379 - Hadleigh - Bury St Edmunds

A bus service operated by Chambers



Hadleigh to Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds to Hadleigh

Bury St Edmunds Bus Station (Stand 5) 12:55
Bury St Edmunds, opp Arc Shopping Centre 12:57
Bury St Edmunds, opp Old Convent Orchard 12:59
Bury St Edmunds, opp Corsbie Close 13:00
Bury St Edmunds, opp Laundry Lane Footpath 13:02
Bury St Edmunds, adj Old Gaol 13:03
Nowton Estate, opp The Curlews Footpath 13:05
Sicklesmere, o/s Rushbrooke Arms 13:07
Little Whelnetham, opp Post Box 13:07
Bradfield St George, opp The Green 13:09
Bradfield St George, opp Village Sign 13:12
Gedding Corner (adj) 13:14
Gedding, o/s Shelter 13:19
Lower Green, opp Playing Fields 13:20
Felsham, opp Six Bells 13:21
Felsham, opp Bury Road 13:22
Felsham, adj Lime Walk 13:22
Great Green Chapel Road (N-bound) 13:24
Great Green, opp Dukes Meadow 13:28
Thorpe Morieux, o/s Bull 13:34
Thorpe Morieux, opp Greatfields 13:34
Thorpe Morieux Church Corner (E-bound) 13:35
Brettenham, opp Park Gates 13:36
Brettenham, opp Church 13:41
Cross Green, o/s Telephone Box 13:44
Hitcham Causeway, adj Causeway Estate 13:46
Hitcham, adj Squirrels Depot 13:46
Hitcham, opp White Horse 13:47
Bildeston, adj Clock Tower 13:51
Semer Bridge (opp) 13:56
Semer Lodge (adj) 13:57
Hadleigh, adj Allen Road 14:01
Hadleigh, adj Morrisons 14:04
Hadleigh, adj Meadows Way 14:04
Hadleigh High Street Mews (S-bound) 14:05
Hadleigh Bus Station (Stand D) 14:07
Hadleigh, o/s Sydney Brown Court 14:07
Hadleigh, opp Bourchier Close 14:09
Hadleigh, o/s High School 14:10
Hadleigh, adj Meriton Rise 14:11
Hadleigh, opp Woodthorpe Close 14:11
Hadleigh Woodthorpe Road (o/s 26) 14:12
Hadleigh, adj Clopton Gardens 14:12
Hadleigh, opp Sydney Brown Court 14:13
Hadleigh Bus Station (Stand B) 14:14

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/GOEA/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 29 November 2021

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