501 - Dumfries - Kirkcudbright

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Dumfries - Kirkcudbright

Dumfries Loreburne Centre (Stance 1) 10:4114:4118:26
Dumfries Whitesands (Stance 5) 10:4514:4518:30
Dumfries, at Maxweltown West Church 10:4514:4518:30
Dumfries Cassalands (at 11) 10:4614:4618:31
Cargenbridge Garroch Loaning (opp Cottage) 10:4914:4918:34
Cargenbridge, at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary 10:5014:5018:35
Cargenbridge, opp Garroch Business Park 10:5014:5018:35
Cargenbridge DuPont (opp Road End) 10:5114:5118:36
Cargenbridge Drumsleet (junction) 10:5114:5118:36
Cargenbridge Goldielea (opp Road End) 10:5214:5218:37
Beeswing, opp Lochanhead 10:5514:5518:40
Beeswing, at Cairnyard 10:5614:5618:41
Beeswing, opp Henderson Place 10:5814:5818:43
Beeswing, o/s Church 10:5814:5818:43
Kirkgunzeon Tollbar Bridge (Road End) 11:0115:0118:46
Kirkgunzeon Gateside (opp Memorial) 11:0215:0218:47
Kirkgunzeon Mill Farm (opp Road End) 11:0215:0218:47
Kirkgunzeon Church (opp Shelter) 11:0215:0218:47
Kirkgunzeon Corra Garage (opp Road End) 11:0315:0318:48
Dalbeattie, opp Lower Porterbelly 11:0515:0518:50
Dalbeattie, at Edingham 11:0715:0718:52
Dalbeattie, at Queens Grove 11:0815:0818:53
Dalbeattie, opp Park Terrace 11:0815:0818:53
Dalbeattie, o/s Burnside 11:0915:0918:54
Dalbeattie Maxwell Arms (o/s pub) 11:0915:0918:54
Dalbeattie, at Craignair Church 11:0915:0918:54
Dalbeattie, at Church Crescent 11:0915:0918:54
Dalbeattie Bypass (8 Scott Court) 11:1015:1018:55
Dalbeattie, at Nether Court 11:1015:1018:55
Dalbeattie, at Solway View 11:1215:1218:57
Dalbeattie High Street (at 328) 11:1215:1218:57
Dalbeattie, opp Blair Street 11:1315:1318:58
Dalbeattie High Street (no 194) 11:1515:1519:00
Dalbeattie, at Crown Inn 11:1615:1619:01
Dalbeattie Maxwell Arms (o/s pub) 11:1715:1719:02
Dalbeattie, at St Peters Primary 11:1715:1719:02
Dalbeattie, opp Maxwell Park 11:1815:1819:03
Dalbeattie, at Netheryett 11:2315:2319:08
Haugh of Urr Village (opp Laurie Arms) 11:2615:2619:11
Haugh of Urr Chapelton Cottages (at B794) 11:2815:2819:13
Castle Douglas Dunjarg (Road End) 11:3015:3019:15
Castle Douglas Gerranton (opp Road End) 11:3315:3319:18
Castle Douglas Ernespie Road (Opp Health Centre) 11:3615:3619:21
Castle Douglas Ernespie Road (Tesco) 11:3715:3719:22
Castle Douglas Swimming Pool (Market Street) 11:3815:3819:23
Castle Douglas Markethill (Park) 11:3815:3819:23
Castle Douglas Library (King Street) 11:3815:3819:23
Castle Douglas Royal Bank (o/s Bank) 11:3915:3919:24
Castle Douglas Carlingwark Street (opp 40) 11:4015:4019:25
Castle Douglas Hightae Farm (Road End) 11:4115:4119:26
Rhonehouse Road End (Junction) 11:4215:4219:27
Bridge of Dee, opp Shelter 11:4415:4419:29
Ringford Village (at Junction) 11:5115:5119:36
Ringford Village (Post Office) 11:5215:5219:37
Ringford Tarff Station (Road End) 11:5415:5419:39
Ringford Tarff Bridge (A762 junction) 11:5415:5419:39
Tongland Underwood (Farm) 11:5515:5519:40
Tongland Bridge (opp Shelter) 11:5815:5819:43
Kirkcudbright, at Boreland Road 12:0016:0019:45
Kirkcudbright Tongland Road (opp no 12) 12:0016:0019:45
Kirkcudbright Victoria Park (no 2) 12:0116:0119:46
Kirkcudbright Johnston Place (School) 12:0116:0119:46
Kirkcudbright Harbour Square (Shelter) 12:0216:0219:47

Kirkcudbright - Dumfries

Kirkcudbright Harbour Square (Shelter) 08:1512:1516:15
Kirkcudbright Johnston Place (no 13) 08:1512:1516:15
Kirkcudbright Victoria Park (no 13) 08:1512:1516:15
Kirkcudbright Tongland Rd (Boreland) 08:1612:1616:16
Kirkcudbright, opp Boreland Road 08:1612:1616:16
Tongland Bridge (Shelter) 08:1812:1816:18
Tongland Underwood (opp Farm) 08:2112:2116:21
Ringford Tarff Bridge (A75 Junction) 08:2212:2216:22
Ringford Tarff Station (opp Road End) 08:2212:2216:22
Ringford Village (at Junction) 08:2412:2416:24
Ringford Village (opp PO) 08:2512:2516:25
Bridge of Dee, at Shelter 08:3312:3316:33
Rhonehouse Road End (opp junction) 08:3612:3616:36
Castle Douglas Hightae Farm (opp Road End) 08:3712:3716:37
Castle Douglas, adj Carlingwark Street 08:4012:4016:40
Castle Douglas Swimming Pool (Market Street) 08:4112:4116:41
Castle Douglas Ernespie Road (Opp Tesco) 08:4212:4216:42
Castle Douglas Ernespie Road (Health Centre) 08:4312:4316:43
Castle Douglas Gerranton (Road End) 08:4712:4716:47
Castle Douglas Dunjarg (opp Road End) 08:5012:5016:50
Haugh of Urr Chapelton Cottages (opp B794) 08:5212:5216:52
Haugh of Urr Village (Laurie Arms) 08:5612:5616:56
Dalbeattie, opp Netheryett 08:5812:5816:58
Dalbeattie, at Maxwell Park 09:0313:0317:03
Dalbeattie, opp St Peters Primary 09:0413:0417:04
Dalbeattie Maxwell Arms (opp pub) 09:0413:0417:04
Dalbeattie High Street (opp Gowans) 09:0413:0417:04
Dalbeattie High Street (at 91) 09:0513:0517:05
Dalbeattie High Street (opp no 194) 09:0513:0517:05
Dalbeattie, at Birch Valley 09:0513:0517:05
Dalbeattie High Street (opp no 350) 09:0613:0617:06
Dalbeattie, opp Solway View 09:0613:0617:06
Dalbeattie, opp Port Street 09:0713:0717:07
Dalbeattie Bypass (opp Scott Court) 09:0813:0817:08
Dalbeattie, opp Church Crescent 09:0813:0817:08
Dalbeattie, opp Craignair Church 09:0813:0817:08
Dalbeattie Maxwell Arms (opp pub) 09:0913:0917:09
Dalbeattie John Street (no 4) 09:0913:0917:09
Dalbeattie, at Park Terrace 09:0913:0917:09
Dalbeattie, at Johnston Drive 09:1013:1017:10
Dalbeattie, opp Edingham 09:1113:1117:11
Dalbeattie, at Lower Porterbelly 09:1513:1517:15
Kirkgunzeon Corra Garage (Road End) 09:1813:1817:18
Kirkgunzeon Church (Shelter) 09:1913:1917:19
Kirkgunzeon Mill Farm (Road End) 09:2013:2017:20
Kirkgunzeon Gateside (Memorial) 09:2013:2017:20
Kirkgunzeon Tollbar Bridge (opp Road End) 09:2113:2117:21
Beeswing, opp Church 09:2413:2417:24
Beeswing, at Henderson Place 09:2413:2417:24
Beeswing, opp Cairnyard 09:2513:2517:25
Beeswing, at Lochanhead 09:2613:2617:26
Cargenbridge Goldielea (Road End) 09:2913:2917:29
Cargenbridge Drumsleet (Junction) 09:3013:3017:30
Cargenbridge DuPont (Roundabout) 09:3013:3017:30
Cargenbridge, at Garroch Business Park 09:3113:3117:31
Cargenbridge, at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary 09:3213:3217:32
Cargenbridge Garroch Loaning (opp Loaning) 09:3213:3217:32
Dumfries Laurieknowe (no 44) 09:3513:3517:35
Dumfries, opp Maxweltown West Church 09:3613:3617:36
Dumfries Buccleuch Street (opp Court) 09:3713:3717:37
Dumfries Loreburn Street (opp Car Park) 09:3813:3817:38
Dumfries Loreburne Centre (Stance 1) 09:4113:4117:41

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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