6 - Grantham - Bottesford

A bus service operated by Centrebus (North)

Grantham to Bottesford

Grantham Bus Station (Stand 2) 09:1511:2012:1513:2014:50
Grantham, adj Retail Park 09:1611:2112:1613:2114:51
Grantham, adj Kempton Way 09:1711:2212:1713:2214:52
Grantham, opp Brading Avenue 09:1811:2312:1813:2314:53
Grantham, adj The Avenue 09:2011:2512:2013:2514:55
Grantham, opp Barrowby Gate 09:2011:2512:2113:2514:55
Grantham, opp Valley Road 09:2011:2512:2113:2514:55
Barrowby, adj The Drift 09:2111:2612:2213:2614:56
Barrowby, opp Thorold Road 09:2111:2612:2213:2614:56
Barrowby, opp Leys Close 09:2211:2712:2313:2714:57
Barrowby, opp Reedings Close 09:2211:2712:2413:2714:57
Barrowby, adj Reedings Road 09:2311:2812:2513:2814:58
Barrowby, opp Butt Lane 09:2411:2912:2613:2914:59
Barrowby, adj The White Swan PH 09:2511:3012:2713:3015:00
Muston, opp Village Hall 12:35
Bottesford, adj Easthorpe View 09:3411:3912:3913:3915:09
Bottesford, outside Daybells Barns 09:3511:4012:4013:4015:10
Bottesford, opp Queen Street 09:3611:4112:4113:4115:11
Bottesford, opp Pinfold Lane 09:3711:4212:4213:42
Bottesford, adj Laurel Way 09:3811:4312:4313:43

Bottesford to Grantham

Bottesford, adj Laurel Way 09:3911:4412:4413:44
Bottesford, outside Primary school 15:15
Bottesford, adj Pinfold Lane 09:4011:4512:4513:45
Bottesford, adj Queen Street 09:4211:4712:4713:4715:20
Bottesford, opp Daybells Barns 09:4211:4712:4713:4715:21
Bottesford, opp Easthorpe View 09:4311:4812:4813:4815:21
Muston, outside Village Hall 09:47
Sedgebrook, adj The Green 15:25
Barrowby, opp The White Swan PH 09:5411:5812:5813:5815:30
Barrowby, adj Butt Lane 09:5411:5812:5813:5815:30
Barrowby, opp Reedings Road 09:5511:5912:5913:5915:31
Barrowby, adj Reedings Close 09:5511:5912:5913:5915:31
Barrowby, adj Leys Close 09:5612:0013:0014:0015:32
Barrowby, adj Thorold Road 09:5612:0013:0014:0015:32
Barrowby, opp The Drift 09:5712:0113:0114:0115:33
Grantham, adj Valley Road 09:5812:0113:0114:0115:33
Grantham, adj Barrowby Gate 09:5912:0213:0214:0215:34
Grantham, opp The Avenue 10:0012:0313:0314:0315:35
Grantham, adj Brading Avenue 10:0112:0413:0414:0415:36
Grantham, opp Retail Park 10:0212:0513:0514:0515:37
Grantham Bus Station (Stand 2) 10:0612:0813:0814:0815:40

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