51 - St Austell - Tregony - Portloe - Veryan

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St Austell - Tregony - Portloe - Veryan

St Austell Asda (W-bound) 11:3314:3317:45
Mount Charles, opp Recreation Ground 11:3514:3517:46
Mount Charles Alexandra Rd Jctn Trevithick Rd (W-bound) 11:3814:3817:48
St Austell Alexandra Road (W-bound) 11:4114:4117:50
St Austell Kings Avenue (N-bound) 11:4214:4217:50
St Austell Bus Station (Stand A) 08:4511:4514:4517:52
St Austell South Street (SW-bound) 08:4711:4714:4817:54
St Austell, opp White River Cinema 08:4811:4814:5017:55
St Austell Four Turnings (SW-bound) 08:4911:4914:5117:56
St Austell Milestone (SW-bound) 08:4911:4914:5117:56
St Mewan School (opp) 08:5111:5114:5317:58
Tregony, opp Roseland Academy 09:0412:0415:1518:11
Tregony, opp Church 09:0512:0415:1518:11
Tregony, opp Old School 09:0512:0515:1618:12
Tregony The Square (N-bound) 09:0712:0615:1718:13
Tregony Springfield (W-bound) 06:4007:3709:0812:1015:1816:5018:15
Ruan High Lanes Bessy Beneath (S-bound) 06:4507:4009:1312:1315:2116:5318:18
Treviskey Little Barn Cottage (E-bound) 07:4912:2215:3017:0218:27
Portloe, opp Church 07:5412:2715:3517:0718:32
Trewartha Jago Cottage (N-bound) 12:3215:4017:1218:37
Veryan Green, opp The Green 06:5509:2312:3615:4417:1618:41
Veryan New Inn (SW-bound) 06:5709:2512:3815:4617:1818:43
Veryan Pendower Road (NE-bound) 06:5909:2712:4015:4817:2018:45
Veryan Pendower Road (N-bound) 06:5909:27
Veryan Green The Green (NE-bound) 07:0209:30
Trewartha, opp Jago Cottage 07:0609:34
Portloe, o/s Camels Farm 07:1009:38
Portloe Sunny Corner (E-bound) 07:1309:41

Veryan - Portloe - Tregony - St Austell

Portloe, opp Church 07:54
Portloe Sunny Corner (W-bound) 07:55
Portloe, opp Camels Farm 07:58
Trewartha Jago Cottage (N-bound) 08:02
Veryan Green, opp The Green 08:06
Veryan Pendower Road (NE-bound) 07:0008:1009:3013:0016:0517:20
Veryan Pendower Road (N-bound) 07:0008:1009:3013:0016:0517:20
Veryan, opp New Inn 07:0108:1109:3113:0116:0617:21
Veryan Green The Green (NE-bound) 07:0408:1409:3413:0416:0917:24
Trewartha, opp Jago Cottage 07:0709:3713:0716:12
Portloe, o/s Camels Farm 07:0909:3913:0916:14
Portloe Sunny Corner (E-bound) 07:1109:4113:1116:16
Portloe Church (NE-bound) 07:1309:4313:1316:18
Little Treviskey (NW-bound) 07:1609:4613:1616:21
Ruan High Lanes, opp Bessy Beneath 07:2508:2409:5513:2516:3017:34
Tregony, nr Bridge 07:2808:2809:5813:2816:3317:38
Tregony, opp Springfield 07:2808:2809:5813:2816:3317:38
Tregony Square (opp) 07:2908:2909:5913:2916:3417:39
Tregony Old School (NE-bound) 08:3010:1013:4017:40
Tregony Church (E-bound) 08:3010:1113:4117:40
Tregony Roseland Academy (E-bound) 08:3210:1213:4217:42
St Mewan School (NE-bound) 08:4710:2713:5717:57
St Austell Milestone (NE-bound) 08:4910:2913:5917:59
St Austell Four Turnings (NE-bound) 08:4910:2913:5917:59
St Austell White River Cinema (SE-bound) 08:5110:3114:0118:01
St Austell South Street (NE-bound) 08:5114:01
St Austell Kings Avenue (N-bound) 08:5314:03
St Austell Bus Station (Stand A) 08:5414:04
St Austell Alexandra Road (E-bound) 14:05
Mount Charles, opp Alexandra Rd jctn Trevithick Rd 14:06
Mount Charles Recreation Ground (S-bound) 14:07
St Austell Asda (W-bound) 14:09

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