623 - Rockwell Green, Barley Mow - Cannington, Post Office via Wellington, West Monkton, North Petherton

A bus service operated by First Buses of Somerset


Rockwell Green, Barley Mow - Cannington, Post Office

Rockwell Green Barley Mow (NE-bound) 07:20
Wellington Mantle Street Youth Centre (E-bound) 07:20
Wellington St John Fisher Church (E-bound) 07:21
Wellington Luson Surgery (NE-bound) 07:21
Wellington North Street Police Station (NW-bound) 07:22
Wellington Sports Centre (W-bound) 07:23
Wellington, opp Swallowfield Works 07:23
Wellington Tonedale (NW-bound) 07:24
Tonedale Wellington Tile Centre (SE-bound) 07:30
Wellington Tonedale (SE-bound) 07:32
Wellington, adj Swallowfield Works 07:34
Wellington Waterloo Road (E-bound) 07:36
Wellington North Street Police Station (SE-bound) 07:37
Wellington Post Office (NE-bound) 07:40
Wellington St John the Baptist Church (NE-bound) 07:40
Chelston Cadres Farm (E-bound) 07:41
Chelston Corams (SE-bound) 07:42
Bathpool Railway Bridge (N-bound) 07:55
Bathpool, opp Aldi 07:56
Bathpool The Forge (NE-bound) 07:57
Monkton Heathfield, opp West Monkton Primary School 07:59
W Monkton Cricket Club (o/s 6) 08:00
Monkton Heathfield Monkton Elm Garden Centre (NE-bound) 08:01
Walford Monkton Elm (NE-bound) 08:01
Walford Lodge (NE-bound) 08:02
Walford Cross (E-bound) 08:02
Coombe Adsborough Lane (N-bound) 08:03
Adsborough Maypole Inn (NE-bound) 08:04
Thurloxton Knotcroft Lane (NE-bound) 08:05
Thurloxton Moon Lane (NE-bound) 08:05
Thurloxton Shearston Lane (N-bound) 08:06
N Newton A38 (N-bound) 08:06
N Petherton Shovel Lodge (N-bound) 08:08
N Petherton Newton Lane (N-bound) 08:08
N Petherton Verriers (NE-bound) 08:09
N Petherton Baymead Lane (NE-bound) 08:12
N Petherton Bridgwater Road (NE-bound) 08:13
N Petherton, opp Market Way 08:15
Bridgwater Compass Inn (N-bound) 08:18
Bridgwater Kerland Clinic (N-bound) 08:23
Bridgwater Kingscliffe Terrace (N-bound) 08:26
Bridgwater, opp Taunton Road Shops 08:29
Bridgwater Hope Inn (N-bound) 08:30
Bridgwater College (E-bound) 08:47
Bridgwater Rugby Club (SW-bound) 09:01
Bridgwater, opp The Sportsman 09:02
Bridgwater Chilton Street (W-bound) 09:04
Chilton Trinity Trinity Way (S-bound) 09:05
Wembdon Oak Apple Drive (S-bound) 09:07
Wembdon Meadow Rise (SW-bound) 09:07
Cannington Cemetery (E-bound) 09:14
Cannington Post Office (E-bound) 09:15

Cannington, Post Office - Rockwell Green, Barley Mow

Cannington Post Office (E-bound) 16:10
Cannington Bridge (S-bound) 16:10
Cannington, adj Southbrook 16:11
Wembdon Meadow Rise (NE-bound) 16:16
Wembdon Oak Apple Drive (N-bound) 16:17
Chilton Trinity Trinity Way (N-bound) 16:18
Bridgwater Western Way (E-bound) 16:19
Bridgwater Chilton Street (E-bound) 16:20
Bridgwater Union Street (SW-bound) 16:22
Bridgwater, outside The Sportsman 16:22
Bridgwater College (E-bound) 16:25
Bridgwater Rugby Club (SW-bound) 16:42
Bridgwater, opp The Sportsman 16:43
Bridgwater Taunton Road (S-bound) 16:46
Bridgwater Hope Inn (SE-bound) 16:47
Bridgwater Parkstone Avenue (SE-bound) 16:48
Bridgwater Taunton Road Car Centre (S-bound) 16:50
Bridgwater Kerland Clinic (S-bound) 16:51
Bridgwater Compass Inn (S-bound) 16:53
N Petherton, o/s Pynes of Somerset 16:54
N Petherton Bridgwater Road (SW-bound) 16:55
N Petherton Baymead Lane (SW-bound) 16:56
N Petherton Verriers (SW-bound) 16:58
N Petherton Newton Lane (S-bound) 16:58
N Petherton Shovel Lodge (S-bound) 16:58
N Newton A38 (S-bound) 17:00
Thurloxton Shearston Lane (S-bound) 17:01
Thurloxton Moon Lane (SW-bound) 17:01
Thurloxton Knotcroft Lane (SW-bound) 17:01
Adsborough Maypole Inn (SW-bound) 17:02
Coombe Adsborough Lane (S-bound) 17:03
Walford Cross (W-bound) 17:04
Walford Lodge (SW-bound) 17:05
Monkton Heathfield Monkton Elm Garden Centre (SW-bound) 17:06
W Monkton Cricket Club (Opp 6) 17:07
Monkton Heathfield, adj West Monkton Primary School 17:09
Bathpool The Forge (SW-bound) 17:10
Bathpool, adj Aldi 17:11
Chelston Corams (NW-bound) 17:25
Chelston Cadres Farm (W-bound) 17:26
Wellington St John the Baptist Church (SW-bound) 17:27
Wellington Post Office (SW-bound) 17:28
Wellington North Street Police Station (NW-bound) 17:28
Wellington Sports Centre (W-bound) 17:28
Wellington, opp Swallowfield Works 17:29
Wellington Tonedale (NW-bound) 17:29
Tonedale Wellington Tile Centre (SE-bound) 17:33
Wellington Tonedale (SE-bound) 17:34
Wellington, adj Swallowfield Works 17:35
Wellington Waterloo Road (E-bound) 17:36
Wellington North Street Police Station (SE-bound) 17:37
Wellington Three Cups (SW-bound) 17:39
Wellington Champford Mews (W-bound) 17:40
Wellington Courtfields School Entrance (W-bound) 17:41
Rockwell Green Exeter Road Post Office (SW-bound) 17:43

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