44 - Berwick - Polegate - Langney - Eastbourne

A bus service operated by Cuckmere Buses



Berwick - Polegate - Langney - Eastbourne

Polegate Sunstar Lane (S-bound) 09:20
Polegate, adj Wannock Road Recreation Ground 09:23
Polegate, adj Farmlands Way 09:25
Wannock, adj Glen Close 09:27
Willingdon Community School (o/s) 09:30
Polegate Park Croft (NE-bound) 09:30
Polegate, opp Brightling Road 09:31
Polegate, opp Walnut Walk 09:32
Polegate, opp Railway Station 09:36
Polegate, adj School Lane 09:36
Polegate, opp Porters Way 09:39
Polegate, opp Romney Road 09:41
Polegate, opp Glynleigh Drive 09:43
Polegate, adj Shepham Lane 09:44
Dittons, opp Downley 09:44
Dittons, opp Chaucer Industrial Estate 09:45
Dittons Farm (opp) 09:45
Dittons, adj Nursery 09:46
Dittons, opp Bluebell Barn 09:47
Stone Cross, opp Arun Way 09:47
Stone Cross, adj The Crossways 09:48
Stone Cross, opp The Red Lion 09:49
Stone Cross, adj Patcham Mill Road 09:49
Langney, adj Oak Tree Lane 09:50
Langney, adj Pennine Way 09:50
Langney Hide Hollow Roundabout West (W-bound) 09:51
Langney, o/s Shopping Centre 09:52
Langney Hide Hollow Roundabout West (E-bound) 09:52
Langney, adj The Rising 09:53
Langney, o/s Martello Inn 09:54
Langney, adj Priory Road South 09:55
Langney Point, nr Ramsay Way 09:56
Langney, opp Middleton Drive 09:57
Roselands, adj Sovereign Centre 09:59
Roselands, o/s Car Park 09:59
Roselands, opp Desmond Road 10:00
Roselands, o/s Fishermans Club 10:01
Roselands, opp Beamsley Road 10:01
Eastbourne, opp Cambridge Road 10:02
Eastbourne, opp Marine Road 10:03
Eastbourne, adj Pier 10:04
Eastbourne, opp Burlington Road 10:05
Eastbourne, adj Trinity Place 10:05
Eastbourne Memorial Roundabout (Stop M1) 10:06
Eastbourne Gildredge Road (Stop G2) 10:08

Eastbourne - Langney - Polegate - Berwick

Eastbourne Cornfield Road (Stop C1) 13:10
Eastbourne, opp Trinity Place 13:12
Eastbourne, opp Pier 13:14
Eastbourne, adj Marine Road 13:14
Eastbourne, adj Cambridge Road 13:15
Roselands, adj Beamsley Road 13:16
Roselands, opp Fishermans Club 13:16
Roselands, adj Desmond Road 13:17
Roselands, opp Car Park 13:18
Roselands, opp Sovereign Centre 13:19
Langney, adj Middleton Drive 13:20
Langney Point, opp Ramsay Way 13:21
Langney, opp Priory Road South 13:22
Langney, opp Martello Inn 13:23
Langney, opp The Rising 13:24
Langney Hide Hollow Roundabout South (N-bound) 13:25
Langney Hide Hollow Roundabout West (W-bound) 13:25
Langney, o/s Shopping Centre 13:26
Langney Hide Hollow Roundabout West (E-bound) 13:26
Langney, opp Pennine Way 13:27
Langney, opp Oak Tree Lane 13:28
Shinewater, adj Larkspur Drive 13:28
Stone Cross, opp Patcham Mill Road 13:28
Stone Cross, o/s The Red Lion 13:29
Stone Cross, opp The Crossways 13:29
Stone Cross, adj Arun Way 13:30
Dittons, adj Bluebell Barn 13:31
Dittons, opp Nursery 13:31
Dittons Farm (adj) 13:32
Dittons, adj Chaucer Industrial Estate 13:33
Dittons, adj Downley 13:34
Polegate, adj Glynleigh Drive 13:35
Polegate, adj Romney Road 13:37
Polegate, adj Porters Way 13:38
Polegate, opp School Lane 13:40
Polegate, adj Railway Station 13:42
Polegate, adj Walnut Walk 13:46
Polegate, adj Brightling Road 13:48
Wannock, opp Glen Close 13:51
Polegate, opp Farmlands Way 13:52
Polegate, opp Wannock Road Recreation Ground 13:54
Polegate Sunstar Lane (N-bound) 13:58
serves Chalvington if required, may run 10 mins late after this point

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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