378 - Seaton - Axmouth - Lyme Regis

A bus service operated by Axe Valley Mini Travel (AVMT)

Seaton - Axmouth - Lyme Regis

Seaton Sea Front Gardens (Stop A) 10:0011:3513:3515:05
Seaton Harbour Road (E-bound) 10:0011:3513:3515:05
Seaton Riverside Way (E-bound) 10:0111:3613:3615:06
Axmouth Ship Inn (NE-bound) 10:0511:4013:4015:10
Colyford Boshill Cross (E-bound) 10:0811:4313:4315:13
Combpyne Westhayes Caravan Site (SE-bound) 10:1211:4713:4715:17
Rousdon Garage (E-bound) 10:1511:5013:5015:20
Rousdon Charton Cross (E-bound) 10:1611:5113:5115:21
Pinhay Hollow (E-bound) 10:1811:5313:5315:23
Pinhay Ware Cross (NE-bound) 10:1911:5413:5415:24
Lyme Regis Somers Road (E-bound) 10:2011:5513:5515:25
Lyme Regis Ware Lane (S-bound) 10:2111:5613:5615:26
Lyme Regis Holm Bush Car Park (E-bound) 10:2211:5713:5715:27
Lyme Regis Co-op Store (SE-bound) 10:2211:5713:5715:27
Lyme Regis The Square (W-bound) 10:2311:5813:5815:28

Lyme Regis - Axmouth - Seaton

Lyme Regis The Square (W-bound) 09:2511:0512:3514:10
Lyme Regis Langmoor Gardens Temp (W-bound) 09:2511:0512:3514:10
Lyme Regis Holm Bush Car Park (W-bound) 09:2611:0612:3614:11
Lyme Regis Ware Lane (N-bound) 09:2611:0612:3614:11
Lyme Regis Somers Road (W-bound) 09:2711:0712:3714:12
Pinhay Ware Cross (SW-bound) 09:2911:0912:3914:14
Pinhay Hollow (W-bound) 09:3111:1112:4114:16
Rousdon Charton Cross (W-bound) 09:3311:1312:4314:18
Rousdon, opp Garage 09:3511:1512:4514:20
Combpyne, opp Westhayes Caravan Site 09:3611:1612:4614:21
Colyford Boshill Cross (W-bound) 09:4011:2012:5014:25
Axmouth, opp Ship Inn 09:4311:2312:5314:28
Seaton Riverside Way (W-bound) 09:4611:2612:5614:31
Seaton Harbour Road (W-bound) 09:4711:2712:5714:32
Seaton Marine Place (Stop B) 09:4811:2812:5814:33

Timetable data from Axe Valley Mini Travel/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 1 March 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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