601 - Ferry Rd - Bebington HS

A bus service operated by Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire

Ferry Road - Bebington High School

Eastham Ferry Road (Near) 07:50
Eastham New Chester Road (Near) 07:51
Eastham Rake Mill Park Drive (Adjacent) 07:52
Eastham Rake, opp Glenburn Avenue 07:52
Eastham Rake, adj Archers Green 07:53
Eastham Rake, adj Mill Park Drive 07:54
Eastham Rake Station (Stop B ) 07:55
Brookhurst, opp Scafell Close 07:56
Brookhurst Duncansby Drive (Near) 07:56
Brookhurst, adj Keswick Avenue 07:58
Brookhurst Road (Adjacent) 07:59
Brookhurst, adj Wentworth Drive 07:59
Brookhurst, adj Somerville Close 08:00
Dibbinsdale Road Bromborough Station (Stop B ) 08:01
Plymyard Bromborough Station (Stop E ) 08:02
Plymyard, adj The Woodcotes 08:03
Plymyard, adj Langfield Grove 08:04
Plymyard, adj Heygarth Road 08:05
Plymyard Heygarth Road (Adjacent) 08:07
Plymyard, adj Wingate Road 08:07
Plymyard, opp Kilburn Avenue 08:08
Plymyard, opp Manor Road 08:08
Plymyard, opposite Raeburn Primary School 08:09
Bromborough Allport Road (Adjacent) 08:10
Bromborough, adj Brancote Gardens 08:11
Bromborough Allport Road (Adjacent) 08:12
Bromborough Meadowside Road (Adjacent) 08:13
Bromborough Legion Lane (Adjacent) 08:14
Bromborough The Cross (Adjacent) 08:15
Bromborough Mark Rake (Adjacent) 08:16
Bromborough Croft Avenue (Adjacent) 08:16
Bromborough, o/s Brotherton Park 08:17
Bromborough Road (Adjacent) 08:18
Bromborough, adj Oakridge Road 08:19
Poulton Spital Station (Stop A ) 08:20
Poulton, opposite Blair Park 08:21
Bebington Poulton Road (Adjacent) 08:22
Bebington, opp Beechway 08:23
Bebington Cross Lane (N-bound) 08:24
Stanton Road (Adjacent) 08:25
Stanton, adj Langdale Road 08:25
Heathfield Wirral Grammar School (N-bound) 08:26
Bebington, adj Pulford Road 08:27
Higher Bebington Bebington High School (Nw-bound) 08:28

Wirral Grammar School - Vicarage Row

Heathfield Wirral Grammar School (N-bound) 15:50
Bebington, adj Pulford Road 15:51
Port Sunlight, adj Sandringham Close 15:54
New Ferry Bebington Road (Adjacent) 15:54
New Ferry Beaconsfield Road (Adjacent) 15:55
New Ferry, adj Portbury Close 15:56
New Ferry, adj Shore Drive 15:57
Bromborough Pool, adj Pool Lane 15:59
Bromborough, nr Port Causeway 16:00
Bromborough, adj Magazine Road 16:01
Bromborough Spital Road (Adjacent) 16:03
Bromborough Croft Avenue East (Adjacent) 16:03
Bromborough, opp Stanhope Drive 16:04
Bromborough The Cross (Adjacent) 16:05
Bromborough, opposite Acre Lane 16:06
Bromborough Neville Road (Adjacent) 16:06
Bromborough, adj Allport Road 16:07
Bromborough, opp Brancote Gardens 16:07
Bromborough, adj Westminster Drive 16:08
Plymyard, outside Raeburn Primary School 16:09
Plymyard, adj Manor Road 16:09
Plymyard, adj Kilburn Avenue 16:10
Plymyard, opp Wingate Road 16:10
Plymyard Heygarth Road (Adjacent) 16:11
Plymyard, adj Grampian Way 16:11
Plymyard Gorsefield Avenue (Adjacent) 16:12
Plymyard Appleby Grove (Adjacent) 16:13
Plymyard Bromborough Station (Stop D ) 16:14
Brookhurst Bromborough Station (Stop A ) 16:15
Brookhurst, adj Birkdale Avenue 16:15
Brookhurst Fairhaven Drive (Adjacent) 16:16
Brookhurst Road (Adjacent) 16:17
Brookhurst, opp Turriff Drive 16:17
Brookhurst Duncansby Drive (Near) 16:18
Brookhurst, adj Scafell Close 16:19
Eastham Rake Station (Stop A ) 16:20
Eastham Rake, opp Mill Park Drive 16:20
Eastham Rake, opp Archers Green 16:21
Eastham Rake, adj Glenburn Avenue 16:21
Eastham Rake, opp Mill Park Drive 16:22
Eastham Vicarage Row (N-bound) 16:23

Timetable data from Stagecoach Merseyside, 18 April 2024

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