55 - Tesco Quinton - Longbridge

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Tesco 3 - Longbridge Rail Station

Ridgacre, adj Tesco 09:20then hourly until13:2014:20
Woodgate Valley North, opp Ridgacre Rd 09:2013:2014:20
Woodgate Valley North, opposite Dwellings School 09:2113:2114:21
Woodgate Valley North, after Middle Leasow 09:2213:2214:22
Woodgate Valley North, after Highfield Lane 09:2213:2214:22
Worlds End Simmons Drive Terminus (E-bound) 09:2213:2214:22
Worlds End, after Lower Higley Close 09:2313:2314:23
California, opposite Rickyard Piece 09:2313:2314:23
Worlds End, opp Dufton Road 09:2413:2414:24
Worlds End, after Moat Meadows 09:2413:2414:24
Worlds End, adj Mayswood Grove 09:2513:2514:25
Woodgate Valley North, after Faraday Avenue 09:2513:2514:25
Woodgate Valley North, adj Wedgewood Rd 09:2613:2614:26
Worlds End, after Pitman Rd 09:2613:2614:26
Worlds End, after Fleming Road 09:2713:2714:27
Worlds End, opp Royal British Legion 09:2713:2714:27
Worlds End, opp Gorsy Rd 09:2713:2714:27
Worlds End, before Overdale Rd 09:2813:2814:28
Worlds End, opposite Bolney Rd 09:2913:2914:29
Court Oak, after Tennal Lane 09:3013:3014:30
Court Oak, after Woodhouse Rd 09:3113:3114:31
Court Oak, opp West Boulevard 09:3113:3114:31
Court Oak, adj Tennal Drive 09:3213:3214:32
The Court Oak (opposite) 09:3313:3314:33
Court Oak, adj Fitz Roy Avenue 09:3413:3414:34
Court Oak, adj Lordswood Rd 09:3413:3414:34
Moor Pool, opp Oakham Rd 09:3513:3514:35
Moor Pool Ave (on) 09:3713:3714:37
Harborne, before Greenfield Rd 09:3813:3814:38
Harborne Junction (after) 09:3913:3914:39
Harborne, opp York St 09:4013:4014:40
Moor Pool, opp High St 09:4113:4114:41
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, adj Barlows Rd 09:4313:4314:43
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, adj School Playing Field 09:4413:4414:44
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, before Metchley Park Rd 09:4513:4514:45
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, after Humphrey Middlemore Drive 09:4713:4714:47
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, opposite The Learning Hub 09:4713:4714:47
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, opposite The Barberry 09:4713:4714:47
Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Stop QC) 09:4913:4914:49
Queen Elizabeth Hospital The Learning Hub (adjacent) 09:5013:5014:50
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, adj Windermere House 09:5013:5014:50
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, before Hilldrop Grove 09:5113:5114:51
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, opposite Cross Farm Rd 09:5213:5214:52
Harts Green, after Sedgehill Ave 09:5413:5414:54
Harts Green, after Sedgehill Avenue 09:5513:5514:55
Harts Green, adj Elford Rd 09:5513:5514:55
Harts Green, opp Wheats Avenue 09:5713:5714:57
Harts Green Weymoor Rd 09:5813:5814:58
California, adj Swinford Rd 10:0014:0015:00
Harts Green, opp Nately Grove 10:0514:0515:05
Selly Oak, opp Reservoir Rd 10:1014:1015:10
Selly Oak, opp Gibbins Rd 10:1214:1215:12
Selly Oak Battery Retail Park (adjacent) 10:1214:12
Selly Oak Chapel Lane (beyond) 10:1314:13
Selly Oak (outside) 10:1414:14
Selly Oak, after Hestia Drive 10:1514:15
Selly Oak Hospital (near) 10:1714:17
Stirchley, opp Birkdale Rd 10:1814:18
Stirchley, opp Umberslade Rd 10:2114:21
Stirchley, opp Hazelwell St 10:2114:21
Stirchley, adj Beaumont Rd 10:2314:23
Cotteridge, adj Ashmore Road 10:2414:24
Cotteridge Pershore Rd (Stop CH) 10:2514:25
Cotteridge Island (Stop CM) 10:2614:26
Cotteridge, after Station Road 10:2814:28
Wychall, after Somerdale Rd 10:3414:34
Wychall Heath Rd (adjacent) 10:3514:35
Bournville Woodlands Park Rd (adjacent) 10:3714:37
Northfield, before Hole Lane 10:3814:38
Northfield Shopping Centre (Stop NB) 09:4210:4214:42
Northfield Bell Lane (Stop NG) 09:4210:4214:42
Northfield Lockwood Rd (near) 09:4310:4314:43
Northfield The Black Horse (adjacent) 09:4310:4314:43
Northfield, opposite St Heliers Rd 09:4410:4414:44
Northfield, opposite Inverness Rd 09:4410:4414:44
Allens Cross, opp Hoggs Lane 09:4510:4514:45
Allens Cross, after Guardian Court 09:4610:4614:46
Allens Cross, adj Elan Rd 09:4810:4814:48
Frankley, opp Frogmill Rd 09:5010:5014:50
Frankley, opposite Hollywood Bowl 09:5110:5114:51
Rubery, opposite Cinema 09:5110:5114:51
Rubery Supermarket (near) 09:5210:5214:52
Rubery Leach Green Lane (adjacent) 09:5310:5314:53
Rubery, adj Beverley Road 09:5410:5414:54
Eachway, opp Newman Way 09:5710:5714:57
Rubery, opp Cliff Rock Road 09:5910:5914:59
Rednal Shepley Rd (SE-bound) 10:0111:0115:01
Rednal, adj Ormscliffe Rd 10:0211:0215:02
Rednal, before Irwin Ave 10:0311:0315:03
Rednal, adj Ryde Park Rd 10:0411:0415:04
Rednal, opp Ryde Park Rd 10:0511:0515:05
Longbridge Island (Stop LA) 10:0611:0615:06
Longbridge Bristol Road South (Stop LE) 10:0811:0815:08
Longbridge Station (Stop LG) 10:0911:0915:09

Longbridge Rail Station - Tesco 3

Longbridge Station (Stop LH) 09:19then hourly until14:19
Longbridge Bristol Road South (Stop LF) 09:1914:19
Longbridge Technology Park (Stop LB) 09:2014:20
Longbridge Island (Stop LB) 09:2114:21
Rednal, opp Irwin Ave 09:2314:23
Rednal, opp Ormscliffe Rd 09:2514:25
Rednal Shepley Rd (NW-bound) 09:2514:25
Rubery, adj Cliff Rock Road 09:2714:27
Rednal, adj Chadwick Avenue 09:2814:28
Eachway, adj Newman Way 09:3014:30
Rubery, after Leach Green Lane 09:3414:34
Rubery Supermarket 09:3614:36
Rubery, before Cinema 09:3614:36
Frankley Hollywood Bowl (adjacent) 09:3614:36
Frankley, adj Frogmill Rd 09:3714:37
Frankley, opp Balaams Wood Drive 09:3714:37
Allens Cross, on Hollymoor Way 09:3814:38
Allens Cross, adj Pepper Wood Drive 09:3914:39
Allens Cross, adj Sovereign Heights 09:4014:40
Allens Cross, opp Elan Rd 09:4014:40
Allens Cross, adj Lower Beeches Road 09:4014:40
Allens Cross, opp Guardian Court 09:4114:41
Northfield, adj Inverness Rd 09:4214:42
Northfield The Black Horse 09:4314:43
Northfield Leisure Centre (after) 09:4414:44
Northfield Lockwood Rd (adjacent) 09:4414:44
Northfield Bell Lane (Stop NK) 09:4514:45
Northfield, after Hole Lane 09:4814:48
Bournville, before Woodlands Park Rd 09:5014:50
Wychall, after Heath Rd 09:5114:51
Wychall, before Somerdale Rd 09:5214:52
Cotteridge Island (Stop CE) 09:5914:59
Cotteridge Pershore Rd (Stop CF) 09:5914:59
Cotteridge, opp Ashmore Road 10:0015:00
Stirchley, opp Beaumont Rd 10:0215:02
Stirchley, adj Bournville Lane 10:0415:04
Stirchley, adj Hazelwell St 10:0515:05
Stirchley, adj Birkdale Rd 10:0615:06
Selly Oak, before Hestia Drive 10:0815:08
Selly Oak, after Raddlebarn Rd 10:0915:09
Selly Oak Rebecca Drive (near) 10:1015:10
Selly Oak, adj Gibbins Rd 09:1110:1115:11
Harts Green, before Nately Grove 09:1810:1815:18
California, opp Swinford Rd 09:2210:2215:22
Harts Green, after Northfield Rd 09:2410:2415:24
Harts Green, adj Wheats Avenue 09:2510:2515:25
Harts Green, opp Elford Rd 09:2710:2715:27
Harts Green, after Sedgehill Ave 09:2810:2815:28
Harts Green, opp Flats 09:2810:2815:28
Harts Green, after Ferncliffe Rd 09:2810:2815:28
Harts Green, after Sedgehill Avenue 09:2910:2915:29
Harborne, opp Old Church Rd 09:3010:3015:30
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Cross Farm Rd (adjacent) 09:3110:3115:31
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Metchley Hall (Stop UF) 09:3210:3215:32
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, opp Windermere House 09:3210:3215:32
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, before Humphrey Middlemore Drive 09:3210:3215:32
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, on The Learning Hub 09:3310:3315:33
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, opposite The Barberry 09:3310:3315:33
Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Stop QA) 09:3410:3415:34
Queen Elizabeth Hospital The Learning Hub (adjacent) 09:3510:3515:35
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, opp Metchley Park Rd 09:3510:3515:35
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, opp School Playing Field 09:3710:3715:37
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, opp Barlows Rd 09:3710:3715:37
Harborne, after Metchley Lane 09:3910:3915:39
Harborne York St (adjacent) 09:4010:4015:40
Harborne Junction (near) 09:4110:4115:41
Harborne Greenfield Rd (adjacent) 09:4210:4215:42
Moor Pool Ave (at) 09:4410:4415:44
Moor Pool, adj Oakham Rd 09:4610:4615:46
Moor Pool, adj Lordswood Rd 09:4710:4715:47
Court Oak, opp Fitz Roy Avenue 09:4810:4815:48
Court Oak Grove (adj) 09:5010:5015:50
Court Oak, opp Tennal Drive 09:5010:5015:50
Court Oak, before West Boulevard 09:5110:5115:51
Court Oak Woodhouse Rd (near) 09:5210:5215:52
Court Oak, before Woodhouse Rd 09:5310:5315:53
Worlds End Bolney Rd (adjacent) 09:5310:5315:53
Worlds End, after Overdale Rd 09:5410:5415:54
Worlds End, after Gorsy Rd 09:5510:5515:55
Worlds End, adj Royal British Legion 09:5510:5515:55
Worlds End, before Fleming Road 09:5610:5615:56
Worlds End, before Pitman Rd 09:5610:5615:56
Woodgate Valley North, opp Wedgewood Rd 09:5610:5615:56
Woodgate Valley North, before Faraday Avenue 09:5710:5715:57
Worlds End, opp Mayswood Grove 09:5710:5715:57
Worlds End, before Moat Meadows 09:5810:5815:58
Worlds End, adj Dufton Road 09:5810:5815:58
California, opposite Rickyard Piece 09:5910:5915:59
Worlds End Lower Higley Close 09:5910:5915:59
Woodgate Valley North, before Middle Leasow 10:0011:0016:00
Woodgate Valley North Dwellings School (adjacent) 10:0111:0116:01
Woodgate Valley North, adj Ridgacre Rd 10:0211:0216:02
Ridgacre, opp Tesco 10:0311:0316:03

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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