54 - Swansea - Parc Llewellyn

A bus service operated by Adventure Travel, DANSA and South Wales Transport

Swansea - Parc Llewellyn

Operator DANSA South Wales Transport DANSA South Wales Transport Adventure Travel
Swansea Bus Station Stand K (at) 09:3512:0015:3016:4217:45
Swansea Bus Station Stand J (at) 14:15
Swansea, at St Mary`s Church B 09:3712:0314:1715:3316:4417:47
Swansea, at High Street 1 09:3812:0414:1815:3416:4517:48
Swansea, opp High Street Station 09:4012:0614:2015:3616:4717:50
Hafod, at Dyfatty 09:4012:0614:2015:3616:4717:50
Waun Wen, opp Brynmelyn Flats 09:4212:0714:2215:3716:4917:52
Waun Wen Cwmfelin Works (nr former) 09:4412:0914:2415:3916:5117:54
Manselton, before Commercial Inn 09:4512:1014:2515:4016:5217:55
Manselton Eaton Road (o/s 42) 09:4712:1114:2715:4116:5417:57
Brynhyfryd, nr Dillwyn Arms 09:4912:1314:2915:4316:5617:59
Brynhyfryd Square (after) 09:5012:1414:3015:4416:5718:00
Cnap-Llwyd, after Cwm Level Park 09:5012:1414:3015:4416:5718:00
Cnap-Llwyd, nr Morlais Castle 09:5012:1414:3015:4416:5718:00
Cnap-Llwyd, nr Parc Llewellyn 09:5312:1814:3315:4817:0018:03

Parc Llewellyn - Swansea

Operator South Wales Transport DANSA South Wales Transport DANSA South Wales Transport Adventure Travel
Cnap-Llwyd, nr Parc Llewellyn 08:3309:5312:1814:3315:4817:00
Cnap-Llwyd, nr Morlais Castle 08:3309:5312:1814:3315:4817:00
Cnap-Llwyd, nr Castle Stores 08:3509:5512:2014:3515:5017:02
Cnap-Llwyd, before Cwm Level Park 08:3509:5512:2014:3515:5017:02
Brynhyfryd Square (before) 08:3609:5612:2114:3615:5117:03
Brynhyfryd Dillwyn Arms (o/s rear) 08:3709:5712:2114:3715:5117:04
Brynhyfryd, after Freeman Street 08:3909:5912:2214:3915:5217:06
Manselton, after Commercial Inn 08:4110:0012:2314:4015:5317:07
Waun Wen Cwmfelin Works (nr former) 08:4310:0212:2414:4215:5417:08
Waun Wen, o/s Brynmelyn Flats 08:4610:0312:2514:4315:5517:10
Hafod, at Dyfatty 08:4810:0514:4517:11
Swansea, o/s High Street Station 08:5110:0714:4717:13
Swansea, nr Orchard Street 08:5110:0712:2814:4715:5817:13
Swansea, opp The Kingsway 08:5210:0712:2914:4715:5917:14
Swansea Bus Station Stand K (at) 08:5510:0912:3314:4916:0317:18

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 17 July 2024

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