631 - Nottingham High School to Underwood

A service operated by CT4N (formerly Nottingham Community Transport)


Monday to Friday

Underwood - Nottingham High School

Underwood, opp Sandhill Road 07:30
Underwood, opp Beech Road 07:30
Underwood Institute (Stop B) 07:31
Underwood, adj Felley Mill Lane 07:32
Underwood Cordy Lane Top (SW-bound) 07:32
Underwood Cordy Lane (SW-bound) 07:33
Brinsley Cordy Lane (opp 49) 07:33
Brinsley, opp Broad Lane 07:34
Brinsley, opp St James Church 07:34
Brinsley, opp Post Office 07:35
Brinsley Headstocks (adj) 07:36
Eastwood, o/s Bed & Biscuit 07:36
Eastwood, adj Coach Drive 07:37
Eastwood, opp Alexandra Street 07:40
Eastwood, o/s Library 07:41
Eastwood, adj Edward Road 07:42
Eastwood, opp Castle Street 07:43
Newthorpe Common (opp) 07:44
Eastwood, opp Portland Road 07:45
Eastwood, adj Baker Road 07:46
Giltbrook Nottingham Road (SE-bound) 07:46
Giltbrook Gilt Hill (SE-bound) 07:47
Giltbrook, adj Gilthill School 07:47
Kimberley, adj Maws Lane 07:48
Kimberley, adj Wentworth Court 07:48
Kimberley, adj Nine Corners 07:49
Kimberley, adj Library 07:50
Kimberley Nottingham Road (SE-bound) 07:51
Nuthall, adj Larkfield Road 07:52
Nuthall, opp Edward Road 07:53
Nuthall, adj Maple Drive 07:53
Nuthall, adj Church 07:54
Nuthall, adj Spring Terrace 07:55
Nuthall, opp Temple Drive 07:58
Nuthall, opp Highfield Drive 07:59
Nuthall, opp Woodland Drive 08:00
The Nuthall (o/s) 08:00
Cinderhill Island (Stop CI12) 08:02
Cinderhill Basford Hall College (Stop CI13) 08:03
Aspley Broxtowe Lane (Stop CI02) 08:04
Cinderhill Llanberis Grove (Stop CI03) 08:05
Cinderhill Bar Lane (Stop WM13) 08:07
Whitemoor Basford Road (Stop WM14) 08:08
Whitemoor Western Boulevard (Stop WM15) 08:09
The Whitemoor (Stop WM16) 08:10
Whitemoor Aspley Lane (Stop WM17) 08:11
Bobbers Mill Chadwick Road (Stop RA24) 08:12
Radford Gregory Boulevard (Stop RA25) 08:13
Radford Bridlington Street (Stop RA26) 08:14
Radford Player Street (Stop RA27) 08:15
Radford Hartley Road (Stop RA28) 08:16
Radford Bentinck Road (Stop RA20) 08:17
Radford Peveril Street (Stop RA21) 08:18
Forest Fields Forest Road (Stop FO33) 08:30

Nottingham High School - Underwood

Forest Fields Forest Road (Stop FO33) 16:10
Radford Peveril Street (Stop RA19) 16:15
Radford Hartley Road (Stop RA49) 16:16
Radford Player Street (Stop RA30) 16:17
Radford Gregory Boulevard (Stop RA47) 16:18
Bobbers Mill Chadwick Road (Stop RA32) 16:19
Whitemoor Aspley Lane (Stop WM18) 16:20
The Whitemoor (Stop WM19) 16:21
Whitemoor Western Boulevard (Stop WM11) 16:22
Whitemoor Basford Road (Stop WM12) 16:23
Cinderhill Bar Lane (Stop CI04) 16:25
Cinderhill Llanberis Grove (Stop CI05) 16:26
Aspley Broxtowe Lane (Stop CI40) 16:27
Cinderhill Kelstern Close (Stop CI09) 16:28
Cinderhill Basford Hall College (Stop CI10) 16:29
Cinderhill Island (Stop CI11) 16:30
The Nuthall (adj) 16:30
Nuthall, adj Woodland Drive 16:31
Nuthall, adj Highfield Drive 16:32
Nuthall, adj Temple Drive 16:34
Nuthall Nottingham Road (NW-bound) 16:35
Nuthall, opp Spring Terrace 16:35
Nuthall, opp Church 16:36
Nuthall, opp Maple Drive 16:37
Nuthall, adj Edward Road 16:37
Nuthall, opp Larkfield Road 16:38
Kimberley Nottingham Road (NW-bound) 16:39
Kimberley, opp Library 16:40
Kimberley, opp Nine Corners 16:41
Kimberley, opp Wentworth Court 16:41
Kimberley, opp Maws Lane 16:42
Giltbrook, opp Gilthill School 16:42
Giltbrook, adj Business Park 16:43
Eastwood, opp Baker Road 16:45
Eastwood, adj Portland Road 16:46
Newthorpe Common (adj) 16:47
Eastwood, adj Castle Street 16:48
Eastwood, opp Edward Road 16:48
Eastwood, opp Library 16:49
Eastwood, adj Alexandra Street 16:50
Eastwood, o/s Morrisons 16:52
Eastwood, opp Coach Drive 16:53
Eastwood, opp Bed & Biscuit 16:53
Brinsley Headstocks (opp) 16:54
Brinsley, adj Post Office 16:54
Brinsley, adj St James Church 16:55
Brinsley, adj Broad Lane 16:56
Brinsley Cordy Lane (o/s 41) 16:56
Underwood Cordy Lane (o/s 97) 16:57
Underwood Cordy Lane Top (NE-bound) 16:58
Underwood, opp Felley Mill Lane 16:58
Underwood Institute (Stop A) 16:59
Underwood, adj Beech Road 16:59
Underwood, opp Sandhill Road 17:00

Timetable data from CT4N/Bus Open Data Service, 5 December 2020

CT4N (formerly Nottingham Community Transport)