373 - Sudbury - Glemsford - Whepstead - Horringer - Bury St Edmunds

A bus service operated by Hedingham & Chambers

Monday to Friday, Suffolk school days

Sudbury Bus Station (Stand C) 07:13
Sudbury, opp Gregory Mills 07:13
Sudbury, adj Walnut Tree Lane 07:14
Sudbury, opp York Road 07:14
Sudbury, opp Woodhall Road 07:15
Sudbury, opp Priory Road 07:16
Sudbury, opposite Chaucer Road 07:17
Long Melford, opp Barleycombe 07:19
Long Melford, adj Ropers Lane 07:20
Long Melford Inn (Adjacent) 07:21
Long Melford, opposite Chapel Green 07:23
Long Melford Library (Adjacent) 07:24
Long Melford Post Office (Adjacent) 07:25
Long Melford, adj Black Lion 07:26
Long Melford Windmill Hill (W-bound) 07:28
Glemsford, opp Martins Nest 07:30
Glemsford, opp Hobbs Lane 07:31
Glemsford, adj Stour Close 07:32
Glemsford Lower Road (N-bound) 07:33
Glemsford, adj Holdsworth Close 07:35
Glemsford, o/s The Angel 07:36
Glemsford, opp Social Club 07:36
Glemsford, o/s Village Hall 07:37
Glemsford, opposite Black Lion 07:38
Glemsford School Field (Adjacent) 07:39
Glemsford, adj Stanway Close 07:39
Boxted, opp Phone Box 07:45
Boxted, adj Blacksmiths Corner 07:46
Hartest, outside School 07:49
Hartest Green (opp) 07:50
Cross Green, opposite Brockley Road 07:50
Brockley Green Bury Road Turn (W-bound) 07:54
Scoles Gate, opp Cooks Lane 07:57
Rede Bus Shelter (Adjacent) 07:59
Whepstead, opp Stonecross Farm 08:03
Whepstead, o/s White Horse 08:04
Whepstead Old School Road (Adjacent) 08:04
Whepstead, opp Doveden Hall 08:06
Chevington, adj Brookes Corner 08:08
Horringer, adj Godfreys Close 08:13
Horringer, opp Sharpes Lane 08:13
Horringer, opp Meadow Drive 08:15
Horringer Park Gates (Adjacent) 08:15
Horringer Court, adj Bristol Road 08:22
Bury St Edmunds, adj Spread Eagle 08:23
Bury St Edmunds, adj Kevor House 08:24
Bury St Edmunds, opp Albert Buildings 08:25
Bury St Edmunds, opp Springfield Road 08:27
Bury St Edmunds, opp West Suffolk College 08:29
Westley Estate, opp Hepworth Avenue 08:30
Westley Estate Gainsborough Road north end (Adjacent) 08:31
Westley Estate, adj Flemyng Road 08:32
Westley Estate, o/s County Lower School 08:33
Westley Estate, opp Willcox Avenue 08:34
Bury St Edmunds, adj Cavendish Road 08:35
Bury St Edmunds ASDA (Adjacent) 08:36
Bury St Edmunds, opposite West Suffolk House 08:38
Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre (Adjacent) 08:39
Bury St Edmunds, o/s St Benedicts Catholic School 08:43
Bury St Edmunds The Greengage (Adjacent) 08:43
Bury St Edmunds Philip Road (Adjacent) 08:46
Bury St Edmunds, opp Tollgate Lane 08:48
Bury St Edmunds, opp Thingoe Hill 08:51
Bury St Edmunds, adj Fornham Road 08:52
Bury St Edmunds, opp Tayfen Terrace 08:53
Bury St Edmunds Bus Station (Stand 6) 08:57

Schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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