53A - Bedford Bus Station - Wootton Folkes Road

Operated by Stagecoach East

Monday to Friday, school days

Wootton Folkes Road - Bedford Bus Station

Wootton, adj Folkes Road 15:24
Wootton, opp Lomax Gardens 15:25
Wootton, opp Steele Walk 15:25
Wootton, adj Buckworth Drive 15:26
Wootton, opp Burgoyne Avenue 15:27
Wootton, nr Squires Road 15:28
Wootton Upper School (in) 15:30
Wootton, opp St Mary's Road 15:33
Wootton, opp Tithe Barn Road 15:34
Wootton, opp Potters Cross 15:35
Wootton, opp Elmsdale Road 15:36
Wootton Keeley Corner (NE-bound) 15:37
Gibraltar, opp Wootton Road 15:38
Gibraltar, adj Ibbett Close 15:39
Gibraltar, opp Ridgeways Farm 15:40
Kempston Rural Primary School (opp) 15:41
Kempston, adj Hebbes Close 15:41
Kempston Church End, opp Burr Close 15:42
Kempston, opp Deacon Avenue 15:42
Kempston, o/s Williamson Road Shops 15:44
Kempston, adj Hastings Road 15:45
Kempston, o/s Royal Oak 15:46
Kempston, o/s Duke Inn 15:47
Kempston, o/s The Mullberry Bush 15:48
Kempston, opp Cherry Walk 15:49
Kempston, adj Lilac Walk 15:51
Kempston, opp Farrer Street 15:52
Kempston, opp The Windermere 15:53
Kempston, o/s St John's Homes 15:54
Kempston, opp Bedford Road Lower School 15:55
Kempston, opp Gulliver Close 15:56
Kempston, adj Marshall Close 15:58
Kempston, opp Mortimer Road 15:58
Kempston, opp Gilbert Close 15:59
Kempston, opp Dillons Store 15:59
Kempston, opp Prentice Gardens 16:00
Kempston, opp Addison Centre 16:01
Kempston, opp The Keep 16:01
Kempston, adj Whitbread Avenue 16:02
Bedford Hospital West (Stop A) 16:03
Cauldwell, o/s Borough Hall 16:06
Cauldwell, o/s Bedford College 16:08
Bedford St Paul's Square (arrivals) 16:11
Bedford, o/s Pilgrims House 16:13
Bedford Bus Station (Stand D) 16:18

Timetable data from Stagecoach East, 22 June 2024

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