45, 45A, 45B - Holt - Briston - Norwich

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Holt - Briston - Norwich

45 45B
Holt, adj Bus Shelter 06:4509:30
Holt, adj Beresford Road 06:4609:31
Holt, opp Coronation Road 06:4709:32
Holt, opp Regents Close 06:4709:32
Thornage The Street (o/s 7) 06:5309:38
Briningham, adj green 06:5709:42
Melton Constable, adj Bus Shelter 07:0009:45
Melton Constable, opp Hillside 07:0109:46
Briston, opp Woodfield 07:0309:48
Briston, adj All Saints Close 07:0409:49
Briston, opp Butchers Shop 07:0509:50
Briston, adj Mill Road 07:0609:51
Briston, adj Old Post Road 07:0709:52
Briston, adj Plumb's Close 07:0809:53
Briston, opp Vicarage corner 07:0909:54
Briston, opp The John H Stracey 07:1109:56
Corpusty, adj Croft Lane 07:1309:58
Saxthorpe, opp Bickling Road 07:1510:00
Corpusty, opp chapel 07:1710:02
Cawston, opp Woodrow Garage 07:2310:08
Hevingham, adj Marsham Arms 07:2910:14
Felthorpe, adj Bilney Lane 07:32
Hevingham, adj Short-thorn Road 10:16
Felthorpe, adj The Mariners 07:34
Horsford, opp Sandy Lane 10:18
Felthorpe, opp Nash Road 07:35
Horsford, opp Pinelands Ind Estate 10:19
Horsford, adj Brickmakers 10:20
Horsford, adj Bus Shelter 10:20
Horsford, opp Dog Lane 10:21
Horsford, adj Church Street 10:21
Hellesdon, opp medical centre 07:4210:24
Hellesdon, opp Bernham Road 07:4310:24
Hellesdon, opp Wood View Road 07:4410:24
Hellesdon, adj Meadow Way 07:4510:25
Hellesdon, opp Berkley Close 07:4610:25
Hellesdon, opp Hastings Avenue 07:4710:26
Hellesdon, adj Heather Avenue 07:4810:27
Hellesdon, opp Merchant Way 07:4910:27
Mile Cross, opp The Boundary 07:5210:28
Mile Cross Road (opp) 07:5310:29
Norwich, adj Mecca Bingo 07:5410:30
Norwich, opp Half Mile Road 07:5510:31
Norwich, adj Penn Grove 07:5610:32
Norwich, adj Drayton Road 07:5710:32
Norwich, opp Wingfield Road 07:5810:33
Norwich, adj Edward Street 07:5910:34
Norwich Anglia Square (Stand D) 08:0210:36
Norwich Upper King Street (Stop CP) 08:0310:37
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CV) 08:0510:39
Norwich Bus Station (Stand N) 08:0810:42
Norwich, opp St Stephens Square 08:10
Norwich, opp Brunswick Road 08:11
Norwich, opp Eagle Walk 08:11
Norwich, opp Albemarle Road 08:12

Norwich - Briston - Holt

45B 45A 45
Norwich City College, adj Campus 16:08
Norwich, adj Albemarle Road 16:14
Norwich, opp Town Close Road 16:15
Norwich, adj Eagle Walk 16:16
Norwich, adj Brunswick Road 16:16
Norwich, adj St Stephens Square 16:17
Norwich Bus Station (Stand N) 13:0016:2017:35
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BC) 13:0116:2117:36
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CA) 13:0416:2317:38
Norwich Tombland (Stop CM) 13:0616:2517:40
Norwich Anglia Square (Stand B) 13:0816:2717:42
Norwich, adj Magpie Road 13:0916:2817:43
Norwich, adj Wingfield Road 13:1116:2917:44
Norwich, opp Drayton Road 13:1216:3017:45
Norwich, opp Penn Grove 13:1316:3117:46
Norwich, adj Half Mile Road 13:1416:3217:47
Norwich, opp Mecca Bingo 13:1516:3317:48
Mile Cross Road (adj) 13:1616:3417:49
Mile Cross, adj The Boundary 13:1716:3517:50
Hellesdon, adj Merchant Way 13:1716:3517:50
Hellesdon, opp Heather Avenue 13:1716:3517:50
Hellesdon, adj Hastings Avenue 13:1716:3517:50
Hellesdon, adj Berkley Close 13:1816:3617:51
Hellesdon, opp Meadow Way 13:1816:3617:51
Hellesdon, adj Wood View Road 13:1916:3717:52
Hellesdon, adj Bernham Road 13:1916:3717:52
Hellesdon, adj medical centre 13:1916:3717:52
Horsford, adj Dog Lane 13:2216:39
Felthorpe, adj Nash Road 18:01
Horsford, adj Corner Lane 13:2316:40
Felthorpe, opp The Mariners 18:02
Horsford, opp Bus Shelter 13:2416:40
Felthorpe, opp Bilney Lane 18:04
Horsford, opp Brickmakers 13:2516:41
Horsford, adj Pinelands Ind Estate 13:2516:42
Hevingham, opp Short-thorn Road 13:28
Felthorpe, adj Bilney Lane 16:47
Hevingham, opp Marsham Arms 13:3118:07
Felthorpe, adj The Mariners 16:49
Cawston, adj Woodrow Garage 13:3418:13
Felthorpe, opp Nash Road 16:50
Alderford, adj Hall Road 16:57
Booton, opp Kings Head Cottage 17:04
Reepham, adj King's Arms 17:10
Reepham, opp New Road 17:11
Salle, opp Heydon Road 17:14
Cawston Market Place (E-bound) 17:18
Cawston, opp Perrys Lane 17:20
Corpusty, adj chapel 13:4317:2618:19
Saxthorpe, adj Bickling Road 13:4417:2718:20
Corpusty, opp Croft Lane 13:4517:2818:21
Briston, adj The John H Stracey 13:4817:3118:24
Briston, adj Vicarage corner 13:5017:3318:26
Briston, opp Plumb's Close 13:5117:3318:27
Briston, adj Mill Road 13:5217:3418:28
Briston, adj Old Post Road 13:5317:3518:29
Briston, adj Butchers Shop 13:5417:3618:30
Briston, opp All Saints Close 13:5417:3618:30
Briston, adj Woodfield 13:5517:3718:31
Briston, adj school 13:5517:3718:31
Melton Constable, adj Hillside 13:5617:3818:32
Melton Constable, opp Bus Shelter 13:5717:3918:33
Briningham, opp green 14:0017:4218:36
Thornage The Street (o/s 23) 14:0517:4718:41
Holt, adj Police Station 14:0917:5118:45
Holt, opp Lodge Close 14:0917:5118:45
Holt, adj Coronation Road 14:1017:5218:46
Holt, opp Beresford Road 14:1017:5218:46
Holt, o/s Hospice Shop 14:1217:5418:48

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