636 - Bradford Interchange - Clayton The Avenue

A bus service operated by First Bradford

Bradford Interchange Bus Station (Bradford)
From 12 January 2024

The Interchange Bus Station is currently closed. West Yorkshire Combined Authority have taken the precautionary measure to close Bradford Interchange Bus Station. A spokesperson said "Bradford Interchange bus station is closed until further notice, with services continuing to run from nearby streets. The closure will allow contractors to survey the damage and report back on next steps to ensure it is safe before reopening. We have taken this precautionary measure because public safety is our top priority and thank people for their understanding. We will provide further details in due course.

Bradford Interchange Bus Station is currently closed. Bus services are going from bus stops in Bradford City Centre www.vwymetro.com

Bradford Interchange - Clayton The Avenue

Bradford Interchange (Stand F) then every 30 minutes untilthen every 30 minutes until19:2420:2421:24
Bradford Broadway (stop H14) 06:0019:2820:2821:28
Bradford Thornton Road (stop T6) 06:0812:0812:3717:3718:1118:2619:3020:3021:30
Bradford Thornton Rd Westholme Street 06:0812:0812:3817:3818:1218:2719:3020:3021:30
Listerhills Arkwright Hall (W bound) 06:0912:0912:3917:3918:1318:2819:3120:3121:31
Listerhills Rd Norcroft Street 06:1012:1012:3917:3918:1318:2819:3220:3221:32
Listerhills Road St Andrews Place 06:1012:1012:4017:4018:1418:2919:3220:3221:32
Shearbridge Legrams Lane Summerville Rd 06:1112:1112:4117:4118:1518:3019:3320:3321:33
Lidget Green Legrams Lane Willowfield St 06:1212:1212:4117:4118:1518:3019:3420:3421:34
Lidget Green Legrams Lane Horton Grange Rd 06:1212:1212:4217:4218:1618:3119:3420:3421:34
Lidget Green, after Legrams Lane Ellercroft Rd 06:1312:1312:4317:4318:1718:3219:3520:3521:35
Lidget Green, after Legrams Lane Legrams Mill Ln 06:1312:1312:4317:4318:1718:3219:3520:3521:35
Lidget Green, at Oddfellows PH 06:1412:1412:4417:4418:1818:3319:3620:3621:36
Scholemoor Clayton Road Springfield Ave 06:1512:1512:4417:4418:1818:3319:3720:3721:37
Scholemoor, adj Clayton Road Spencer Rd 06:1512:1512:4517:4518:1918:3419:3720:3721:37
Clayton Rd Scholemoor Lane (at) 06:1612:1612:4617:4618:2018:3519:3820:3821:38
Scholemoor, at Clayton Rd Pasture Lane 06:1612:1612:4617:4618:2018:3519:3820:3821:38
Clayton, opp St Anthonys Primary 06:1712:1712:4717:4718:2118:3619:3920:3921:39
Clayton, at Bradford Rd Thornaby Drive 06:1912:1912:4817:4818:2218:3719:4120:4121:41
Clayton, opp Bradford Road Crestville Rd 06:2012:2012:4917:4918:2318:3819:4220:4221:42
Clayton, at Bradford Road Granville St 06:2112:2112:5117:5118:2518:4019:4320:4321:43
Clayton The Avenue Druids St 06:2312:2312:5217:5218:2618:4119:4520:4521:45
Clayton, adj The Avenue Harry La 06:2412:2412:5317:5318:2718:4219:4620:4621:46
Clayton The Avenue Westminster Dr 06:2512:2512:5417:5418:2818:4319:4720:4721:47
Clayton, before The Avenue Brook Ln 06:2512:2512:5517:5518:2918:4419:4720:4721:47

Clayton The Avenue - Bradford Broadway

Clayton, before The Avenue Brook Ln 05:1006:1006:35then every 30 minutes until18:3518:5020:2321:2321:53
Clayton, adj The Avenue Westminster Dr 05:1006:1006:3518:3518:5020:2321:2321:53
Clayton The Avenue Harry La 05:1006:1106:3618:3618:5020:2321:2321:53
Clayton The Avenue Fieldway 05:1106:1106:3718:3718:5120:2421:2421:54
Clayton The Avenue Town End Rd 05:1106:1206:3818:3818:5120:2421:2421:54
Clayton, opp Bradford Road Wolseley St 05:1206:1206:3818:3818:5220:2421:2421:54
Clayton, adj Bradford Road Crestville Rd 05:1306:1306:3918:3918:5320:2521:2521:55
Clayton, opp Bradford Rd Thornaby Drive 05:1306:1406:4018:4018:5320:2621:2621:56
Clayton, adj St Anthonys Primary 05:1406:1406:4118:4118:5420:2621:2621:56
Scholemoor Clayton Rd Pasture Lane 05:1506:1506:4218:4218:5520:2721:2721:57
Clayton Rd Scholemoor Lane 05:1506:1606:4318:4318:5520:2721:2721:57
Scholemoor Clayton Road Spencer Rd 05:1606:1706:4418:4418:5620:2821:2821:58
Scholemoor, adj Clayton Road Springfield Ave 05:1706:1706:4518:4518:5720:2921:2921:59
Lidget Green, after Oddfellows PH 05:1706:1806:4618:4618:5720:3021:3022:00
Lidget Green, adj Legrams Lane Legrams Mill Ln 05:1806:1906:4718:4718:5820:3121:3122:01
Lidget Green, opp Legrams Lane Ellercroft Rd 05:1906:2006:4818:4818:5920:3221:3222:02
Lidget Green Legrams Lane Ingleby Rd 05:2006:2106:4918:4919:0020:3321:3322:03
Lidget Green, adj Legrams Lane Willowfield St 05:2006:2106:5018:5019:0020:3421:3422:04
Shearbridge Legrams Lane Summerville Rd (E bound) 05:2106:2306:5118:5119:0120:3521:3522:05
Listerhills Rd Morpeth Street 05:2206:2406:5318:5319:0220:3721:3722:07
Listerhills Rd Norcroft Street (adj) 05:2306:2406:5318:5319:0320:3721:3722:07
Listerhills Arkwright Hall (SE bound) 05:2406:2506:5518:5519:0420:3921:3922:09
Bradford Thornton Road (stop T8) 05:2506:2706:5618:5619:0520:4021:4022:10
Bradford Hall Ings (stop H1) 05:2606:2806:5818:5819:0620:4121:4122:11
Bradford Broadway (stop H14) 06:3007:0019:00
Bradford Interchange (Stand S) 05:2819:0820:4421:4422:14

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