462 - Emersons Green Science Park - Broadmead, City Centre

A bus service operated by Stagecoach West

Monday to Friday (not bank holidays)

Emersons Green Science Park - Bromley Heath - Broadmead, City Centre

Emersons Green Science Park (E-bound) 06:0506:3506:55
Lyde Green Apple Grove (E-bound) 06:0706:3706:57
Lyde Green Valerian Street (SE-bound) 06:0706:3706:57
Lyde Green School Square (S-bound) 06:0906:3906:59
Lyde Green P&R (S-bound) 06:1006:4007:01
Emersons Green Glevum Close (W-bound) 06:1206:4207:03
Emersons Green Beck Close (SW-bound) 06:1306:4307:03
Emersons Green Johnson Road (SE-bound) 06:1406:4407:04
Emersons Green Shackel Hendy Mews (S-bound) 06:1506:4507:05
Emersons Green Wheelers Patch (SE-bound) 06:1506:4507:06
Emersons Green Pomphrey Hill (W-bound) 06:1606:4607:06
Mangotsfield Wadham Grove (NW-bound) 06:1606:4607:07
Mangotsfield Cossham Street (W-bound) 06:1706:4707:08
Mangotsfield Windsor Place (N-bound) 06:1906:4907:10
Mangotsfield The Laurels (N-bound) 06:1906:4907:10
Mangotsfield Stockwell Drive (N-bound) 06:2006:5007:11
Mangotsfield Jubilee Crescent (N-bound) 06:2106:5107:12
Blackhorse Dibden Lane (N-bound) 06:2206:5207:13
Blackhorse Lane (N-bound) 06:2306:5307:15
Downend The Trident (SW-bound) 06:2506:5507:17
Blackhorse Leap Bridge (SW-bound) 06:2606:5607:19
Blackhorse Four Acre Road (N-bound) 06:2806:5807:21
Bromley Heath Queensholm Drive (S-bound) 06:2906:5907:22
Bromley Heath Queensholm Close (S-bound) 06:2906:5907:23
Bromley Heath Queensholm Crescent (W-bound) 06:3007:0007:24
Bromley Heath Wedgewood Road (W-bound) 06:3107:0107:25
Frenchay Hambrook (W-bound) 06:3307:0307:28
Cabot Circus (S4) 06:4407:1407:43
Broadmead The Haymarket (B10) 06:4407:1407:44
Broadmead (B1) 06:4507:1507:45

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 24 May 2024

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