545 - Walliswood - Guildford

A bus service operated by Carlone Buses


Walliswood to Guildford

Wallis Wood, opp Scarlett Arms 09:40
Wallis Wood Walliswood Green (N-bound) 09:41
Mayes Green (NE-bound) 09:43
Forest Green Horsham Road (N-bound) 09:44
Forest Green, opp The Parrot 09:46
Forest Green Horsham Road End (N-bound) 09:46
Little Birketts Holmbury Road (NW-bound) 09:47
Holmbury St Mary Miles Hill (N-bound) 09:49
Holmbury St Mary, adj Pitland Street 09:50
Holmbury St Mary, adj Holmbury Hill Road 09:50
Holmbury St Mary, adj Royal Oak 09:51
Holmbury St Mary Horsham Road (NE-bound) 09:51
Holmbury St Mary, opp Felday Houses 09:52
Sutton Abinger, adj Woodhouse Lane 09:53
Sutton Abinger, opp Water Lane 09:54
Sutton Abinger, adj Hoe Lane 09:55
Sutton Abinger, adj Rad Lane 09:56
Abinger Hammer Felday Road (N-bound) 09:57
Abinger Hammer, opp Clockhouse 09:59
Gomshall Railway Station (opp) 10:00
Gomshall, o/s The Compasses 10:01
Gomshall, adj Queen Street 10:01
Albury, adj Park Gates 10:05
Albury, adj Weston Lodge 10:06
Albury, opp The Drummond 10:06
Albury, opp Water Lane 10:07
Albury, opp Surrey Hills 10:08
Chilworth, opp Longfrey Farm 10:09
Chilworth Railway Station (o/s) 10:10
Chilworth Sampleoak Lane (S-bound) 10:10
Wonersh Chestnut Corner (SW-bound) 10:11
Wonersh, adj Barnett Hill 10:11
Wonersh Blackheath Lane (W-bound) 10:12
Wonersh Barnett Lane (SW-bound) 10:15
Wonersh Common (N-bound) 10:16
Shalford, adj Christmas Hill 10:20
Shalford Railway Station (opp) 10:22
Shalford, opp Orchard Road 10:23
Shalford, adj St Marys Church 10:24
Guildford, opp Pilgrims Way 10:26
Guildford, opp Great Quarry 10:27
Guildford Millbrook (Stop K) 10:28
Guildford Friary Bus Station (Stop A) 10:30

Guildford to Walliswood

Guildford Friary Bus Station (Stop A) 12:45
Guildford Millbrook (Stop J) 12:46
Guildford, adj Great Quarry 12:46
Guildford, adj Pilgrims Way 12:48
Shalford, opp St Marys Church 12:50
Shalford, adj Orchard Road 12:51
Shalford Railway Station (adj) 12:52
Shalford, opp Christmas Hill 12:53
Wonersh Common Rice's Corner (SE-bound) 12:56
Wonersh Common (S-bound) 12:58
Wonersh Barnett Lane (NE-bound) 13:00
Wonersh, opp Barnett Hill 13:03
Wonersh Chestnut Corner (NE-bound) 13:03
Chilworth Sampleoak Lane (N-bound) 13:04
Chilworth Railway Station (o/s) 13:05
Chilworth, adj Longfrey Farm 13:05
Albury, adj Surrey Hills 13:06
Albury, adj Water Lane 13:07
Albury, o/s The Drummond 13:08
Albury, opp Weston Lodge 13:08
Albury, opp Park Gates 13:09
Albury, adj Silent Pool 13:10
Gomshall, opp Queen Street 13:13
Gomshall, opp The Compasses 13:14
Gomshall Railway Station (adj) 13:14
Abinger Hammer, adj Clockhouse 13:16
Abinger Hammer Felday Road (S-bound) 13:17
Sutton Abinger, opp Rad Lane 13:18
Sutton Abinger, opp Hoe Lane 13:19
Sutton Abinger, adj Water Lane 13:20
Sutton Abinger, opp Woodhouse Lane 13:21
Holmbury St Mary, adj Felday Houses 13:23
Holmbury St Mary Horsham Road (SW-bound) 13:23
Holmbury St Mary, opp Royal Oak 13:24
Holmbury St Mary, opp Holmbury Hill Road 13:24
Holmbury St Mary, opp Pitland Street 13:24
Holmbury St Mary Miles Hill (S-bound) 13:25
Little Birketts Holmbury Road (SE-bound) 13:27
Forest Green Horsham Road End (S-bound) 13:28
Forest Green, adj The Parrot 13:29
Forest Green Horsham Road (S-bound) 13:30
Mayes Green (SW-bound) 13:32
Wallis Wood Walliswood Green (S-bound) 13:33
Wallis Wood, o/s Scarlett Arms 13:35

Timetable data from Carlone Buses/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 16 July 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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