53A - Lincoln - Market Rasen - Grimsby Town Centre

A bus service operated by Stagecoach East Midlands


Lincoln - Market Rasen - Grimsby Town Centre

Lincoln Central Bus Station (Bay I) 07:30
Lincoln, adj Winnowsty Lane 07:33
Lincoln, adj Limelands 07:34
Lincoln, adj Ancaster Avenue 07:35
Lincoln, o/s HM Prison 07:36
Tower Estate, adj Lime Kiln Way 07:37
Tower Estate, adj JTF Store 07:37
Tower Estate, adj Ford Garage 07:38
Lincoln, adj Bishops Road 07:38
Lincoln, adj Deacon Road 07:39
St Giles, opp Goldsmith Walk 07:39
St Giles, adj Cowper Drive 07:40
St Giles Browning Drive (NW-bound) 07:41
Nettleham Fields, adj Waitrose 07:42
Lincoln, opp Letter Box 07:42
Nettleham, opp Beckside Nursery 07:45
Nettleham, opp Cliff Avenue 07:46
Nettleham, opp Beech Avenue 07:46
Nettleham, adj Kingsway East 07:47
Nettleham, adj All Saints Church 07:47
Nettleham, adj The Green 07:48
Nettleham, o/s 1 Deepdale Lane 07:48
Nettleham, o/s Police Headquarters 07:50
Nettleham Heath (N-bound) 07:51
Welton, opp William Farr School 07:56
Welton Black Bull Inn (NE-bound) 07:57
Welton, adj Village Hall 07:58
Welton, opp Dunholme Road 07:58
Dunholme, opp Roselea Avenue 07:59
Dunholme, opp Allwood Road 08:00
Dunholme, adj Mainwaring Close 08:00
Dunholme, adj Manor Way 08:00
Snarford Crossroads (NE-bound) 08:04
Faldingworth, opp Market Rasen Road Garage 08:07
Faldingworth, opp Jubilee Avenue 08:08
Faldingworth, opp Village Hall 08:08
Buslingthorpe, opp Council Houses 08:10
Linwood, adj Telephone Box 08:17
Market Rasen, opp Telephone Box 08:27
Market Rasen, in De Aston School Bus Park 08:28
Market Rasen, adj Telephone Box 08:30
Market Rasen, opp Market Place 08:33

Grimsby Town Centre - Market Rasen - Lincoln

Grimsby Riverhead Exchange (Stand G) 14:40
Ellis Way, opp Holles Street 14:43
Weelsby Pasture Street (S-bound) 14:44
Weelsby Catherine Street (S-bound) 14:46
Weelsby, adj Tasburgh Street 14:47
Weelsby, adj Granville Street 14:48
Weelsby Patrick Street (S-bound) 14:48
Weelsby Torrington Street (S-bound) 14:49
Weelsby, adj Rialto Avenue 14:50
Wellow Legsby Avenue (W-bound) 14:51
Wellow, opp St Augustine Avenue 14:52
Wellow, opp Park Drive 14:53
Wellow, adj Connaught Avenue 14:53
Wellow, adj Devonshire Avenue 14:54
Nuns Corner Laceby Road (o/s 11) 14:55
Grange, adj First Avenue 14:55
Grange, opp Carnarvon Avenue 14:55
Grange, adj Walmsgate 14:56
Grange, opp Norwich Avenue 14:56
Grange, adj Winchester Avenue 14:56
Grange, opp Crowland Avenue 14:57
Grange, opp Brocklesby Road 14:57
Bradley Inn (o/s) 14:57
Bradley, opp Morrisons 14:58
Laceby, adj George Butler Close 15:01
Laceby, adj Church Lane 15:01
Laceby Caistor Road (o/s 63) 15:02
Laceby Grimsby Road A46 (opp 146) 15:02
Cabourne, adj Letter Box 15:11
Caistor, adj Bus Shelter 15:18
Caistor, adj Butter Market 15:19
Caistor, opp South Dale 15:19
Nettleton, adj Salutation Inn 15:22
Nettleton, opp Holton Road Garage 15:23
Holton le Moor, adj Hope Tavern 15:26
Usselby, opp Village Lane End 15:29
Osgodby, opp Low Road 15:29
Market Rasen, opp Fern Drive 15:31
Market Rasen, opp South Lane 15:32
Market Rasen, adj Market Place 15:33
Market Rasen, in De Aston School Bus Park 15:4515:45
Market Rasen, adj Telephone Box 15:4615:46
Linwood, opp Telephone Box 15:5115:51
Buslingthorpe, adj Council Houses 15:5615:56
Faldingworth, adj Village Hall 15:5715:57
Faldingworth, adj Jubilee Avenue 15:5715:57
Faldingworth, adj Market Rasen Road Garage 15:5815:58
Snarford Crossroads (SW-bound) 16:0116:01
Dunholme, opp Manor Way 16:0516:05
Dunholme, opp Mainwaring Close 16:0516:05
Dunholme, adj Allwood Road 16:0516:05
Dunholme, adj Roselea Avenue 16:0616:06
Welton, adj Dunholme Road 16:0716:07
Welton, opp Village Hall 16:0716:07
Welton Black Bull Inn (SE-bound) 16:0816:08
Welton, adj William Farr School 16:0916:09
Nettleham Heath (S-bound) 16:1416:14
Nettleham, opp Police Headquarters 16:1516:15
Nettleham, opp 1 Deepdale Lane 16:1616:16
Nettleham, opp The Green 16:1716:17
Nettleham, opp The White Hart PH 16:1816:18
Nettleham, adj Beech Avenue 16:1816:18
Nettleham, adj Cliff Avenue 16:1916:19
Nettleham, o/s Beckside Nursery 16:1916:19
Lincoln, adj Letter Box 16:2216:22
St Giles Browning Drive (SE-bound) 16:2316:23
St Giles, opp Cowper Drive 16:2316:23
St Giles, adj Goldsmith Walk 16:2416:24
Lincoln, opp Bishops Road 16:2516:25
Tower Estate, opp Lime Kiln Way 16:2616:26
Lincoln, opp HM Prison 16:2716:27
Lincoln, opp Ancaster Avenue 16:3116:31
Lincoln, adj St Anne's Road 16:3316:33
Lincoln, opp Winnowsty Lane 16:3816:38
Lincoln, adj Telephone Exchange 16:4916:49
Lincoln, o/s Siemens 16:5316:53
Lincoln Central Bus Station (Bay I) 16:5616:56

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Midlands, 28 September 2022

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