613 - Bishops Lydeard - Bridgwater

A bus service operated by Hatch Green Coaches


Monday to Friday, Bridgwater and Taunton College days

Lethbridge Arms - Bridgwater College

Bishop’s Lydeard Lethbridge Arms (E-bound) 07:25
Bishop’s Lydeard Hithermead (SE-bound) 07:27
Bishop’s Lydeard Little Meadow (S-bound) 07:27
Bishop’s Lydeard Hither Mead (SE-bound) 07:27
Bishop’s Lydeard Bull Meadow (SW-bound) 07:28
Cotford St Luke, adj North Villas 07:30
Cotford St Luke Baileys Gate (S-bound) 07:31
Cotford St Luke, adj Aveline Court 07:31
Heathfield Cotford St Luke Turn (E-bound) 07:31
Norton Fitzwarren Montys Court (E-bound) 07:32
Norton Fitzwarren Wey House (E-bound) 07:32
Norton Fitzwarren Allerford Turn (E-bound) 07:33
Norton Fitzwarren Manor Park (E-bound) 07:33
Norton Fitzwarren The Club (E-bound) 07:34
Norton Fitzwarren Fish and Chip Shop (E-bound) 07:34
Norton Fitzwarren, opp Burnshill 07:36
Taunton Cross Keys (E-bound) 07:36
Taunton Manor Road (SE-bound) 07:37
Taunton, adj Lawn Road 07:39
Taunton Kingston Road (NE-bound) 07:40
Nailsbourne Lower Marsh Farm (NW-bound) 07:41
Nailsbourne, adj Nailsborne Turn 07:42
Nailsbourne Mill Cross (NE-bound) 07:42
Kingston St Mary The Grange (N-bound) 07:43
Kingston St Mary Swan Inn (W-bound) 07:44
Courtway The Pines (N-bound) 07:50
Lower Merridge, adj Village Hall 07:54
Aisholt Hawkridge Reservoir (NE-bound) 07:57
Pightley Stowey Cottage (E-bound) 08:00
Spaxton Village Hall (E-bound) 08:01
Four Forks Garage (E-bound) 08:02
Four Forks Lamb Inn (S-bound) 08:03
Enmore Barford Park (S-bound) 08:06
Enmore Tynte Arms (E-bound) 08:08
Goathurst St Edwards Church (N-bound) 08:13
Goathurst Chantry Cottage (N-bound) 08:14
Durleigh Church (N-bound) 08:21
Durleigh Oakfield Road (E-bound) 08:24
Bridgwater Woodbury Road Jct (E-bound) 08:25
Bridgwater Park Road (NE-bound) 08:26
Bridgwater The Shops (NE-bound) 08:27
Bridgwater Cinema (E-bound) 08:28
Bridgwater Magistrates Court (NE-bound) 08:29
Bridgwater Bus Station (Bay 4) 08:31
Bridgwater Sainsburys (E-bound) 08:33
Bridgwater, outside The Sportsman 08:34
Bridgwater College (N-bound) 08:38

Bridgwater College - Lethbridge Arms

Bridgwater College (N-bound) 16:45
Bridgwater, opp The Sportsman 16:48
Bridgwater Sainsburys (W-bound) 16:49
Bridgwater Bus Station (Bay 4) 16:52
Bridgwater The Shops (SW-bound) 16:55
Bridgwater Park Road (SW-bound) 16:56
Bridgwater Woodbury Road Jct (W-bound) 16:57
Durleigh Oakfield Road (W-bound) 16:58
Durleigh Church (S-bound) 17:02
Goathurst St Edwards Church (S-bound) 17:10
Enmore Tynte Arms (W-bound) 17:15
Enmore Barford Park (N-bound) 17:16
Four Forks Lamb Inn (N-bound) 17:20
Four Forks Garage (W-bound) 17:20
Spaxton Village Hall (W-bound) 17:22
Pightley Stowey Cottage (W-bound) 17:22
Aisholt Hawkridge Reservoir (SW-bound) 17:26
Lower Merridge, opp Village Hall 17:28
Courtway The Pines (S-bound) 17:33
Kingston St Mary Swan Inn (E-bound) 17:39
Kingston St Mary The Green (SE-bound) 17:39
Nailsbourne Mill Cross (SW-bound) 17:40
Nailsbourne, opp Nailsborne Turn 17:40
Nailsbourne Lower Marsh Farm (SE-bound) 17:41
Taunton Kingston Road (SW-bound) 17:42
Taunton, opp Lawn Road 17:44
Taunton Cross Keys (SW-bound) 17:46
Norton Fitzwarren Burnshill (SW-bound) 17:46
Norton Fitzwarren, opp Yarlington Close 17:47
Norton Fitzwarren Fish and Chip Shop (W-bound) 17:48
Norton Fitzwarren The Club (W-bound) 17:49
Norton Fitzwarren Manor Park (W-bound) 17:49
Norton Fitzwarren Allerford Turn (W-bound) 17:49
Norton Fitzwarren Wey House (W-bound) 17:50
Norton Fitzwarren Montys Court (W-bound) 17:50
Heathfield Cotford St Luke Turn (W-bound) 17:51
Cotford St Luke, opp Aveline Court 17:51
Cotford St Luke Baileys Gate (N-bound) 17:52
Cotford St Luke, opp North Villas 17:52
Bishop’s Lydeard Bull Meadow (NE-bound) 17:56
Bishop’s Lydeard Yonder Mead (NW-bound) 17:56
Bishop’s Lydeard Wheatstones (NW-bound) 17:56
Bishop’s Lydeard Hithermead (W-bound) 17:56
Bishop’s Lydeard Lethbridge Arms (W-bound) 17:57

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