567 - Kendal - Kirkby Lonsdale

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Kendal - Kirkby Lonsdale

Kendal Blackhall Road (Stand E) 08:5510:2011:5516:15
Kendal, at Weavers Court 08:5710:2211:5716:17
Kendal South, opp K Village 08:5810:2311:5816:18
Kendal South Lound Road Garage (near) 08:5910:2411:5916:19
Kendal South The Lound (near) 08:5910:2411:5916:19
Kendal South, opp Helme Chase 09:0010:2512:0016:20
Kendal South, o/s Asda 09:0110:2612:0116:21
Kendal South Westmorland General Hospital (near) 09:0210:2712:0216:22
Kendal South, opp Oxenholme Lane 09:0310:2812:0316:23
Halfpenny, opp The Punch Bowl 09:0510:3012:0516:25
Halfpenny, opp Shy Reakes Turn 09:0610:3112:0616:26
Halfpenny, opp Lane End 09:0710:3212:0716:27
Summerlands (at) 09:0910:3412:0916:29
Gatebeck Lodge (near) 09:1110:3612:1116:31
Endmoor, opp Community Centre 09:1210:3712:1216:32
Endmoor Old Police Station (near) 09:1210:3712:1216:32
Endmoor Farm (o/s) 09:1310:3812:1316:33
Crooklands, opp Hotel 09:1410:3912:1416:34
Crooklands, opp Millness Highways depot 09:1410:3912:1416:34
Crooklands Roundabout (near) 09:1510:4012:1516:35
Lupton, opp Plough Inn 09:1910:4412:1916:39
Lupton, opp Jubilee Lane End 09:2010:4512:2016:40
Kirkby Lonsdale, opp Lunefield Drive 09:2810:5312:2816:48
Kirkby Lonsdale, on New Road 09:2810:5312:2816:48

Kirkby Lonsdale - Kendal

Kirkby Lonsdale, on New Road 09:3011:0012:3016:50
Kirkby Lonsdale, opp Abbotsgate 09:3111:0112:3116:51
Kirkby Lonsdale, o/s Queen Elizabeth School 09:3211:0212:3216:52
Lupton, at Jubilee Lane End 09:3811:0812:3816:58
Lupton, o/s Plough Inn 09:3911:0912:3916:59
Crooklands, at Roundabout 09:4211:1212:4217:02
Crooklands, at Millness depot 09:4311:1312:4317:03
Crooklands, at Hotel 09:4311:1312:4317:03
Endmoor Farm (opp) 09:4411:1412:4417:04
Endmoor, at Old Police Station 09:4511:1512:4517:05
Endmoor, at Community Centre 09:4511:1512:4517:05
Gatebeck Lodge (opp) 09:4611:1612:4617:06
Summerlands (opp) 09:4811:1812:4817:08
Halfpenny, at Road End 09:4911:1912:4917:09
Halfpenny, at Shy Reakes turn 09:5011:2012:5017:10
Halfpenny, o/s The Punch Bowl 09:5111:2112:5117:11
Kendal South, at Oxenholme Lane 09:5411:2412:5417:14
Kendal South, o/s Westmorland General Hospital 09:5511:2512:5517:15
Kendal South, opp Asda 09:5711:2712:5717:17
Kendal South, at Helme Chase 09:5811:2812:5817:18
Kendal South, opp Burton Road roundabout 09:5911:2912:5917:19
Kendal South K Village (near) 10:0011:3013:0017:20
Kendal, o/s Kirkland 10:0111:3113:0117:21
Kendal, at Highgate 10:0211:3213:0217:22
Kendal, o/s The Shakespeare Inn 10:0311:3313:0317:23
Kendal Bus Station (Ken) (Stand A) 10:0511:3513:0517:25

Timetable data from Stagecoach Cumbria, 7 June 2023

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