628 - Kingsbury, The Mall - Mill Hill Broadway - Totteridge - Whetstone - Osidge - Southgate

A bus service operated by Sullivan Buses


Monday to Thursday, not school holidays

Preston Jewish Free School (Stop) 15:30
Preston Lyndsey Park (Stop H) 15:31
Kingsbury Circle / The Mall (Stop F) 15:34
Kingsbury Circle (Stop C) 15:34
Queensbury Cowbridge Road (Stop W) 15:35
Queensbury Morrisons (Stop DD) 15:36
Queensbury The Honeypot (Stop D) 15:37
Little Stanmore St Bride's Avenue (Stop K) 15:40
Little Stanmore Merlin Crescent (->E) 15:41
Little Stanmore Bacon Lane (->E) 15:41
Edgware Community Hospital / Deansbrook (Stop HE) 15:43
Burnt Oak Deansbrook Close (Stop S) 15:44
Burnt Oak Deans Lane (Stop T) 15:45
Burnt Oak Edwin Road (Stop U) 15:45
Burnt Oak Goldbeaters Grove (Stop V) 15:47
Mill Hill Lyndhurst Avenue (->E) 15:48
Mill Hill Broadway Station (Stop F) 15:50
Mill Hill Circus / Flower Lane (Stop M) 15:51
Mill Hill Birkbeck Road (Stop) 15:52
Mill Hill Wise Lane (Stop M) 15:54
Mill Hill Shakespeare Road (->N) 15:55
Mill Hill Holcombe Hill (NW-bound) 15:58
Mill Hill / The Rising Sun (->N) 16:00
Barnet Gate Hendon Wood Lane (Stop) 16:01
Barnet Gate West End House (->E) 16:02
Barnet Gate Totteridge Common / Mill Hill (->E) 16:02
Totteridge Ellern Mede Farm (->E) 16:03
Totteridge Horseshoe Lane (->E) 16:05
Totteridge Grange Avenue (->E) 16:06
Totteridge War Memorial (->E) 16:07
Totteridge The Orange Tree (->E) 16:08
Totteridge Pine Grove (->E) 16:09
Totteridge Links Drive (->E) 16:09
Whetstone Longland Drive (->E) 16:10
Totteridge & Whetstone Station (Stop A) 16:11
Oakleigh Park Whetstone / The Griffin (Stop C) 16:12
Oakleigh Park Ashcroft Court (->E) 16:12
Oakleigh Park Myddelton Park (Stop BA) 16:14
Oakleigh Park Pollard Road (Stop BB) 16:14
Brunswick Park Beresford Avenue (Stop BC) 16:16
Osidge Dene Road (Stop C) 16:17
Osidge Library (Stop B) 16:18
Osidge Hampden Square (Stop G) 16:20
Osidge Manor Drive (Stop H) 16:21
Southgate Avenue Road (Stop R) 16:23
Southgate Asda (Stop K) 16:24
Southgate Police Station (Stop L) 16:26
Southgate Station (Stop H) 16:27

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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