54 - Grey Line - Arnold - Clifton (Hartness Road)

A bus service operated by Nottingham City Transport

Arnold - Clifton (Hartness Road)

Arnold Front Street (Stand 4) 09:15then every 30 minutes until13:4514:45
Arnold, adj ASDA 09:1613:4614:46
Arnold, opp High Street Avenue 09:1713:4714:47
Arnold, adj Charles Street 09:1813:4814:48
Arnold, opp Sainsburys 09:1813:4814:48
Arnold, opp Portland Street 09:1913:4914:49
Daybrook Square (opp) 09:2013:5014:50
Sherwood Mansfield Road (Stop SH20) 09:2313:5314:53
Sherwood Linby Close (Stop SH21) 09:2313:5314:53
Sherwood Five Ways (SW-bound) 09:2413:5414:54
Sherwood Edwards Lane (Stop SH22) 09:2413:5414:54
Sherwood Whatton Rise (Stop SH23) 09:2513:5514:55
Sherwood Hucknall Road (Stop SH24) 09:2613:5614:56
Basford Hucknall Road (Stop BA14) 09:2713:5714:57
Basford Ventnor Rise (Stop BA15) 09:2713:5714:57
Basford Heatherley Drive (Stop BA16) 09:2813:5814:58
Basford Futurist (Stop BA17) 09:2913:5914:59
Whitemoor Radford Road (Stop WM01) 09:3014:0015:00
Whitemoor Newport Drive (Stop WM02) 09:3114:0115:01
Whitemoor Nuthall Road (Stop WM03) 09:3214:0215:02
Whitemoor Newlyn Drive (Stop WM04) 09:3214:0215:02
Whitemoor Bluecoat School (Stop WM05) 09:3314:0315:03
Beechdale Aspley Gardens (Stop BE34) 09:3414:0415:04
Beechdale Chalfont Drive (Stop BE07) 09:3514:0515:05
Beechdale Road (Stop BE08) 09:3614:0615:06
Wollaton The Crown (Stop WO35) 09:3714:0715:07
Wollaton Jubilee Campus (Stop WO26) 09:3814:0815:08
Wollaton Hawton Crescent (Stop WO27) 09:3914:0915:09
Wollaton Scalford Drive (Stop WO28) 09:4014:1015:10
Wollaton Hall Drive (Stop WO29) 09:4114:1115:11
Queens Medical Centre QMC Derby Road (Stop QM05) 09:4314:1315:13
Queens Medical Centre QMC West Entrance (Stop QM06) 09:4414:1415:14
Dunkirk (Stop QM07) 09:4514:1515:15
Lenton Lane Industrial Estate Showcase Cinema (Stop LI01) 09:4614:1615:16
Lenton Lane Industrial Estate Clifton Bridge North (Stop LI02) 09:4714:1715:17
Silverdale (Stop SI01) 09:4814:1815:18
Clifton Fabis Drive (Stop CL01) 09:5014:2015:20
Clifton Greencroft (Stop CL60A) 09:5014:2015:20
Clifton Brinkhill Crescent (Stop CL61) 09:5114:2115:21
Clifton Sunninghill Drive (Stop CL65) 09:5214:2215:22
Clifton Sunninghill Drive Shops (Stop CL66) 09:5314:2315:23
Clifton Rivergreen Roundabout (Stop CL67A) 09:5314:2315:23
Clifton Woodsford Grove (Stop CL68) 09:5414:2415:24
Clifton Rivergreen (Stop CL05) 09:5514:2515:25
Clifton Swansdowne Drive (S-bound) 09:5614:2615:26
Clifton Library (Stop CL06) 09:5814:2815:28
Clifton Peacock (E-bound) 09:5814:2815:28
Clifton Dungannon Road (Stop CL98) 09:5914:2915:29
Clifton The Fairham (Stop CL99) 09:5914:2915:29
Clifton Dunkery Road (Stop CL48) 10:0014:3015:30
Clifton Fairham School (Stop CL82) 10:0014:3015:30
Clifton Breckswood Drive (Stop CL81) 10:0114:3115:31
Clifton Clarewood Grove (Stop CL80) 10:0114:3115:31
Clifton Manesty Crescent (W-bound) 10:0214:3215:32
Clifton Thistledown Road (Stop CL79) 10:0214:3215:32
Clifton Pastures Avenue South (Stop CL78) 10:0214:3215:32
Clifton Scafell Way (N-bound) 10:0314:3315:33
Clifton Winscombe Mount (Stop CL77) 10:0314:3315:33
Clifton Pastures Avenue (Stop CL12) 10:0414:3415:34
Clifton Bransdale Road (Stop CL13) 10:0414:3415:34
Clifton Pastures (Stop CL89) 10:0414:3415:34
Clifton Lark Hill Village (NE-bound) 10:0514:3515:35
Clifton The Dip (Stop CL90) 10:0614:3615:36
Clifton The Crusader (Stop CL18) 10:0714:3715:37
Clifton Myrtus Close (Stop CL19) 10:0714:3715:37
Clifton Lilac Court (Stop CL20) 10:0814:3815:38
Clifton Hartness Road (Stop CL21) 10:1214:4215:42

Clifton (Hartness Road) - Arnold

Clifton Hartness Road (Stop CL21) 09:14then every 30 minutes until14:1415:14
Clifton Lilac Court (Stop CL22) 09:1414:1415:14
Clifton Myrtus Close (Stop CL23) 09:1514:1515:15
Clifton The Crusader (Stop CL24) 09:1514:1515:15
Clifton The Dip (Stop CL86) 09:1714:1715:17
Clifton Lark Hill Village (NE-bound) 09:1914:1915:19
Clifton Bransdale Road (Stop CL29) 09:1914:1915:19
Clifton Winscombe Mount 09:2014:2015:20
Clifton Pastures Avenue South 09:2014:2015:20
Clifton Thistledown Road 09:2014:2015:20
Clifton Manesty Crescent 09:2114:2115:21
Clifton Clarewood Grove 09:2114:2115:21
Clifton Breckswood Drive 09:2214:2215:22
Clifton Fairham School 09:2314:2315:23
Clifton Fairham School (Stop CL53) 09:2314:2315:23
Clifton Dunkery Road (Stop CL54) 09:2414:2415:24
Clifton The Fairham (NW-bound) 09:2514:2515:25
Clifton Dungannon Road (NW-bound) 09:2514:2515:25
Clifton Wheatacre Road (W-bound) 09:2614:2615:26
Clifton Peacock (W-bound) 09:2714:2715:27
Clifton Library (Stop CL33) 09:2914:2915:29
Clifton Leisure Centre (Stop CL34) 09:2914:2915:29
Clifton Woodsford Grove (Stop CL94) 09:3014:3015:30
Clifton Rivergreen Roundabout (Stop CL67) 09:3114:3115:31
Clifton Sunninghill Drive Shops (Stop CL64) 09:3214:3215:32
Clifton Sunninghill Drive (Stop CL63) 09:3214:3215:32
Clifton Woodbridge Avenue (Stop CL62) 09:3314:3315:33
Clifton Greencroft (Stop CL60) 09:3414:3415:34
Clifton Orford Avenue (Stop CL40) 09:3514:3515:35
Clifton Fabis Drive (Stop CL41) 09:3714:3715:37
Silverdale (Stop SI02) 09:3814:3815:38
Lenton Lane Industrial Estate Clifton Bridge North (Stop LI03) 09:4014:4015:40
Lenton Lane Industrial Estate Showcase Cinema (Stop LI04) 09:4114:4115:41
Dunkirk University East Entrance (Stop QM01) 09:4214:4215:42
Queens Medical Centre QMC Forecourt (Stop QM08) 09:4614:4615:46
Wollaton Oundle Drive (Stop WO30) 09:4614:4615:47
Wollaton Hall Drive (Stop WO31) 09:4714:4715:48
Wollaton Scalford Drive (Stop WO32) 09:4814:4815:49
Wollaton Hawton Crescent (Stop WO78) 09:4914:4915:50
Wollaton Jubilee Campus (Stop WO33) 09:5014:5015:51
Wollaton The Crown (Stop WO34) 09:5114:5115:52
Beechdale Road (Stop BE09) 09:5214:5215:53
Beechdale Chalfont Drive (Stop BE10) 09:5214:5215:54
Beechdale Aspley Gardens (Stop BE11) 09:5314:5315:55
Whitemoor Bluecoat School (Stop WM06) 09:5414:5415:56
Whitemoor Newlyn Drive (Stop WM07) 09:5514:5515:57
Whitemoor Nuthall Road (Stop WM08) 09:5614:5615:59
Whitemoor Newport Drive (Stop WM09) 09:5714:5716:00
Whitemoor Radford Road (Stop WM10) 09:5814:5816:01
Basford Futurist (Stop BA18) 10:0015:0016:04
Basford Heatherley Drive (Stop BA19) 10:0115:0116:05
Basford Ventnor Rise (Stop BA20) 10:0215:0216:06
Sherwood Hucknall Road (Stop SH25) 10:0315:0316:07
Sherwood Whatton Rise (Stop SH26) 10:0315:0316:07
Sherwood Edwards Lane (Stop SH27) 10:0415:0416:08
Sherwood Five Ways (Stop SH92) 10:0415:0416:08
Sherwood Linby Close (Stop SH28) 10:0415:0416:09
Sherwood Mansfield Road (Stop SH29) 10:0515:0516:10
Daybrook, opp The Vale 10:0615:0616:11
Daybrook Square (adj) 10:0715:0716:12
Arnold, adj Portland Street 10:0815:0816:13
Arnold, adj Sainsburys 10:0915:0916:14
Arnold, adj High Street Avenue 10:1015:1016:15
Arnold Croft Road (SE-bound) 10:1115:1116:16
Arnold Front Street (Stand 4) 10:1315:1316:20

Timetable data from Nottingham City Transport/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 17 March 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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