49 - Swansea - Swansea

A bus service operated by South Wales Transport

Swansea Bus Station Stand X (at) 09:5010:5013:1014:2016:1016:45
Swansea, at Christina Street B 09:5210:5213:1214:2216:1216:47
Swansea, at St George Hotel 1 09:5310:5313:1314:2316:1316:48
Uplands, nr Richmond Villas 09:5610:5613:1614:2616:1616:51
Mount Pleasant Rose Hill Top (opp 3) 09:5710:5713:1714:2716:1716:52
Mount Pleasant, after Constitution Hill 09:5810:5813:1814:2816:1816:53
Mount Pleasant, after St Jude`s Church 09:5910:5913:1914:2916:1916:54
Mount Pleasant, opp Farmers Arms 09:0510:0111:0113:2114:3116:2116:56
Hafod, at Dyfatty 09:0810:0411:0413:2414:3416:2416:59
Swansea, o/s High Street Station 09:0910:0511:0513:2514:3516:2517:02
Swansea, nr Orchard Street 09:1110:0711:0713:2714:3716:2717:03
Swansea, opp The Kingsway 09:1310:0911:0913:2914:3916:2917:06
Swansea Bus Station Stand X (at) 09:1810:1411:1413:3414:4416:3417:12

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 24 May 2024

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