59 - Dundee - Blairgowrie

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Dundee - Blairgowrie

Dundee Seagate Bus Station (Stance 6) 17:0419:00
Dundee Waterstones (Stop 2) 17:0519:01
Dundee, opp Caird Hall 17:0619:01
Dundee Nethergate (Stop 2) 17:0819:03
Dundee, opp Overgate 17:0919:04
Dundee, opp Police Station 17:1119:05
Law Smellies Lane (near) 17:1219:06
Law, opp St Mary Street 17:1319:07
Law, at Mitchell Street 17:1419:08
Law, opp Rankine Street 17:1519:09
Balgay, at Tullideph Road 17:1619:10
Balgay, adj Cobden Street 17:1719:11
Lochee, at Ancrum Road 17:1819:12
Lochee, opp High Street 17:2019:13
Lochee, at Adamsons Court 17:2119:14
Lochee West Liff Road (near) 17:2119:14
Lochee West, opp Landsdowne Place 17:2219:15
Lochee West, at Park Hotel 17:2319:15
Lochee East, opp Dunsinane Avenue 17:2419:16
Camperdown, opp Faraday Street 17:2519:17
Birkhill Inn (opp) 17:2819:20
Birkhill, opp Post Box Road 17:2819:21
Birkhill, opp Dronley Road 17:2919:21
Birkhill, opp Sidlaw Gardens 17:2919:22
Muirhead, at Post Office 17:3019:23
Muirhead, at School Wynd 17:3019:23
Muirhead, opp Millhal Farm Road End 17:3219:25
Lundie Castle Road End (opp) 17:3419:27
Piperdam Drive (at) 17:3519:28
Lundie, opp Road End 17:3519:28
Lundie, at Lochindores 17:3819:31
Kettins, opp Tullybaccart Farm 17:3919:32
Kettins, at Oakwood Cottages 17:4119:34
Kettins, at Leys Crossroads 17:4219:35
Kettins, opp Hallyburton Lodge 17:4319:36
Kettins Road End (opp) 17:4519:38
Coupar Angus, at Abbey Road 17:4619:39
Coupar Angus, at Factory 17:4719:40
Coupar Angus, at George Place 17:4719:40
Coupar Angus, at George Square 17:4819:41
Coupar Angus, at Library 17:4819:41
Coupar Angus, at Bogside Road 17:4819:41
Coupar Angus, at Butterybank Road 17:4919:42
Coupar Angus Bendochy Crossroads (Northbound) 17:5019:43
Rosemount, opp Myreriggs Road 17:5219:45
Rosemount, at Golf Course Road 17:5419:47
Rosemount Gardens (at) 17:5519:48
Rosemount, at Littleblair Drive 17:5519:48
Blairgowrie, at Woodlands Park 17:5519:48
Blairgowrie, opp Moyness Park Drive 17:5619:49
Blairgowrie, at Douglas Road 17:5619:49
Blairgowrie, opp Manor Gardens 17:5719:50
Blairgowrie, at Emma Street 17:5819:51
Blairgowrie Wellmeadow (Stance B) 17:5919:52
Rattray, at Balmoral Road 18:0019:53
Rattray, opp Sidlaw Road 18:0019:53
Rattray, opp Park 18:0119:54
Rattray, at Glenshee Drive 18:0219:55

Blairgowrie - Dundee

Rattray, at Glenshee Drive 23:23
Rattray, at Glenisla Court 23:23
Rattray, at House No 159 23:24
Rattray, at Play Park 23:24
Rattray, at Ferguson Park Road 23:25
Rattray, at Park 23:25
Rattray, opp Balmoral Road 23:26
Blairgowrie Wellmeadow (Stance B) 23:28
Blairgowrie, at Tesco 23:28
Blairgowrie, opp Emma Street 23:28
Blairgowrie, at Manor Gardens 23:29
Blairgowrie, opp Douglas Road 23:30
Blairgowrie, at Moyness Park Drive 23:30
Blairgowrie, opp Woodlands Park 23:31
Rosemount, opp Littleblair Drive 23:31
Rosemount Gardens (opp) 23:32
Rosemount, opp Golf Course Road 23:32
Rosemount, at Myreriggs Road 23:33
Coupar Angus Bendochy Crossroads (Southbound) 23:35
Coupar Angus, opp Butterybank Road 23:36
Coupar Angus, opp Bogside Road 23:37
Coupar Angus, at Bank Of Scotland 23:37
Coupar Angus, opp George Square 23:38
Coupar Angus, opp Factory 23:38
Coupar Angus, opp Abbey Road 23:39
Kettins Road End (at) 23:40
Kettins, at Hallyburton Lodge 23:42
Kettins, opp Leys Crossroads 23:43
Kettins, opp Oakwood Cottages 23:44
Kettins, at Tullybaccart Farm 23:46
Lundie, opp Lochindores 23:47
Lundie, at Road End 23:49
Piperdam Drive (opp) 23:51
Lundie Castle Road End (at) 23:51
Muirhead, at Millhall Farm Road End 23:53
Muirhead, opp School Wynd 23:55
Muirhead, at Edward Place 23:56
Birkhill, at Sidlaw Gardens 23:56
Birkhill, at Dronley Road 23:56
Birkhill, at Post Box Road 23:56
Birkhill Inn (at) 23:57
Birkhill Cemetry (at) 23:57
Camperdown, at Faraday Street 00:00
Lochee East, at Dunsinane Avenue 00:00
Lochee West, at Landsdowne Gardens 00:01
Lochee West, at Landsdowne Place 00:01
Lochee West, at Lochee By-Pass 00:02
Lochee High Street (near) 00:03
Lochee, at Grays Lane 00:03
Lochee, opp Ancrum Road 00:04
Balgay, at Cobden Street 00:05
Balgay, adj Tullideph Road 00:06
Law, at Rankine Street 00:06
Law, at St Mary Street 00:08
Law, opp Smellies Lane 00:08
Dundee, at Police Station 00:10
Dundee, at West Marketgait 00:11
Dundee Crichton Street (Stop 1) 00:12
Dundee, at Caird Hall 00:13
Dundee, at Marks and Spencer 00:14
Dundee, at Bus Station 00:15

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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