63 - Ipswich,Old Cattle Market - Framlingham,Thomas Mills School

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Ipswich,Old Cattle Market - Framlingham,Thomas Mills School

Ipswich Old Cattle Market Bus Station (Stand E) 07:1514:05
Ipswich, adj Northgate Street 07:1714:07
Ipswich Cobden Place (Adjacent) 07:1814:08
Ipswich Lacey Street (Adjacent) 07:1914:09
Ipswich Medical Centre (Adjacent) 07:2014:10
Rushmere Rivers Street (Adjacent) 07:2214:12
Rushmere Khartoum Road (Adjacent) 07:2314:13
Rushmere, opposite Nelson Road 07:2414:14
Rushmere, opposite Gordon Road 07:2514:15
Rushmere Phoenix Road (Adjacent) 07:2614:16
Rushmere, opposite Howard Street 07:2714:17
Rushmere Lattice Barn PH (Adjacent) 07:2814:18
Rushmere Hospital (Near) 07:3014:20
Rushmere Playford Road (Adjacent) 07:3014:20
Rushmere St Andrew, opp Linksfield 07:3114:21
Kesgrave, opp Elm Road 07:3214:22
Kesgrave, opposite Fisheries 07:3214:22
Kesgrave, opp Edmonton Road 07:3314:23
Kesgrave, opp Bell Lane 07:3314:23
Kesgrave, o/s High School 07:3514:25
Kesgrave, opp St Michaels Church 07:3514:25
Kesgrave, opp Bracken Avenue 07:3614:26
Kesgrave, opp Dobbs Lane 07:3714:27
Martlesham, opp Police Headquarters 07:3714:27
Martlesham Heath, outside Tesco 07:4014:30
Martlesham, o/s Crown Point 07:4314:33
Martlesham Water Bridge (Adjacent) 07:4514:35
Martlesham, o/s Nursery 07:4714:37
Woodbridge, opposite Duke of York 07:5014:40
Woodbridge, adj Clare Avenue 07:5014:40
Woodbridge, opposite Hillyfields 07:5114:41
Woodbridge Framfield Medical Centre (Adjacent) 07:5214:42
Woodbridge Notcutts (Adjacent) 07:5214:42
Woodbridge, opp Deben Pool 07:5314:43
Woodbridge Turban Centre (N-bound) 07:5514:45
Woodbridge, opp Council Offices 07:5714:47
Woodbridge, opp The Grove 07:5714:47
Woodbridge, opposite Grant Rise 07:5814:48
Woodbridge, adj Warwick Avenue 08:0014:50
Woodbridge, opposite Bury Hill 08:0014:50
Melton, opposite Bredfield Road 08:0214:52
Melton, adj Hall Farm Road 08:0314:53
Melton, opp Chapel 08:0514:55
Melton Tollgate Cottages (Adjacent) 08:0514:55
Melton Park (Adjacent) 08:0714:57
Ufford, opposite Parklands 08:0814:58
Ufford, adj Council Houses 08:0914:59
Ufford, opp Crown 08:1015:00
Ufford, adj Spring Lane 08:1015:00
Pettistree Three Tuns (Adjacent) 08:1315:03
Wickham Market Cemetery (Adjacent) 08:1415:04
Wickham Market Market Square (N-Bound) 08:1615:06
Wickham Market, opposite Yew Tree Rise 08:1615:06
Wickham Market, opposite Spring Lane 08:1815:08
Wickham Market Fiveways (N-bound) 08:1915:09
Hacheston, adj Village Hall 08:2415:14
Hacheston, opp Phoenix House 08:2415:14
Hacheston Easton Lane (Adjacent) 08:2415:14
Parham Willoughby Close (Adjacent) 08:2615:16
Parham, opposite Bus Shelter 08:2715:17
Broadwater, adj Old Crossing 08:3015:20
Framlingham Victoria Mill Road (Adjacent) 08:3315:23
Framlingham White Horse Mews (Adjacent) 08:3415:24
Framlingham, opposite Kings Avenue 08:3615:26
Framlingham, o/s Thomas Mills School 08:3715:27

Framlingham,Thomas Mills School - Ipswich,Old Cattle Market

Framlingham Shelter (Adjacent) 09:30
Framlingham, o/s Thomas Mills School 15:50
Framlingham, opposite Victoria Mill Road 09:3115:53
Broadwater, opp Old Crossing 09:3415:56
Parham, outside Bus Shelter 09:3715:59
Parham, opposite Willoughby Close 09:3716:00
Hacheston, opposite Easton Lane 09:3916:02
Hacheston, adj Phoenix House 09:4016:03
Hacheston, opp Village Hall 09:4016:03
Wickham Market Fiveways (S-bound) 09:4616:07
Wickham Market Spring Lane (Adjacent) 09:4816:09
Wickham Market Yew Tree Rise (Adjacent) 09:4916:09
Wickham Market Market Square (S-Bound) 09:5016:10
Wickham Market, opposite Cemetery 09:5116:11
Pettistree, opposite Three Tuns 09:5116:11
Ufford, opp Spring lane 09:5316:13
Ufford, adj Crown 09:5416:14
Ufford, opp Council Houses 09:5516:15
Ufford, adj Parklands 09:5516:15
Melton Park (Opposite) 09:5716:17
Melton, opposite Tollgate Cottages 09:5916:19
Melton, adj Chapel 10:0016:20
Melton, opposite Hall Farm Road 10:0116:21
Melton Bredfield Road (Adjacent) 10:0316:23
Woodbridge, adj Bury Hill 10:0416:24
Woodbridge, opp Warwick Avenue 10:0416:24
Woodbridge Grant Rise (Adjacent) 10:0616:26
Woodbridge, adj The Grove 10:0716:27
Woodbridge, adj Council Offices 10:0716:27
Woodbridge Turban Centre (S-bound) 10:1016:30
Woodbridge, adj Deben Pool 10:1116:31
Woodbridge Cherry Tree (Adjacent) 10:1216:32
Woodbridge, opposite Framfield Medical Centre 10:1316:33
Woodbridge Hillyfields (Adjacent) 10:1316:33
Woodbridge, opp Clare Avenue 10:1416:34
Woodbridge Duke of York (Adjacent) 10:1516:35
Martlesham, opp Nursery 10:1716:37
Martlesham, opposite Water Bridge 10:1816:38
Martlesham, adj Felixstowe Road 10:2016:40
Martlesham Heath, outside Tesco 10:2316:43
Martlesham Police Headquarters (Adjacent) 10:2616:45
Kesgrave, adj Dobbs Lane 10:2716:46
Kesgrave, adj Wards View 10:2816:47
Kesgrave, adj St Michaels Church 10:2916:47
Kesgrave, opp High School 10:3016:48
Kesgrave, adj St Olaves 10:3116:49
Kesgrave, adj Bell Lane 10:3216:50
Kesgrave, adj Edmonton Road 10:3316:51
Kesgrave, o/s Fisheries 10:3316:51
Rushmere St Andrew Linksfield (Adjacent) 10:3416:52
Rushmere, opposite Playford Road 10:3616:54
Rushmere Hospital (Adjacent) 10:3716:55
Rushmere, opposite Lattice Barn PH 10:3816:56
Rushmere Howard Street (Adjacent) 10:4116:59
Rushmere, opposite Phoenix Road 10:4217:00
Rushmere Gordon Road (Adjacent) 10:4417:02
Rushmere Nelson Road (Adjacent) 10:4517:03
Rushmere, opposite Khartoum Road 10:4617:04
Rushmere, opposite Rivers Street 10:4717:05
Ipswich Duke of York (Adjacent) 10:4917:07
Ipswich, adj Dove Street 10:5317:11
Ipswich, o/s Majors Corner 10:5517:13
Ipswich Tower Ramparts Bus Station (Stand FF) 10:5717:15
Ipswich Museum Street (Stand 1) 10:5917:17
Ipswich, opp Willis Building 11:0117:19
Ipswich Old Cattle Market Bus Station (Stand E) 11:0217:20

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