54A - Stroud - Chalford - Frampton Mansell - Sapperton - Coates - Cirencester

A bus service operated by Cotswold Green


Stroud - Chalford - Frampton Mansell - Sapperton - Coates - Cirencester

Cirencester - Coates - Sapperton - Frampton Mansell - Chalford - Stroud

Cirencester, opp The Forum 08:4010:2013:3017:40
Cirencester, opp Phoenix Way 08:4210:2213:3217:42
Cirencester, o/s Waitrose Store 08:4310:2313:3317:43
Cirencester, o/s Hospital 08:4410:2413:3417:44
Cirencester, by Deer Park School 08:4710:2713:3717:47
Cirencester, nr Royal Agricultural College 08:4710:2713:3717:47
Coates, opp Quakers Row 08:5110:3113:4117:51
Coates, opp Memorial 08:5210:3213:4217:52
Coates, by The Rectory 08:5210:3213:4217:52
Coates, nr Hayley Wood Sawmill 08:5510:3513:4517:55
Sapperton, opp The Glebe 08:5910:3913:4917:59
Sapperton, o/s Cemetery 08:5910:3913:4917:59
Frampton Mansell, opp St Luke's Church 09:0410:4413:5418:04
Frampton Mansell, nr The Hollies 09:0410:4413:5418:04
Frampton Mansell, by Jolly Nice 09:0610:4613:5618:06
Aston Down, nr Westley Farm 09:0810:4813:5818:08
Chalford Marle Hill (corner of) 09:1010:5014:0018:10
Chalford, opp Dark Lane 09:1010:5014:0018:10
Chalford, opp The Old Silk Mill 09:1010:5014:0018:10
Chalford, opp Carpenters 09:1110:5114:0118:11
Brimscombe, opp Pavillion 09:1210:5214:0218:12
Brimscombe, opp Toadsmoor Road 09:1210:5214:0218:12
Brimscombe, by Bourne Estate 09:1310:5314:0318:13
Brimscombe, opp War Memorial 09:1410:5414:0418:14
Thrupp, before Brewery Lane 09:1510:5514:0518:15
Thrupp, o/s Kingfisher Business Park 09:1510:5514:0518:15
Thrupp, adj Griffin Mill Estate 09:1710:5714:0718:17
Bowbridge, opp Thrupp Lane 09:1810:5814:0818:18
Bowbridge Arms (o/s) 09:1810:5814:0818:18
Stroud, opp Spring Lane 09:1910:5914:0918:19
Stroud, o/s Waitrose Store 09:1910:5914:0918:19
Stroud, in Russell Street 09:2111:0114:1118:21
Stroud Merrywalks (Stop K) 09:2411:0414:1418:24
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