620 - Abridge - Epping - Ingatestone Market Place

A bus service operated by First Essex

Roding Hall - Ingatestone New Road

Abridge, opp Roding Hall 06:58
Abridge, o/s Piggotts Farm 07:01
Theydon Bois, adj Coopersale Lane 07:06
Theydon Bois Green (adj) 07:10
Theydon Bois, opp Village Hall 07:11
Loughton Wake Arms (NE-bound) 07:20
Loughton, adj Lodge Road 07:20
Waltham Abbey, opp Ambresbury Banks 07:22
Epping, o/s Park Cottages 07:24
Epping, opp Bell Common 07:25
Epping, adj Bury Lane 07:26
Epping, o/s Tesco Store 07:27
Epping, opp Nicholl Road 07:28
Epping, o/s Woodlands 07:29
Epping, o/s Railway Station 07:30
Epping, opp Woodlands 07:30
Epping, adj Nicholl Road 07:31
Epping, o/s Church 07:32
Epping, o/s Council Offices 07:33
Epping, adj Maltings Lane 07:35
Epping, opp St Margaret's Hospital - main Rd 07:36
Coopersale Turning (NE-bound) 07:37
Epping, adj Woodside 07:39
North Weald, adj Hurricane Way 07:42
North Weald, opp Park Close 07:42
North Weald, opp The Kings Head 07:43
North Weald, opp Elm Gardens 07:43
North Weald, opp Emberson Way 07:44
North Weald Skips Corner (E-bound) 07:44
North Weald, adj Blackhorse Lane 07:45
North Weald The Talbot (N-bound) 07:46
North Weald, o/s Harvester 07:46
North Weald, o/s The Phoenix 07:47
Bobbingworth Mill (adj) 07:48
Bobbingworth, opp Blake Hall Road 07:48
Bobbingworth Blake Hall Turning (SE-bound) 07:49
Bobbingworth, opp Bilsdens Cottages 07:50
Bobbingworth, opp The Rosary 07:51
Ongar, adj Aukingford Gardens 07:52
Ongar Four Wantz (S-bound) 07:53
Ongar, opp Great Lawn 07:53
Ongar Station (opp) 07:54
Ongar, opp Bansons Ln 07:55
Ongar, adj Stanley Place 07:56
Ongar, opp Two Brewers 07:57
Ongar, adj Long Fields 07:57
Ongar Coopers Hill (S-bound) 07:57
Ongar, opp The Stag 07:58
Langford Bridge, opp Garden Centre 07:59
Langford Bridge Farm (o/s) 08:00
Kelvedon Hatch, o/s Kelvedon Hall 08:01
Kelvedon Hatch, opp The Priors 08:02
Kelvedon Hatch, opp Secret Bunker 08:02
Kelvedon Hatch, opp Church Road 08:03
Kelvedon Hatch, opp The Eagle 08:04
Kelvedon Hatch, o/s Fox Hatch House 08:05
Kelvedon Hatch, opp Stocks Lane 08:05
Kelvedon Hatch, opp Elmtree Avenue 08:06
Hook End, opp Outing's Lane 08:08
Hook End (E-bound) 08:08
Hook End, opp Blackmore House 08:09
Wyatts Green Mill Ln (S-bound) 08:11
Wyatts Green, adj Plovers Mead 08:12
Wyatts Green, opp Pettits Ln 08:14
Wyatts Green Swallow Cross (E-bound) 08:16
The Plough Mountnessing (opp) 08:22
Mountnessing, adj Burnthouse Lane 08:24
Ingatestone, opp The Leas 08:26
Ingatestone, adj Whadden Chase 08:28
Ingatestone, opp Alms Houses 08:28
Ingatestone, adj Market Place 08:30
Ingatestone, adj Seymour Field 08:32

Ingatestone Market Place - Roding Hall

Ingatestone, opp Market Place 15:43
Ingatestone, o/s Alms Houses 15:45
Ingatestone, opp Whadden Chase 15:46
Ingatestone, adj The Leas 15:47
Mountnessing, opp Burnthouse Lane 15:48
The Plough Mountnessing (o/s) 15:50
Wyatts Green Swallow Cross (W-bound) 15:54
Wyatts Green, adj Pettits Ln 15:56
Wyatts Green, opp Plovers Mead 15:58
Wyatts Green Mill Ln (N-bound) 15:58
Hook End, o/s Blackmore House 15:59
Hook End (SW-bound) 16:00
Hook End, adj Outing's Lane 16:00
Kelvedon Hatch, adj Elmtree Avenue 16:02
Kelvedon Hatch, adj Stocks Lane 16:03
Kelvedon Hatch, opp Fox Hatch House 16:03
Kelvedon Hatch, o/s The Eagle 16:04
Kelvedon Hatch, adj Church Road 16:04
Kelvedon Hatch, adj Secret Bunker 16:05
Kelvedon Hatch, o/s The Priors 16:05
Kelvedon Hatch, opp Kelvedon Hall 16:06
Langford Bridge Farm (opp) 16:07
Langford Bridge, o/s Garden Centre 16:07
Ongar, o/s The Stag 16:09
Ongar Coopers Hill (N-bound) 16:09
Ongar, opp Long Fields 16:09
Ongar, o/s Two Brewers 16:10
Ongar, opp Stanley Place 16:10
Ongar, adj Bansons Ln 16:11
Ongar Station (o/s) 16:12
Ongar, adj Great Lawn 16:13
Ongar Four Wantz (N-bound) 16:14
Ongar, opp Aukingford Gardens 16:15
Bobbingworth, o/s The Rosary 16:15
Bobbingworth, o/s Bilsdens Cottages 16:16
Bobbingworth Blake Hall Turning (W-bound) 16:17
Bobbingworth, adj Blake Hall Road 16:18
Bobbingworth Mill (opp) 16:19
North Weald, opp The Phoenix 16:20
North Weald, opp Harvester 16:21
North Weald The Talbot (S-bound) 16:21
North Weald, opp Blackhorse Lane 16:22
North Weald Skips Corner (SW-bound) 16:23
North Weald, adj Emberson Way 16:23
North Weald, adj Elm Gardens 16:24
North Weald, o/s The Kings Head 16:25
North Weald, adj Park Close 16:25
North Weald, opp Hurricane Way 16:26
Epping, opp Woodside 16:28
Coopersale Turning (SW-bound) 16:30
Epping, o/s St Margaret's Hospital - main Rd 16:32
Epping, opp Maltings Lane 16:33
Epping, opp Council Offices 16:35
Epping, opp Church 16:36
Epping, opp Nicholl Road 16:36
Epping, o/s Woodlands 16:37
Epping, o/s Railway Station 16:38
Epping, opp Woodlands 16:38
Epping, adj Nicholl Road 16:39
Epping, opp Tesco Store 16:40
Epping Bury Lane (oppj) 16:41
Epping, adj Bell Common 16:42
Epping, opp Park Cottages 16:43
Waltham Abbey, o/s Ambresbury Banks 16:45
Loughton, opp Lodge Road 16:46
Loughton Wake Arms (SW-bound) 16:47
Theydon Bois, o/s Village Hall 16:52
Theydon Bois Green (opp) 16:53
Theydon Bois, opp Coopersale Lane 16:55
Abridge, opp Piggotts Farm 16:58
Abridge, o/s Roding Hall 17:00

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