51 - Chafford Hundred - Prittlewell

A bus service operated by NIBSbuses


Chafford Hundred - Prittlewell

Chafford Hundred Railway Station (NE-bound) 06:45
Chafford Hundred Burghley Road (E-bound) 06:46
Chafford Hundred Sainsburys (NE-bound) 06:46
Chafford Hundred Warren Terrace (E-bound) 06:48
Grays, after Treacle Mine 06:50
Grays Hogg Lane (S-bound) 06:52
Grays Bus Station (Bay 8) 06:58
Grays Stanley Road (N-bound) 06:59
Grays Bradleigh Avenue (E-bound) 07:00
Grays Turps Corner (E-bound) 07:00
Grays Whitehall Road (Northbound) 07:02
Grays Tennyson Avenue (N-bound) 07:02
Grays Piggs Corner (E-bound) 07:03
Socketts Heath The Oak (Eastbound) 07:04
Socketts Heath, adj Parkside 07:04
Tilbury, adj Russell Road 07:09
Tilbury, opp Railway Station 07:10
Tilbury Calcutta Road (Eastbound) 07:10
Tilbury Toronto Road (Eastbound) 07:10
Tilbury Calcutta Road (N-bound) 07:11
Tilbury Central Avenue (N-bound) 07:11
Tilbury Raphael Avenue (N-bound) 07:12
Tilbury, opp Handel Crescent 07:12
Chadwell St Mary, o/s Gateway Academy 07:13
Chadwell St Mary, adj Rigby Gardens 07:18
Chadwell St Mary Brentwood Road (NE-bound) 07:18
Orsett Cock PH (Eastbound) 07:22
Orsett Grosvenor Road (Eastbound) 07:22
Orsett Sandown Road (Eastbound) 07:23
Stanford le Hope Buckingham Hill Road (Eastbound) 07:25
Stanford le Hope Rookery Corner (Eastbound) 07:26
Pitsea Broadway (Stand 1) 07:34
Pitsea, opp Bluehouse Farm 07:35
Pitsea, adj Bowers Close 07:35
Bowers Gifford, opp Church Road 07:36
Bowers Gifford, opp St Margaret's School 07:37
Bowers Gifford, adj Pound Lane 07:38
Belfairs Park Drive (opp) 08:02
Belfairs, o/s Fairways School 08:03
Belfairs Sports Ground (o/s) 08:04
Belfairs Golf Club (opp) 08:04
Belfairs Popular Roadhouse (E-bound) 08:05
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Tankerville Drive 08:06
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Station Road 08:07
Leigh-on-Sea Elmsleigh Drive (E-bound) 08:07
Leigh-on-Sea, adj School Way 08:08
Leigh-on-Sea, o/s Blenheim Park 08:08
Leigh-on-Sea Westcliff High Schools (Stop C) 08:09
Leigh-on-Sea, o/s St Thomas Moore School 08:10
Leigh-on-Sea, adj Mannering Gardens South 08:10
Prittlewell Southbourne Grove (E-bound) 08:11
Prittlewell School (opp) 08:12
Prittlewell Southend Hospital South (Stop C) 08:13
Prittlewell Highfield Gardens (Stop J) 08:15

Prittlewell - Chafford Hundred

Prittlewell Highfield Gardens (Stop L) 15:55
Prittlewell Southend Hospital South (Stop B) 15:56
Prittlewell School (o/s) 15:57
Prittlewell Southbourne Grove (W-bound) 15:58
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Mannering Gardens South 15:59
Leigh-on-Sea, opp St Thomas Moore School 16:00
Leigh-on-Sea Westcliff High School (Stop H) 16:00
Leigh-on-Sea, opp Blenheim Park 16:00
Leigh-on-Sea, opp School Way 16:00
Leigh-on-Sea Elmsleigh Drive (W-bound) 16:01
Leigh-on-Sea, adj Station Road 16:01
Leigh-on-Sea, adj Tankerville Drive 16:01
Belfairs Popular Roadhouse (W-bound) 16:02
Belfairs Golf Club (o/s) 16:02
Belfairs Sports Ground (opp) 16:02
Belfairs, opp Fairways School 16:03
Belfairs Park Drive (adj) 16:03
North Benfleet, adj Harrow Road 16:13
North Benfleet, opp Burnt Mills Road 16:14
North Benfleet, adj Clifton Road 16:15
Bowers Gifford, adj Clarence Road 16:15
Bowers Gifford, adj Page Road 16:15
Bowers Gifford, adj Canvey Road 16:16
Bowers Gifford, opp Kelly Road 16:16
Bowers Gifford, adj Bowers Court Drive 16:16
Bowers Gifford, opp Pound Lane 16:17
Bowers Gifford, o/s St Margaret's School 16:17
Bowers Gifford, adj Church Road 16:17
Pitsea, opp Bowers Close 16:18
Pitsea, o/s Bluehouse Farm 16:19
Pitsea Broadway (Stand 3) 16:20
Stanford le Hope Rookery Corner (Westbound) 16:32
Stanford le Hope Buckingham Hill Road (Westbound) 16:32
Orsett Sandown Road (Westbound) 16:33
Orsett Grosvenor Road (Westbound) 16:34
Orsett Cock PH (Westbound) 16:35
Chadwell St Mary Brentwood Road (SW-bound) 16:38
Chadwell St Mary, opp Felicia Way 16:39
Chadwell St Mary Gateway Academy (S-bound) 16:42
Tilbury, adj Handel Crescent 16:43
Tilbury Raphael Avenue (S-bound) 16:44
Tilbury Christchurch Road (S-bound) 16:44
Tilbury Calcutta Road (S-bound) 16:45
Tilbury Toronto Road (Westbound) 16:45
Tilbury Calcutta Road (Westbound) 16:45
Tilbury, o/s Railway Station 16:46
Tilbury, opp Russell Road 16:46
Little Thurrock, adj Ridgeway 16:51
Socketts Heath The Oak (Westbound) 16:52
Grays Tennyson Avenue (Southbound) 16:53
Grays Whitehall Road (S-bound) 16:54
Grays Turps Corner (W-bound) 16:55
Grays Bradleigh Avenue (W-bound) 16:56
Grays Stanley Road (Southbound) 16:57
Grays Bus Station (Bay 1) 17:00
Grays Hogg Lane (N-bound) 17:05
Grays Elizabeth Road (N-bound) 17:06
Grays, before Treacle Mine 17:08
Chafford Hundred Warren Terrace (W-bound) 17:11
Chafford Hundred Sainsburys (SW-bound) 17:12
Chafford Hundred Burghley Road (W-bound) 17:13
Chafford Hundred Fleming Road (S-bound) 17:13
Chafford Hundred Railway Station (NE-bound) 17:15

Timetable data from NIBSbuses Limited/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 12 September 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.



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