62 - Weston-super-Mare - Banwell - Rooksbridge - Bridgwater College

A bus service operated by Bakers Dolphin


Monday to Friday, not Bridgwater and Taunton College holidays

Weston-super-Mare - Banwell - Rooksbridge - Bridgwater College

Weston-super-Mare Regent Street (W-bound) 07:12
Weston-super-Mare Alexandra Parade (Stop BB) 07:12
Ashcombe Langford Road (E-bound) 07:15
Ashcombe Birchwood Avenue (E-bound) 07:15
Ashcombe Laburnum Road (NE-bound) 07:16
Ashcombe Park Chesham Road South (E-bound) 07:17
Milton The Borough Arms (N-bound) 07:18
Milton Borough Arms (SE-bound) 07:18
Locking Castle The Barrows (SW-bound) 07:20
Locking Helicopter Museum (E-bound) 07:24
Locking Elm Tree Road Garage (S-bound) 07:25
Locking South Lawn (E-bound) 07:26
Locking Beechwood Avenue (E-bound) 07:27
Locking Fairacre Close (E-bound) 07:27
Locking Birch Close (S-bound) 07:27
Elborough Turn (W-bound) 07:29
Knightcott Summer Lane (E-bound) 07:30
Knightcott Gardens (E-bound) 07:31
Knightcott Park (E-bound) 07:32
Banwell Westfield Crescent (E-bound) 07:32
Banwell The Orchard (E-bound) 07:33
Banwell Dark Lane (E-bound) 07:33
Banwell Towerhead Farm (E-bound) 07:34
Sandford Mead Lane (E-bound) 07:35
Sandford Railway Inn (E-bound) 07:35
Sandford School (E-bound) 07:36
Churchill Ski Centre (SE-bound) 07:36
Churchill Hilliers Lane (E-bound) 07:37
Churchill Nelson's Arms (E-bound) 07:38
Star Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 07:44
Winscombe Hillyfields (SW-bound) 07:46
Sidcot Playing Fields (S-bound) 07:48
Sidcot Fullers Lane (S-bound) 07:48
Hale Coombe Bridgewater Road (S-bound) 07:49
Axbridge, opp Winscombe Hill 07:49
Axbridge Shute Shelve Hill (SW-bound) 07:50
Lower Weare (SW-bound) 07:53
Tarnock Axe-vale Depot (W-bound) 07:56
Tarnock Kingsway Road (W-bound) 07:57
Rooks Bridge, opp Rooksbridge Garage 08:00
White Cross Brent House (SW-bound) 08:05
Battleborough Goat House (S-bound) 08:06
White Cross Fox and Goose (SW-bound) 08:07
Highbridge Edithmead Market (SW-bound) 08:10
Highbridge The George Hotel (S-bound) 08:15
Highbridge Garage (W-bound) 08:15
Alstone Royal Artillery Inn (SW-bound) 08:16
Huntspill School (S-bound) 08:17
Huntspill Post Office (S-bound) 08:17
Huntspill Southfield Cross (S-bound) 08:18
W Huntspill Arts and Crafts Centre (SW-bound) 08:18
W Huntspill Bleak Bridge (SW-bound) 08:19
W Huntspill Stretcholt Turn (SW-bound) 08:20
Pawlett Richmond Cottages (SE-bound) 08:23
Walpole Dunball Tyres (S-bound) 08:24
Dunball Downend Road (SE-bound) 08:25
Dunball Admirals Table Inn (S-bound) 08:26
Bridgwater, opp Brewers Fayre 08:31
Bridgwater Bristol Road (S-bound) 08:32
Bridgwater, opp The Range 08:33
Bridgwater Union Street (SW-bound) 08:34
Bridgwater, o/s The Sportsman 08:35
Bridgwater College (N-bound) 08:38

Bridgwater College - Rooksbridge - Banwell - Weston-super-Mare

Bridgwater College (N-bound) 16:40
Bridgwater, opp The Sportsman 16:41
Bridgwater Filling Station (N-bound) 16:42
Bridgwater, o/s The Range 16:42
Bridgwater Bristol Road (N-bound) 16:43
Bridgwater, adj Brewers Fayre 16:44
Bridgwater Express Park Industrial Estate (N-bound) 16:44
Dunball Admirals Table Inn (N-bound) 16:47
Dunball Car Auctions (NW-bound) 16:48
Walpole Dunball Tyres (NW-bound) 16:48
Pawlett Richmond Cottages (N-bound) 16:50
W Huntspill Sretcholt Turn (NE-bound) 16:52
W Huntspill Bleak Bridge (NE-bound) 16:53
W Huntspill Arts and Crafts Centre (NE-bound) 16:54
Huntspill Southfield Cross (N-bound) 16:54
Huntspill Post Office (N-bound) 16:55
Huntspill School (N-bound) 16:55
Alstone Royal Artillery Inn (NE-bound) 16:56
Highbridge Garage (E-bound) 16:57
Highbridge The George Hotel (N-bound) 16:58
White Cross (NE-bound) 17:01
Battleborough Goat House (N-bound) 17:01
White Cross Brent House (NE-bound) 17:02
Rooks Bridge Rooksbridge Garage (E-bound) 17:05
Tarnock Kingsway Road (E-bound) 17:06
Tarnock Axe-vale Depot (NE-bound) 17:07
Lower Weare (NE-bound) 17:10
Axbridge Shute Shelve Hill (N-bound) 17:12
Axbridge, adj Winscombe Hill 17:13
Hale Coombe Bridgewater Road (N-bound) 17:13
Sidcot Fullers Lane (N-bound) 17:14
Sidcot Playing Fields (N-bound) 17:15
Winscombe Hillyfields (NE-bound) 17:15
Winscombe Queensmead Court (E-bound) 17:16
Star Boadway Junction (NE-bound) 17:17
Churchill Nelson's Arms (W-bound) 17:22
Churchill Hilliers Lane (W-bound) 17:22
Churchill Ski Centre (W-bound) 17:23
Sandford School (W-bound) 17:23
Sandford Railway Inn (W-bound) 17:24
Sandford Mead Lane (W-bound) 17:24
Banwell Towerhead Farm (W-bound) 17:25
Banwell Dark Lane (W-bound) 17:26
Banwell The Orchard (W-bound) 17:27
Banwell Westfield Crescent (W-bound) 17:27
Knightcott Park (W-bound) 17:28
Knightcott Gardens (W-bound) 17:28
Knightcott Boulters (W-bound) 17:28
Knightcott Summer Lane (W-bound) 17:29
Elborough Turn (NW-bound) 17:30
Elborough The Green (N-bound) 17:32
Locking Beechwood Avenue (W-bound) 17:33
Locking South Lawn (W-bound) 17:33
Locking Helicopter Museum (NW-bound) 17:35
Ashcombe Wellsea Grove (SW-bound) 17:41
Ashcombe Birchwood Avenue (W-bound) 17:42
Ashcombe Langford Road (W-bound) 17:42
Weston-super-Mare Stafford Road (W-bound) 17:44
Weston-super-Mare Swiss Road (Stop AA) 17:44
Weston-super-Mare Regent Street (W-bound) 17:45

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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