384a - Barnby Dun - Hatfield - Moorlands Prison

A bus service operated by First South Yorkshire

Horse Fair Green, Thorne (Doncaster)
5 May–30 June 2024

Horse Fair Green will be closed between the junctions of South Parade and Market Place for utility work from Monday 6 May until Friday 30 June.

Towards Thorne, service 384a to operate as normal to South Parade where the bus will terminate at the bus stop next to the junction of Horse Fair Green.

Towards Doncaster, service 384a to depart from the bus stopop opposite Plantation Road and operate normal route.

For journeys towards Thorne, please use bus stops on the diversion route.
Alternatively, please make other arrangements during this time.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Doncaster Intc - Thorne, Market Pl

Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange/C3 (C3) 20:3022:30
Doncaster Cleveland Street/Young Street (CS1) 20:3322:33
Doncaster, adj Hall Gate/Princes Street 20:3422:34
Doncaster, adj Thorne Road/East Laith Gate 20:3522:35
Town Moor, adj Thorne Road/Kings Road 20:3622:36
Town Moor, adj Thorne Road/Avenue Road 20:3722:37
Wheatley, adj Thorne Road/Norborough Road 20:3822:38
Wheatley, opp Thorne Road/Wentworth Road 20:3922:39
Wheatley, adj Thorne Road/Winchester Avenue 20:4022:40
Wheatley, opp Thorne Road/Hillcrest Road 20:4022:40
Wheatley Hills, opp Thorne Road/Thornhill Avenue 20:4122:41
Wheatley Hills, adj Thorne Road/Coventry Grove 20:4222:42
Wheatley Hills, adj Thorne Road/Barnby Dun Road 20:4222:42
Wheatley Hills, opp Thorne Road/Boundary Avenue 20:4222:42
Wheatley Hills, opp Thorne Road/Sandall Park Drive 20:4322:43
Wheatley Hills, opp Thorne Road/Sandalwood Close 20:4322:43
Wheatley, opp Thorne Road/A18 20:4522:45
Edenthorpe, opp Thorne Road/Lyndale Avenue 20:4522:45
Edenthorpe, adj Thorne Road/Hungerhill Lane 20:4622:46
Edenthorpe, adj Thorne Road/Clovelly Road 20:4722:47
Edenthorpe, opp Church Balk/Athelstane Crescent 20:4722:47
Edenthorpe, opp Church Balk/Locksley Avenue 20:4822:48
Edenthorpe, adj Church Balk/St. Oswalds Drive 20:4822:48
Kirk Sandall, adj Church Balk/Doncaster Road 20:4922:49
Kirk Sandall, opp Doncaster Road/Graham Road 20:4922:49
Kirk Sandall, opp Brecks Lane/Glade View 20:5022:50
Kirk Sandall, adj Brecks Lane/Cowley Place 20:5122:51
Kirk Sandall, nr Brecks Lane/Connaught Drive 20:5122:51
Kirk Sandall, at Armthorpe Lane/Parkwood Rise 20:5322:53
Barnby Dun, opp Station Road/Pine Hall Road 20:5422:54
Barnby Dun, opp Station Road/Top Road 20:5522:55
Barnby Dun, nr Top Road/Hatfield Lane 20:5522:55
Barnby Dun, adj Top Road/Catling Lane 20:5522:55
Barnby Dun, adj Stainforth Road/Coleridge Road 20:5622:56
Barnby Dun, opp Stainforth Road/Hall Lane 20:5722:57
South Bramwith, adj Stainforth Road/Ling House Lane 20:5822:58
South Bramwith, adj Doncaster Road/Old Field Lane 20:5922:59
Stainforth, adj Doncaster Road/Millfield Lane 21:0023:00
Stainforth, opp Doncaster Road/Church Road 21:0123:01
Stainforth, nr Church Road/Field Road 21:0123:01
Stainforth, adj Church Road/Junction Road 21:0223:02
Stainforth, adj Church Road/Stanley Gardens 21:0323:03
Stainforth, nr Station Road/East Lane 21:0423:04
Stainforth, nr Station Road/The Oval 21:0523:05
Dunscroft, adj Station Road/The Crescent 21:0523:05
Dunscroft, at Station Road/Cherry Tree Drive 21:0623:06
Dunscroft, adj Station Road/Bootham Lane 21:0723:07
Hatfield, adj Crookes Broom Lane/Millcroft Crescent 21:0823:08
Hatfield, opp Crookes Broom Lane/Millard Avenue 21:0823:08
Hatfield, adj Ash Hill Road/Crookes Broom Avenue 21:0923:09
Hatfield, adj Manor Road/Parkways 21:1023:10
Hatfield, adj Manor Road/Grange Avenue 21:1023:10
Hatfield, at High Street/Church Walk 21:1123:11
Hatfield, adj High Street/Old Thorne Road 21:1123:11
Hatfield, adj Cemetery Road/Epworth Road 21:1223:12
Hatfield Woodhouse, nr Cemetery Road/Old Epworth Road East 21:1323:13
Hatfield Woodhouse, nr Cemetery Road/Slay Pit Lane 21:1323:13
Hatfield Woodhouse, nr Main Street/Bawtry Road 21:1423:14
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Main Street/Warwick Close 21:1423:14
Hatfield Woodhouse, nr Stone Hill/Stone Hill Road 21:1523:15
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Stone Hill/Epworth Road 21:1623:16
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Tudworth Road/Sandtoft Road 21:1623:16
Hatfield Woodhouse, nr Tudworth Road/Stonehill Road 21:1723:17
Hatfield Woodhouse, opp Tudworth Road/Stanhurst Lane 21:1723:17
Tudworth Road/High Levels Bank (o/s) 21:1823:18
Tudworth Road/Oaks Farm (adj) 21:1923:19
Thorne, nr Hatfield Road/Grampian Way 21:2123:21
Thorne, adj Hatfield Road/Kirton Lane 21:2123:21
Thorne, adj South Parade/Horse Fair Green 21:2223:22
Thorne, adj Horse Fair Green/Finkle Street 21:2223:22

Thorne, Market Pl - Doncaster Intc

Thorne, adj Horse Fair Green/Finkle Street 19:15
Thorne, opp South Parade/Plantation Road 19:3021:3023:30
Thorne, opp Hatfield Road/Kirton Lane 19:3021:3023:30
Thorne, adj Hatfield Road/Marina View 19:3121:3123:31
Tudworth Road/Hatfield Road (opp) 19:3121:3123:31
Tudworth Road/High Levels Bank (at) 19:3521:3523:35
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Tudworth Road/Sandtoft Road 19:3621:3623:36
Hatfield Woodhouse, nr Tudworth Road/Sandtoft Road 19:3621:3623:36
Hatfield Woodhouse, opp Tudworth Road/Stone Hill 19:3621:3623:36
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Stone Hill/Tudworth Road 19:3621:3623:36
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Stone Hill/Bull Moor Road 19:3621:3623:36
Hatfield Woodhouse, nr Main Street/Remple Lane 19:3721:3723:37
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Main Street/Bawtry Road 19:3721:3723:37
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Cemetery Road/Mosscroft Lane 19:3821:3823:38
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Cemetery Road/Churchill Avenue 19:3821:3823:38
Hatfield Woodhouse, adj Cemetery Road/Old Epworth Road East 19:3921:3923:39
Hatfield, nr High Street/Epworth Road 19:4021:4023:40
Hatfield, at High Street/Church Walk 19:4021:4023:40
Hatfield, adj Manor Road/Carr Side Lane 19:4121:4123:41
Hatfield, opp Manor Road/Parkways 19:4121:4123:41
Hatfield, opp Ash Hill Road/Crookes Broom Avenue 19:4221:4223:42
Hatfield, opp Crookes Broom Lane/Broom Court 19:4321:4323:43
Hatfield, adj Crookes Broom Lane/Inverness Road 19:4321:4323:43
Hatfield, at Crookes Broom Lane/Station Road 19:4321:4323:43
Dunscroft, adj Station Road/Abbey Road 19:4421:4423:44
Dunscroft, nr Station Road/Broadway 19:4521:4523:45
Dunscroft, opp Station Road/The Crescent 19:4621:4623:46
Stainforth, adj Station Road/The Oval 19:4721:4723:47
Stainforth, opp Station Road/Emerson Avenue 19:4821:4823:48
Stainforth, adj Church Road/Kingsway 19:4921:4923:49
Stainforth, opp Church Road/Junction Road 19:5021:5023:50
Stainforth, on Church Road/Doncaster Road 19:5121:5123:51
Stainforth, at Church Road/Field Road 19:5121:5123:51
Stainforth, adj Doncaster Road/Church Road 19:5221:5223:52
Stainforth, opp Doncaster Road/Millfield Lane 19:5321:5323:53
South Bramwith, opp Doncaster Road/Hall Lane 19:5421:5423:54
South Bramwith, opp Stainforth Road/Double Lidget 19:5521:5523:55
Barnby Dun, adj Stainforth Road/Brosley Avenue 19:5721:5723:57
Barnby Dun, adj Stainforth Road/Talbot Avenue 19:5821:5823:58
Barnby Dun, adj Top Road/Hatfield Lane 19:5821:5823:58
Barnby Dun, adj Station Road/Pinfold Court 19:5921:5923:59
Barnby Dun, adj Station Road/Pine Hall Road 19:5921:5923:59
Kirk Sandall, adj Armthorpe Lane/Park Hill 20:0022:0000:00
Kirk Sandall, adj Brecks Lane/Newhall Road 20:0222:0200:02
Kirk Sandall, adj Brecks Lane/Elizabeth Avenue 20:0322:0300:03
Kirk Sandall, opp Brecks Lane/Connaught Drive 20:0322:0300:03
Kirk Sandall, adj Doncaster Road/Brecks Lane 20:0422:0400:04
Kirk Sandall, adj Doncaster Road/Church Balk 20:0622:0600:06
Kirk Sandall, adj Church Balk/Holly Bush Lane 20:0622:0600:06
Edenthorpe, adj Church Balk/Church Balk Gardens 20:0622:0600:06
Edenthorpe, opp Church Balk/Milton Grove 20:0722:0700:07
Edenthorpe, adj Church Balk/Athelstane Crescent 20:0822:0800:08
Edenthorpe, adj Thorne Road/Cedric Road 20:0822:0800:08
Edenthorpe, opp Thorne Road/Hungerhill Lane 20:0922:0900:09
Edenthorpe, adj Thorne Road/Lyndale Avenue 20:1022:1000:10
Wheatley, at Thorne Road/Ogden Road 20:1022:1000:10
Wheatley Hills, adj Thorne Road/Ogden Road 20:1122:1100:11
Wheatley Hills, adj Thorne Road/Sandalwood Close 20:1222:1200:12
Wheatley Hills, adj Thorne Road/Sandall Park Drive 20:1222:1200:12
Wheatley Hills, nr Thorne Road/Chestnut Avenue 20:1322:1300:13
Wheatley Hills, adj Thorne Road/Crossways 20:1422:1400:14
Wheatley Hills, adj Thorne Road/Thornhill Avenue 20:1422:1400:14
Wheatley, adj Thorne Road/Hillcrest Road 20:1522:1500:15
Wheatley, adj Thorne Road/Armthorpe Lane 20:1522:1500:15
Wheatley, adj Thorne Road/Zetland Road 20:1622:1600:16
Wheatley, adj Thorne Road/Zetland Road 20:1722:1700:17
Thorne Road/Town Moor Avenue (adj) 20:1722:1700:17
Town Moor, opp Thorne Road/Kings Road 20:1922:1900:19
Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange/B2 (B2) 20:2422:2400:24

Timetable data from First Bus/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 10 May 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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