6 - Gloucester - Longlevens

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Gloucester


Gloucester Transport Hub (Bay K) 09:10then hourly until14:10
Gloucester, before Great Western Road 09:1114:11
Gloucester, opp Wessex House 09:1114:11
Gloucester, opp Pullman Court 09:1214:12
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital (main entrance) 09:1414:14
Wotton, opp Myers Road 09:1614:16
Wotton, nr Redcliffe College 09:1814:18
Wotton, opp Westminster Court 09:1814:18
Wotton, after Argyll Road 09:2014:20
Barnwood Road (corner of) 09:2114:21
Elmbridge, by Lonsdale Road 09:2214:22
Elmbridge, nr Sisson Road 09:2414:24
Longlevens, before Cheltenham Road 09:2514:25
Longlevens, after Elmbridge Road 09:2514:25
Longlevens, opp School Grounds 09:2714:27
Longlevens, before College Fields 09:2714:27
Longlevens, before Ballinska Mews 09:2814:28
Longlevens, by Horsebere Brook 09:2914:29
Longlevens, after Blackwater Way 09:2914:29
Longlevens, o/s Estate Agents 09:3014:30
Elmbridge, by Orchard Road 09:3014:30
Elmbridge, o/s The Parade 09:3114:31
Elmbridge, opp Kimberley Close 09:3314:33
Elmbridge, opp Electricity Substation 09:3414:34
Elmbridge, before Meadowleaze 09:3414:34
Elmbridge, after Sisson Road 09:3614:36
Elmbridge, opp Lonsdale Road 09:3614:36
Barnwood, after Queen's 09:3714:37
Wotton, o/s Bohanam House 09:3914:39
Wotton, before Westminster Court 09:3914:39
Wotton Lawn (nr) 09:4014:40
Wotton, o/s St Peter's Junior School 09:4114:41
Wotton, opp The Crescent 09:4114:41
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital (main entrance) 09:4414:44
Gloucester, by Pullman Court 09:4514:45
Gloucester, opp Wellington Parade 09:4714:47
Gloucester, after Great Western Road 09:4714:47
Gloucester, at Transport Hub arrival 09:5014:50

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 27 October 2020

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