404 - Whitehill/Wrecclesham - Farnborough

Operated by Stagecoach South


Monday to Friday, Hampshire College Days Only days

Whitehill/Wrecclesham - Farnborough

Farnham Hospital North (o/s) 07:51
Wrecclesham, opp Westfield Lane 11:21
Farnham, opp Adams Park Road 07:52
Wrecclesham, adj Echo Barn Lane 11:22
Farnham East Street (Stop I) 07:53
Rowledge Fullers Road (SE-bound) 11:26
Farnham Sports Centre (Stop F) 07:54
Rowledge, opp Cherry Tree Road 11:26
Farnham East Street Shops (Stop J) 07:55
Rowledge, adj Manley Bridge Road 11:28
Farnham Union Road (Stop L) 07:57
Boundstone, adj Lavender Lane 11:29
Boundstone, opp Glynswood 11:30
Boundstone Burnt Hill Way (NE-bound) 11:31
Boundstone, adj Jubilee Lane 11:32
Boundstone, adj Beacon Close 11:33
Shortheath, adj Waiting Room 11:34
Shortheath, opp Burnt Hill Road 11:35
Wrecclesham, opp Greenhill Way 11:36
Wrecclesham, adj St Peter's School 11:37
Wrecclesham, opp Little Green Lane 11:37
Wrecclesham, adj Playing Fields 11:37
Wrecclesham, opp Greenfield Road Cemetery 11:38
Farnham, adj Baldreys 11:39
Farnham, adj Recreation Ground 11:40
Farnham, adj Ryle Road 11:40
Farnham, before Weydon Hill Road 11:41
Farnham Weydon Estate (NW-bound) 11:41
Farnham, adj Arthur Close 11:42
Farnham, before Firgrove Hill 11:43
Farnham Station Forecourt (Stop M) 11:45
Farnham The Borough (Stop A) 07:5811:50
Farnham Castle Street (Stop D) 07:5811:50
Upper Hale, opp Drovers Way 08:0211:54
Upper Hale, adj Old Park Close 08:0311:55
Upper Hale, opp Lawday Place Lane 08:0411:56
Upper Hale, opp Blackheath Road 08:0611:58
Upper Hale, opp Eton Place 08:0711:59
Upper Hale, opp Sturt Road 08:0811:59
Upper Hale, opp Trimmers Close 08:0912:00
Heath End, opp Heath Lane 08:1112:01
Heath End, opp The Alma 08:1212:02
Heath End Post Office (N-bound) 08:1312:03
Aldershot Cranmore Lane (N-bound) 08:1412:04
South Farnborough, adj Maitland Road 08:2212:11
South Farnborough, o/s Aviator Hotel 08:2312:11
South Farnborough, o/s F.A.S.T Museum 08:2412:12
Farnborough Park Rushmoor Council Offices (N-bound) 08:2512:13
Farnborough Kingsmead Main Road (Stop D) 08:2712:14
Farnborough Ham and Blackbird (Stop L) 08:2812:15
Farnborough Napoleon Avenue (NE-bound) 08:3012:17
Farnborough Green Prospect Avenue (Stop E) 08:3112:17
Farnborough Green Bradfords Garage (N-bound) 08:3212:18
Hawley Lane Prince Charles Crescent (NW-bound) 08:3312:18
Hawley Lane Oaken Copse Crescent (W-bound) 08:3412:19
Hawley Lane Sand Hill (S-bound) 08:3412:19
Farnborough Green Sixth Form College (Stop A) 08:3512:20

Farnborough - Whitehill/Wrecclesham

Farnborough Green Sixth Form College (Stop C) 12:2516:25
Farnborough Empress Avenue (SW-bound) 12:2716:27
Farnborough Ham and Blackbird (Stop M) 12:2816:29
Farnborough Oak Road (Stop E) 12:2916:31
Farnborough Park College of Technology (S-bound) 12:3016:32
South Farnborough, opp F.A.S.T Museum 12:3116:33
South Farnborough, opp Aviator Hotel 12:3116:34
South Farnborough, opp Maitland Road 12:3216:34
Aldershot Cranmore Lane (S-bound) 12:3916:43
Heath End, adj Post Office 12:4016:44
Heath End, o/s The Alma 12:4116:45
Heath End, adj Heath Lane 12:4216:46
Upper Hale, adj Trimmers Close 12:4316:47
Upper Hale, adj Sturt Road 12:4416:48
Upper Hale, adj Eton Place 12:4516:49
Upper Hale, adj Blackheath Road 12:4516:50
Upper Hale, adj Lawday Place Lane 12:4616:51
Upper Hale, opp Old Park Close 12:4716:52
Upper Hale, adj Drovers Way 12:4816:53
Farnham Castle Street (Stop E) 12:5116:56
Farnham Station Forecourt (Stop N) 12:55
Farnham Woolmead Road (Stop G) 16:57
Farnham, after Firgrove Hill 12:57
Farnham East Street (Stop H) 16:58
Farnham, opp Arthur Close 12:57
Farnham, adj Adams Park Road 16:59
Farnham Weydon Estate (SE-bound) 12:58
Farnham Hospital North (opp) 17:00
Farnham, opp Ryle Road 12:58
Farnham, opp Recreation Ground 12:59
Farnham, opp Baldreys 13:00
Farnham, before Weydon Lane 13:01
Wrecclesham, adj Bardsley Drive 13:02
Wrecclesham, o/s Weydon School 13:02
Wrecclesham Bridge (S-bound) 13:03
Wrecclesham The Street (SW-bound) 13:04
Wrecclesham, opp Westfield Lane 13:05
Wrecclesham, adj Echo Barn Lane 13:06
Rowledge Fullers Road (SE-bound) 13:09
Rowledge, opp Cherry Tree Road 13:09
Rowledge, adj Manley Bridge Road 13:10
Boundstone, adj Lavender Lane 13:11
Boundstone, opp Glynswood 13:11
Boundstone Burnt Hill Way (NE-bound) 13:12
Boundstone, adj Jubilee Lane 13:13
Boundstone, adj Beacon Close 13:13
Shortheath, adj Waiting Room 13:14
Shortheath, opp Burnt Hill Road 13:15
Wrecclesham, opp Greenhill Way 13:16
Wrecclesham, adj St Peter's School 13:17
Wrecclesham, opp Little Green Lane 13:17
Wrecclesham, adj Playing Fields 13:17
Wrecclesham, opp Greenfield Road Cemetery 13:18
Farnham, adj Baldreys 13:19

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