6 - Oke Railway Station - Holsworthy - Bude The Strand

A bus service operated by Stagecoach South West

🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Bude - Okehampton
Oke Railway Station - Holsworthy - Bude The Strand

Bude The Strand (NW-bound) 06:0509:1012:1015:1018:15
Bude Bencoolen Road (SE-bound) 06:0609:1112:1115:1118:16
Bude, opp Hawthorn Avenue 06:0709:1212:1215:1218:17
Bude Splash Pool (E-bound) 06:0809:1412:1415:1418:18
Bude Morrisons (E-bound) 06:0909:1412:1415:1418:19
Stratton Skitches Corner (N-bound) 06:1109:1712:1715:1718:21
Stratton, opp Hospital 06:1109:1712:1715:1718:21
Stratton Tree Inn (SE-bound) 06:1209:1812:1815:1818:22
Stratton View Business Park (SE-bound) 06:1309:1912:1915:1918:23
Launcells Garden Centre (SE-bound) 06:1309:2012:2015:1918:23
Red Post Scorsham (E-bound) 06:1509:2212:2215:2118:25
Red Post, opp Redpost Inn 06:1609:2312:2315:2218:26
Holsworthy Rydon Park (E-bound) 06:2409:3112:3115:3018:34
Holsworthy Trewyn Park (E-bound) 06:2509:3212:3215:3118:35
Holsworthy Sanders Lane (SE-bound) 06:2609:3312:3315:3218:36
Holsworthy Church (Stop B) 06:2609:3312:3315:3218:36
Holsworthy HATS Theatre (SW-bound) 06:2609:3312:3315:3218:36
Holsworthy Waitrose (E-bound) 06:2709:3412:3415:3318:37
Holsworthy, opp Old Cattle Market Entrance 06:2709:3412:3415:3318:37
Holsworthy Coles Mill Close (SE-bound) 06:2809:3512:3515:3418:38
Holsworthy Coles Mill Bridge (SE-bound) 06:2809:3512:3515:3418:38
Holsworthy Crosspark Cross (E-bound) 06:2909:3612:3615:3518:39
Cookbury Wick Anvil Corner (E-bound) 06:3209:3912:3915:3818:42
Cookbury Wick Stapledon House (SE-bound) 06:3309:4012:4015:3918:43
Hollacombe The Beeches (E-bound) 06:3409:4112:4115:4018:44
Cookbury Dunsland Cross (E-bound) 06:3609:4312:4315:4218:46
Cookbury Dunsland Cross (S-bound) 06:3609:4312:4315:4218:46
Brandis Corner Station Cottages (S-bound) 06:3709:4412:4415:4318:47
Brandis Corner Morecombe Cross (S-bound) 06:3809:4512:4515:4418:48
Brandis Corner Forestry Houses (SE-bound) 06:3909:4612:4615:4518:49
Halwill Junction Halwill Meadow (E-bound) 06:4109:4812:4815:4718:51
Halwill Junction Station Road (S-bound) 06:4209:4912:4915:4818:52
Halwill Beaworthy Cross Farm (S-bound) 06:4309:5012:5015:4918:53
Patchacott Metherell Cross (SE-bound) 06:4509:5212:5215:5118:55
Broadbury Castle Cross (SE-bound) 06:4809:5512:5515:5418:58
Boasley Cross Chestermoor Cross (SE-bound) 06:5009:5712:5715:5619:00
Boasley Cross Venn Down Gate Cross (SE-bound) 06:5109:5812:5815:5719:01
Thorndon Cross Railway Cottages (E-bound) 06:5310:0013:0015:5919:03
Thorndon Cross, opp Yelland 06:5610:0313:0316:0219:06
Meldon Fowley Roundabout (E-bound) 06:5710:0413:0416:0319:07
Okehampton New Road Cross (SE-bound) 07:0010:0713:0716:0619:10
Okehampton West Street (Stop B) 07:0310:1013:1016:0919:12
Okehampton Railway Station (W-bound) 07:0610:1413:1416:1219:15

Okehampton - Bude
Bude The Strand - Holsworthy - Oke Railway Station

Okehampton Railway Station (W-bound) 07:2510:2513:2516:3019:30
Okehampton West Street (Stop A) 07:3010:3113:3116:3619:35
Okehampton New Road Cross (NW-bound) 07:3210:3313:3316:3819:37
Meldon Fowley Roundabout (W-bound) 07:3410:3613:3616:4119:39
Thorndon Cross Yelland (W-bound) 07:3610:3713:3716:4219:41
Thorndon Cross (W-bound) 07:3810:4013:4016:4519:43
Boasley Cross Venn Down Gate Cross (NW-bound) 07:4010:4213:4216:4719:45
Boasley Cross Chestermoor Cross (NW-bound) 07:4110:4313:4316:4819:46
Broadbury Castle Cross (NW-bound) 07:4310:4513:4516:5019:48
Patchacott Metherell Cross (NW-bound) 07:4610:4813:4816:5319:51
Halwill Beaworthy Cross Farm (N-bound) 07:4810:5013:5016:5519:53
Halwill Junction Station Road (N-bound) 07:4910:5113:5116:5619:54
Halwill Junction Halwill Meadow (W-bound) 07:4910:5113:5116:5619:54
Brandis Corner, opp Forestry Houses 07:5210:5413:5416:5919:57
Brandis Corner Morecombe Cross (N-bound) 07:5310:5513:5517:0019:58
Brandis Corner, opp Station Cottages 07:5410:5613:5617:0119:59
Cookbury Dunsland Cross (W-bound) 07:5510:5713:5717:0220:00
Hollacombe The Beeches (W-bound) 07:5711:0014:0017:0520:02
Cookbury Wick, opp Stapledon Farm 07:5911:0114:0117:0620:04
Cookbury Wick Anvil Corner (W-bound) 08:0011:0314:0317:0820:05
Holsworthy, opp Crosspark Cross 08:0311:0614:0617:1120:08
Holsworthy Coles Mill Bridge (NW-bound) 08:0511:0814:0817:1320:10
Holsworthy, opp Coles Mill Close 08:0511:0814:0817:1320:10
Holsworthy Old Cattle Market Entrance (W-bound) 08:0511:0814:0817:1320:10
Holsworthy, opp Waitrose 08:0611:0914:0917:1420:11
Holsworthy, opp HATS Theatre opp 08:0611:0914:0917:1420:11
Holsworthy Library (Stop A) 08:0711:1014:1017:1520:12
Holsworthy, opp Sanders Lane 08:0711:1014:1017:1520:12
Holsworthy, opp Trewen Park 08:0811:1114:1117:1620:13
Holsworthy Rydon Park (W-bound) 08:0911:1214:1217:1720:13
Red Post Junction (SW-bound) 08:1611:1914:1917:2420:20
Red Post Scorsham (W-bound) 08:1711:2014:2017:2520:21
Launcells, opp Garden Centre 08:1911:2214:2217:2720:23
Stratton View Business Park (opp) 08:1911:2214:2217:2720:23
Stratton, opp Tree Inn 08:2011:2314:2317:2820:24
Stratton Hospital (N-bound) 08:2111:2414:2417:2920:25
Stratton Skitches Corner (S-bound) 08:2111:2414:2417:2920:25
Stratton, opp Berkeley Close 08:2211:2514:2517:3020:26
Bude Morrisons (W-bound) 08:2311:2714:2717:3220:27
Bude, opp Splashpool 08:2411:2714:2717:3220:27
Bude Hawthorn Avenue (W-bound) 08:2511:2914:2917:3420:28
Bude Bencoolen Road (NW-bound) 08:2611:3014:3017:3520:29
Bude The Strand (NW-bound) 08:2711:3114:3117:3620:30

Timetable data from Stagecoach South West, 21 June 2024

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