Head PH 15:53
Hockerill, opp Anglo European College 15:55
Hockerill, nr Hillside 15:57
Bishop’s Stortford Dane Street (Stop K) 16:00
Bishop’s Stortford Interchange (Stop E) 16:05
Bishop’s Stortford Potter Street (Stop H) 16:06
Bishop’s Stortford Bridge Street (Stop J) 16:11
Bishop’s Stortford The Causeway (Stop N) 16:11
Bishop’s Stortford, o/s YMCA 16:12
Bishop’s Stortford, nr North Street 16:13
Bishop’s Stortford, opp Thornfield Road 16:14
Bishops Park, nr Maple Avenue 16:15
Bishops Park, o/s Fire Station 16:16
Bishops Park, o/s Tesco 16:18
Cradle End, opp Hadham Park 16:20
Little Hadham, opp Albury Road 16:24
Little Hadham, opp The Smithy 16:24
Hadham Ford, opp Nags Head PH 16:26
Much Hadham Lordship Farm (SW-bound) 16:27
Much Hadham, adj Spindle Bridge 16:28
Much Hadham, opp Ye Olde Red Lion 16:30
Much Hadham, o/s Village Hall 16:30
Much Hadham, nr Almshouses 16:31
Hadham Cross, adj Ash Meadow 16:31
Hadham Cross, opp Broadfield Way 16:32
Hadham Cross, opp Station Road 16:32
Hadham Cross, nr Jolly Waggoners PH 16:33
Widford, adj Bourne Lane 16:34
Widford, opp Ashbourne Manor 16:35
Widford, opp Green Man PH 16:37
Widford, opp Bell Lane 16:37
Widford, nr Rise Cottages 16:38
Hunsdon, adj The Crown PH 16:41
Stanstead Abbotts Roydon Road (S-bound) 16:46
Stanstead Abbotts, opp Abbotts Rise 16:48
Stanstead Abbotts, opp Abbotts Court 16:48
St Margarets Railway Station (Stop B) 16:50
St Margarets, opp Hillside Lane 16:50
Great Amwell Amwell Roundabout (N-bound) 16:51
Great Amwell, nr Van Hage Garden Centre 16:52
Great Amwell, opp Lower Road 16:53
Ware, nr Gilpin Mews 16:54
Ware Hertford Regional College (Stop A) 16:55
Chadwell, opp Pumping Station 16:56
Chadwell, opp Springs 16:57
Chadwell Viaduct (SW-bound) 16:58
Hertford, adj Kings Road 16:59
Hertford, opp Fairfax Road 17:00
Hertford, opp Raynham Street 17:01
Hertford, nr Caxton Hill 17:02
Hertford, opp Tesco 17:04
Hertford, adj Bus Station 17:08

Hertford to Bishop's Stortford

Hertford Bus Station (Stop 4) 07:20
Hertford Tesco (Stop 12) 07:21
Hertford, adj Raynham Street 07:22
Hertford, nr Fairfax Road 07:22
Hertford, opp Kings Road 07:23
Chadwell Viaduct (NE-bound) 07:24
Chadwell, nr Springs 07:25
Chadwell, adj Pumping Station 07:26
Ware Hertford Regional College (Stop C) 07:27
Ware, opp Gilpin Mews 07:27
Ware, opp Gilpin Road 07:28
Great Amwell, nr Lower Road 07:29
Great Amwell, opp Van Hage Garden Centre 07:30
Great Amwell Amwell Roundabout (S-bound) 07:31
St Margarets, adj Hillside Lane 07:33
St Margarets Railway Station (Stop A) 07:34
Stanstead Abbotts, nr Abbotts Court 07:34
Stanstead Abbotts, adj Abbotts Rise 07:36
Stanstead Abbotts Roydon Road (N-bound) 07:36
Hunsdon, opp The Crown PH 07:42
Widford, opp Rise Cottages 07:43
Widford, adj Bell Lane 07:45
Widford, o/s Green Man PH 07:47
Widford, nr Ashbourne Manor 07:48
Widford, opp Bourne Lane 07:50
Hadham Cross, opp Jolly Waggoners PH 07:51
Hadham Cross, adj Station Road 07:51
Hadham Cross, adj Broadfield Way 07:52
Much Hadham, opp Almshouses 07:53
Much Hadham, opp Village Hall 07:54
Much Hadham, o/s Ye Olde Red Lion 07:57
Much Hadham, opp Spindle Bridge 07:57
Much Hadham Lordship Farm (NE-bound) 07:58
Hadham Ford, o/s Nags Head PH 08:01
Little Hadham, nr The Smithy 08:03
Little Hadham, nr Albury Road 08:05
Cradle End, adj Hadham Park 08:09
Bishops Park, o/s Tesco 08:13
Bishops Park, opp Fire Station 08:16
Bishops Park, opp Maple Avenue 08:17
Bishop’s Stortford, adj Thornfield Road 08:18
Bishop’s Stortford, opp North Street 08:20
Bishop’s Stortford Bridge Street (Stop J) 08:22
Bishop’s Stortford The Causeway (Stop P) 08:23
Hockerill, opp Hillside 08:24
Hockerill, o/s Anglo European College 08:25
Hockerill, adj Stortford Hall Park 08:26
Hockerill, opp The Nags Head PH 08:27
Hockerill, adj Raynham Road 08:28
Parsonage Estate, nr Birchwood High School 08:30

Timetable data from Galleon Travel (trading as Trustybus/Central Connect)/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 20 July 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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