399 - Whitehills - Hairmyres Station

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Hairmyres Station - Whitehills

Hairmyres Station (At) 16:5517:2317:53
Hairmyres Hospital (At) 16:5517:2317:53
Hairmyres, after Strathnairn Avenue 16:5617:2417:54
East Kilbride, after Strathtay Avenue 16:5617:2417:54
Gardenhall Mossneuk Avenue (Near) 16:5717:2517:55
Hairmyres, opp Tay Court 16:5717:2517:55
Mossneuk, opp Firlee 16:5817:2617:56
Mossneuk, at Pitcairn Crescent 16:5817:2617:56
Mossneuk, at Pitcairn Place 16:5917:2717:57
Hairmyres Westwoodhill Road (Near) 16:5917:2717:57
Westwood, after Mossneuk Road 17:0017:2817:58
Westwood, at Columbia Way 17:0017:2817:58
Westwood Square (opp) 17:0117:2917:59
Westwood, after Red Deer Road 17:0117:2917:59
Westwood, after Murrayhill 17:0217:3018:00
Westwood, opp Canberra Drive 17:0217:3018:00
Westwood Owen Avenue (near) 17:0317:3118:01
Westwood Playing Fields (opp) 17:0417:3218:02
Greenhills, opp Troon Avenue 17:0417:3218:02
Greenhills, before Oak Avenue 17:0417:3218:02
Greenhills, opp Shopping centre 17:0517:3318:03
Greenhills, after Lickprivick Road 17:0517:3318:03
Lindsayfield, opp Rosa Burn Avenue 17:0617:3418:04
Lindsayfield, opp Durban Avenue 17:0717:3518:05
Lindsayfield, after Cheviot Crescent 17:0717:3518:05
Lindsayfield Clarkin Avenue (Near) 17:0817:3618:06
Lindsayfield, before Ionia Grove 17:0817:3618:06
Lindsayfield, after Ionia Grove 17:0917:3718:07
Lindsayfield, opp Clarkin Avenue 17:1017:3818:08
Lindsayfield, before Ladysmith Drive 17:1017:3818:08
Lindsayfield, before Rosa Burn Avenue 17:1117:3918:09
Greenhills, before Larch Drive 17:1217:4018:10
Greenhills Sports Centre (at) 17:1217:4018:10
Greenhills Way (at) 17:1317:4118:11
Greenhills, opp Sycamore Crescent 17:1417:4218:12
Greenhills, at High Whitehills Road 17:1417:4218:12
Whitehills Auchengilloch (near) 17:1517:4318:13
Whitehills, opp Lomond 17:1517:4318:13
Whitehills, at Ardochrig 17:1617:4418:14
Whitehills, opp Fortieth Avenue 17:1717:4518:15

Whitehills - Hairmyres Station

Whitehills, before Fortieth Avenue 06:2307:0007:46
Whitehills, opp Braidley Crescent 06:2307:0007:46
Whitehills, at Lomond 06:2407:0107:47
Whitehills, opp Auchengilloch 06:2407:0107:47
Greenhills, opp High whitehills Road 06:2507:0207:48
Greenhills, after Sycamore Crescent 06:2607:0307:49
Greenhills Way (opp) 06:2707:0407:50
Greenhills Sports Centre (opp) 06:2707:0407:50
Greenhills, opp Larch Drive 06:2807:0507:51
Lindsayfield, opp Rosa Burn Avenue 06:2807:0507:51
Lindsayfield, opp Durban Avenue 06:2907:0607:52
Lindsayfield, after Cheviot Crescent 06:3007:0707:53
Lindsayfield Clarkin Avenue (Near) 06:3107:0807:54
Lindsayfield, before Ionia Grove 06:3107:0807:54
Lindsayfield, after Ionia Grove 06:3207:0907:55
Lindsayfield, opp Clarkin Avenue 06:3307:1007:56
Lindsayfield, before Ladysmith Drive 06:3307:1007:56
Lindsayfield, before Rosa Burn Avenue 06:3407:1107:57
Greenhills, before Crosshouse Road 06:3507:1207:58
Greenhills, at Shopping Centre 06:3607:1307:59
Greenhills, opp Oak Avenue 06:3607:1307:59
Greenhills Troon Avenue (near) 06:3707:1408:00
Westwood Playing Fields (at) 06:3807:1508:01
Westwood, opp Owen Avenue 06:3807:1508:01
Westwood Canberra Drive (near) 06:3907:1608:02
Westwood, at Melbourne Avenue 06:4007:1708:03
Westwood, at Bunbury Terrace 06:4007:1708:03
Westwood Square (At) 06:4107:1808:04
Westwood, at Belmont Drive 06:4107:1808:04
Hairmyres, opp Dunedin Drive 06:4207:1908:05
Mossneuk, opp Pitcairn Place 06:4307:2008:06
Mossneuk, opp Pitcairn Crescent 06:4307:2008:06
Mossneuk Drive (At) 06:4407:2108:07
Hairmyres, at Tay Court 06:4407:2108:07
Gardenhall Eaglesham Road (Near) 06:4507:2208:08
Hairmyres, after Redwood Drive 06:4607:2308:09
Hairmyres, opp Strathtay Avenue 06:4607:2308:09
Hairmyres Station (At) 06:4807:2508:11

Timetable data from JMB Travel, 13 July 2024

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