46 - Chelmsford - Willingale - Ongar

A bus service operated by First Essex

Chelmsford, Bus Stn - Ongar, Two Brewers

Chelmsford Bus Station (Stand 6) 08:2810:1512:4014:3016:1518:04
Chelmsford Railway Station (Stand 11) 08:2810:1512:4014:3016:1518:04
Chelmsford Cathedral (Stop Cc) 08:2910:1612:4114:3116:1618:05
Chelmsford H & M (Stop Dc) 08:3010:1712:4214:3216:1718:06
Chelmsford Job Centre (Stop Dd) 08:3010:1712:4214:3216:1718:06
Chelmsford, opp RC Church 08:3210:1912:4414:3416:1918:08
Chelmsford, adj Queen Street 08:3210:1912:4414:3416:1918:08
Chelmsford, o/s BBC Essex 08:3410:2112:4614:3616:2118:10
Chelmsford, o/s Cemetery 08:3410:2112:4614:3616:2118:10
Chelmsford, opp Waterhouse Street 08:3510:2212:4714:3716:2218:11
Westlands Estate, adj Robjohns Road 08:3610:2312:4814:3816:2318:12
Westlands Estate, opp Hole in Hedge 08:3610:2312:4814:3816:2318:12
Writtle, opp Hylands School 08:3710:2412:4914:3916:2418:13
Writtle, adj St John's Green 08:3810:2512:5014:4016:2518:14
Writtle Green (adj) 08:3910:2612:5114:4116:2618:15
Writtle, o/s Agricultural College 08:4110:2812:5314:4316:2818:17
Writtle, adj Lordship Road 08:4210:2912:5414:4416:2918:18
Writtle, o/s The Hickerage 08:4310:3012:5514:4516:3018:19
Roxwell, o/s Reeds Farm 08:4410:3112:5614:4616:3118:20
Roxwell, opp Sycamore Cottages 08:4510:3212:5714:4716:3218:21
Roxwell The Hare (near) 08:4610:3312:5814:4816:3318:22
Roxwell, adj Green Lane 08:4810:3513:0014:5016:3518:24
Roxwell, opp Village Hall 08:4910:3613:0114:5116:3618:25
Roxwell St Michael's Drive (W-bound) 08:5110:3813:0314:5316:3818:27
Willingale Shellow Bowells (W-bound) 08:5710:4413:0914:5916:4418:33
Willingale, opp Torrel's Hall Cottages 08:5910:4613:1115:0116:4618:35
Willingale Playing Field (adj) 09:0010:4713:1215:0216:4718:36
Willingale, opp The Maltsters Arms 09:0110:4813:1315:0316:4818:37
Fyfield, opp The Queens Head 09:0810:5513:2015:1016:5518:44
Fyfield, adj Roding Close 09:0810:5513:2015:1016:5518:44
Fyfield, adj Houchin Drive 09:0810:5513:2015:1016:5518:44
Fyfield, opp Forest Drive 09:0810:5513:2015:1016:5518:44
Ongar, opp Shelley Church 09:1010:5713:2215:1216:5718:46
Ongar, adj The Gables 09:1110:5813:2315:1316:5818:47
Ongar Hospital (S-bound) 09:1110:5813:2315:1316:5818:47
Ongar Four Wantz (S-bound) 09:1210:5913:2415:1416:5918:48
Ongar, opp Great Lawn 09:1210:5913:2415:1416:5918:48
Ongar Station (opp) 09:1311:0013:2515:1517:0018:49
Ongar, opp Bansons Ln 09:1511:0213:2715:1717:0218:51
Ongar, adj Stanley Place 09:1511:0213:2715:1717:0318:51
Ongar, o/s Two Brewers 09:1711:0413:2915:1917:0518:53

Ongar, Two Brewers - Chelmsford, Bus Stn

Ongar, o/s Two Brewers 07:28
Ongar, opp Stanley Place 07:3009:2011:0813:3315:2317:10
Ongar, adj Bansons Ln 07:3209:2211:1013:3515:2517:12
Ongar Station (o/s) 07:3309:2311:1113:3615:2617:13
Ongar, adj Great Lawn 07:3409:2411:1213:3715:2717:14
Ongar Four Wantz (N-bound) 07:3509:2511:1313:3815:2817:15
Ongar Hospital (N-bound) 07:3509:2511:1313:3815:2817:15
Ongar, opp The Gables 07:3509:2511:1313:3815:2817:15
Ongar, adj Shelley Church 07:3609:2611:1413:3915:2917:16
Fyfield, adj Forest Drive 07:3809:2811:1613:4115:3117:18
Fyfield, opp Houchin Drive 07:3809:2811:1613:4115:3117:18
Fyfield, opp Roding Close 07:3809:2811:1613:4115:3117:18
Fyfield, o/s The Queens Head 07:3909:2911:1713:4215:3217:19
Willingale, o/s The Maltsters Arms 07:4609:3611:2413:4915:3917:26
Willingale Playing Field (opp) 07:4609:3611:2413:4915:3917:26
Willingale, adj Torrel's Hall Cottages 07:4809:3711:2513:5015:4017:27
Willingale Shellow Bowells (E-bound) 07:4909:3911:2713:5215:4217:29
Roxwell St Michael's Drive (E-bound) 07:5709:4611:3413:5915:4917:36
Roxwell, o/s Village Hall 07:5809:4811:3614:0115:5117:38
Roxwell, opp Green Lane 07:5809:4811:3614:0115:5117:38
Roxwell, opp The Hare 08:0109:5111:3914:0415:5417:41
Roxwell, o/s Sycamore Cottages 08:0109:5111:3914:0415:5417:41
Roxwell, opp Reeds Farm 08:0209:5211:4014:0515:5517:42
Writtle, opp The Hickerage 08:0309:5311:4114:0615:5617:43
Writtle, opp Agricultural College 08:0609:5611:4414:0915:5917:46
Writtle Green (opp) 08:0809:5711:4514:1016:0017:47
Writtle, opp St John's Green 08:0809:5811:4614:1116:0117:48
Writtle, o/s Hylands School 08:1009:5911:4714:1216:0217:49
Westlands Estate, o/s Hole in Hedge 08:1110:0011:4814:1316:0317:50
Westlands Estate, opp Robjohns Road 08:1110:0111:4914:1416:0417:51
Chelmsford, adj Waterhouse Street 08:1210:0211:5014:1516:0517:52
Chelmsford, opp Cemetery 08:1310:0211:5014:1516:0517:52
Chelmsford, o/s South Lodge Hotel 08:1410:0311:5114:1616:0617:53
Chelmsford, opp Queen Street 08:1510:0411:5214:1716:0717:54
Chelmsford, adj C & E Hospital 08:1610:0511:5314:1816:0817:55
Chelmsford Retail Market (Stop 1) 08:1810:0711:5514:2016:1017:57
Chelmsford Railway Station (Stand 12) 08:18s10:07s11:55s14:20s16:10s17:57s
Chelmsford Bus Station (Stand 5) 08:2010:0911:5714:2216:1217:59

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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