39S - Longbridge - Worlds End via Northfield

A bus service operated by Kevs Cars and Coaches

Monday to Friday, Birmingham School Holidays days (not bank holidays)

Worlds End, before Fleming Road 07:50
Worlds End, before Pitman Rd 07:50
Woodgate Valley North, opp Wedgewood Rd 07:51
Woodgate Valley North, before Faraday Avenue 07:51
Worlds End, opp Mayswood Grove 07:52
Worlds End, before Moat Meadows 07:53
Worlds End, adj Dufton Road 07:54
California, opp Woodgate Valley Fire Station 07:56
Woodgate Valley South, opp Simmons Leasow 07:57
Woodgate Valley South, opposite Stonehouse Grove 07:58
Woodgate Valley South, adj Glenside 07:58
Woodgate Valley South, after Sommerfield Rd 07:59
Woodgate Valley South, adj Warstone Avenue 07:59
Woodgate Valley South, opp Tibbatts Close 08:00
Woodgate Valley South, opp Plough Avenue 08:01
Woodgate Valley South Stonehouse Grove (adjacent) 08:02
Woodgate Valley South, adj Simmons Leasow 08:02
California, adj Hillcrest School 08:03
California, after Stonehouse Lane 08:04
Weoley Castle, opp Overfield Drive 08:05
Weoley Castle, after Shenley Lane 08:05
Weoley Castle Ilmington Road (near) 08:06
Weoley Castle Post Office (outside) 08:07
Weoley Castle, opposite Bentley Grove 08:07
Woodcock Hill, opp The Weoley Castle 08:09
Woodcock Hill Shenley Academy (adjacent) 08:09
Bangham Pit, before Draycott Drive 08:09
Bangham Pit, after Clavedon Close 08:09
Bangham Pit, adj Homedene Rd 08:10
Bangham Pit Rd (adj) 08:11
Ley Hill, opp Taysfield Rd 08:11
Ley Hill, adj Vineyard Lane 08:14
Ley Hill, adj School Playing Fields 08:15
Ley Hill, adj Colworth Rd 08:16
Northfield, adj Lockwood Rd 08:17
Northfield, opp The Black Horse 08:18
Northfield Leisure Centre (near) 08:19
Northfield Lockwood Rd (adjacent) 08:20
Northfield Bell Lane (Stop NK) 08:21
Northfield Leisure Centre (behind) 08:23
Turves Green, adj South Rd 08:24
Longbridge, opposite Tessall Lane 08:27
Longbridge Technology Park (Stop LD) 08:28
Longbridge Bristol Road South (Stop LE) 08:29
Longbridge Station (Stop LG) 08:30

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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