65 - Ipswich - Woodbridge - Leiston - Aldeburgh

A bus service operated by First Eastern Counties

Ipswich - Woodbridge - Leiston - Aldeburgh

Ipswich Old Cattle Market Bus Station (Stand E) 11:3512:3513:3514:3517:20
Ipswich, adj Northgate Street 11:3712:3713:3714:3717:22
Ipswich Cobden Place (Adjacent) 11:3812:3813:3814:3817:23
Ipswich Lacey Street (Adjacent) 11:3912:3913:3914:3917:24
Ipswich Medical Centre (Adjacent) 11:4012:4013:4014:4017:25
Rushmere Rivers Street (Adjacent) 11:4212:4213:4214:4217:27
Rushmere Khartoum Road (Adjacent) 11:4312:4313:4314:4317:28
Rushmere, opposite Nelson Road 11:4412:4413:4414:4417:29
Rushmere, opposite Gordon Road 11:4512:4513:4514:4517:30
Rushmere Phoenix Road (Adjacent) 11:4612:4613:4614:4617:31
Rushmere, opposite Howard Street 11:4712:4713:4714:4717:32
Rushmere Lattice Barn PH (Adjacent) 11:4812:4813:4814:4817:33
Rushmere Hospital (Near) 11:5012:5013:5014:5017:35
Rushmere Playford Road (Adjacent) 11:5112:5113:5114:5117:36
Rushmere St Andrew, opp Linksfield 11:5112:5113:5114:5117:36
Kesgrave, opp Elm Road 11:5212:5213:5214:5217:37
Kesgrave, opposite Fisheries 11:5312:5313:5314:5317:38
Kesgrave, opp Edmonton Road 11:5312:5313:5314:5317:38
Kesgrave, opp Bell Lane 11:5412:5413:5414:5417:39
Kesgrave, o/s High School 11:5512:5513:5514:5517:40
Kesgrave, opp St Michaels Church 11:5612:5613:5614:5617:41
Kesgrave, opp Bracken Avenue 11:5612:5613:5614:5617:41
Kesgrave, opp Dobbs Lane 11:5712:5713:5714:5717:42
Martlesham, opp Police Headquarters 11:5812:5813:5814:5817:43
Martlesham Heath, outside Tesco 12:0013:0014:0015:0017:45
Martlesham, o/s Crown Point 12:0413:0414:0415:0417:49
Martlesham Water Bridge (Adjacent) 12:0613:0614:0615:0617:51
Martlesham, o/s Nursery 12:0713:0714:0715:0717:52
Woodbridge, opposite Duke of York 12:1013:1014:1015:1017:55
Woodbridge, adj Clare Avenue 12:1113:1114:1115:1117:56
Woodbridge, opposite Hillyfields 12:1213:1214:1215:1217:57
Woodbridge Framfield Medical Centre (Adjacent) 12:1213:1214:1215:1217:57
Woodbridge Notcutts (Adjacent) 12:1313:1314:1315:1317:58
Woodbridge, opp Deben Pool 12:1413:1414:1415:1417:59
Woodbridge Turban Centre (N-bound) 12:1513:1514:1515:1518:00
Woodbridge, opp Council Offices 12:1713:1714:1715:1718:02
Woodbridge, opp The Grove 12:1813:1814:1815:1818:03
Woodbridge, opposite Grant Rise 12:1913:1914:1915:1918:04
Woodbridge, adj Warwick Avenue 12:2013:2014:2015:2018:05
Woodbridge, opposite Bury Hill 12:2013:2014:2115:2018:06
Melton, opposite Bredfield Road 12:2113:2114:2215:2118:07
Melton, adj Hall Farm Road 12:2313:2314:2415:2318:09
Melton Church View Close (Adjacent) 12:2413:2415:24
Melton, opp Chapel 14:2518:10
Melton, opp St Andrews Place 12:2513:2515:25
Melton, adj St Andrews Place 14:2518:10
Melton, adj Chapel 12:2513:2515:25
Melton, opp Railway Station 14:2618:11
Bromeswell, opp Bus Shelter 14:2918:14
Eyke, adj Stores 14:3318:18
Rendlesham, opposite Red House 14:3618:21
Rendlesham, opposite Tower Field Rd Shelter 14:3718:22
Rendlesham, opp Doctors Surgery 14:3718:22
Rendlesham, opposite Magnolia Drive 14:3818:23
Rendlesham Sycamore Drive (Adjacent) 14:3818:23
Rendlesham Sparrows Croft (Adjacent) 14:3918:24
Rendlesham Jayscroft Road (Adjacent) 14:3918:24
Rendlesham, opposite Spencer Road 14:3918:24
Rendlesham Bentwaters Parks Roundabout (S-Bound) 14:4018:25

Aldeburgh - Leiston - Woodbridge - Ipswich

Aldeburgh, opp Fort Green Car Park 06:20
Aldeburgh, outside Bus Shelter 06:21
Aldeburgh, outside Cinema 06:22
Aldeburgh Aldehouse Drive (Adjacent) 06:23
Aldeburgh, opposite Police Station 06:24
Aldeburgh Linden Road (Adjacent) 06:25
Aldeburgh, adj North Warren 06:27
Aldringham, adj Birch Tree Lodge 06:28
Aldringham, opp Logwood 06:28
Aldringham Court (Adjacent) 06:29
Aldringham Parrot & Punchbowl (N-bound) 06:29
Aldringham Goldings Lane (Adjacent) 06:32
Leiston Minden Drive (Adjacent) 06:34
Leiston Car Park (N-bound) 06:35
Leiston, opposite Library 06:36
Leiston, outside Alde Valley Sixth Form 06:36
Leiston, adj Church Road 06:37
Leiston, opp St Margaret's Crescent 06:37
Leiston, opp Clay Hills 06:39
Saxmundham, adj Manor Gardens 06:45
Saxmundham, opposite Waitrose 06:46
Saxmundham, opposite Street Farm Road 06:50
Saxmundham, opposite Lambsale Meadow 06:50
Saxmundham, opposite The Spinney 06:51
Saxmundham Felsham Rise (Adjacent) 06:51
Saxmundham, outside School 06:51
Saxmundham Ashfords Close (Adjacent) 06:51
Saxmundham, opposite Long Avenue 06:52
Saxmundham Heron Road (Adjacent) 06:52
Snape, opp Church 07:00
Snape The Glebes (Adjacent) 07:05
Snape The Crown (Adjacent) 07:05
Snape The Maltings (Adjacent) 07:06
Tunstall, opposite Green Man 07:12
Rendlesham Bentwaters Parks Roundabout (N-bound) 07:1509:3010:3011:1515:00
Rendlesham Spencer Road (Adjacent) 07:1609:3110:3111:1615:01
Rendlesham, opposite Jayscroft Road 07:1609:3110:3111:1615:02
Rendlesham, opposite Sparrows Croft 07:1609:3110:3111:1615:02
Rendlesham, opposite Sycamore Drive 07:1709:3210:3211:1715:03
Rendlesham Magnolia Drive (Adjacent) 07:1709:3210:3211:1715:03
Rendlesham Doctors Surgery (Adjacent) 07:1809:3310:3311:1815:04
Rendlesham Tower Field Rd Shelter (Adjacent) 07:1809:3310:3311:1815:06
Rendlesham Red House (Adjacent) 07:1909:3410:3411:1915:07
Eyke, opposite Stores 07:2209:3710:3711:2215:09
Bromeswell, o/s Bus Shelter 07:2609:4110:4111:2615:11
Melton, adj Railway Station 07:2909:4410:4411:2915:13
Melton, opp St Andrews Place 07:3009:4510:4511:3015:14
Melton, adj Chapel 07:3009:4510:4511:3012:3013:3015:15
Melton, opposite Hall Farm Road 07:3109:4610:4611:3112:3113:3115:15
Melton Bredfield Road (Adjacent) 07:3309:4810:4811:3312:3313:3315:17
Woodbridge, adj Bury Hill 07:3409:4910:4911:3412:3413:3415:18
Woodbridge, opp Warwick Avenue 07:3409:4910:4911:3412:3413:3415:19
Woodbridge Grant Rise (Adjacent) 07:3609:5110:5111:3612:3613:3615:20
Woodbridge, adj The Grove 07:3709:5210:5211:3712:3713:3715:21
Woodbridge, adj Council Offices 07:3709:5210:5211:3712:3713:3715:22
Woodbridge Turban Centre (S-bound) 07:4009:5510:5511:4012:4013:4015:25
Woodbridge, adj Deben Pool 07:4109:5611:4112:4113:4115:26
Woodbridge Cherry Tree (Adjacent) 07:4209:5711:4212:4213:4215:27
Woodbridge, opposite Framfield Medical Centre 07:4309:5811:4312:4313:4315:27
Woodbridge Hillyfields (Adjacent) 07:4309:5811:4312:4313:4315:28
Woodbridge, opp Clare Avenue 07:4409:5911:4412:4413:4415:29
Woodbridge Duke of York (Adjacent) 07:4510:0011:4512:4513:4515:30
Martlesham, opp Nursery 07:4710:0211:4712:4713:4715:32
Martlesham, opposite Water Bridge 07:4810:0311:4812:4813:4815:32
Martlesham, adj Felixstowe Road 07:5010:0511:5012:5013:5015:34
Martlesham Heath, outside Tesco 07:5310:0811:5312:5313:5315:38
Martlesham Police Headquarters (Adjacent) 07:5510:1011:5512:5513:5515:40
Kesgrave, adj Dobbs Lane 07:5610:1111:5612:5613:5615:40
Kesgrave, adj Wards View 07:5710:1211:5712:5713:5715:41
Kesgrave, adj St Michaels Church 07:5710:1211:5712:5713:5715:42
Kesgrave, opp High School 07:5810:1311:5812:5813:5815:43
Kesgrave, adj St Olaves 07:5910:1411:5912:5913:5915:43
Kesgrave, adj Bell Lane 08:0010:1512:0013:0014:0015:44
Kesgrave, adj Edmonton Road 08:0110:1612:0113:0114:0115:45
Kesgrave, o/s Fisheries 08:0110:1612:0113:0114:0115:46
Rushmere St Andrew Linksfield (Adjacent) 08:0210:1712:0213:0214:0215:47
Rushmere, opposite Playford Road 08:0410:1912:0413:0414:0415:49
Rushmere Hospital (Adjacent) 08:0510:2012:0513:0514:0515:50
Rushmere, opposite Lattice Barn PH 08:0610:2112:0613:0614:0615:51
Rushmere Howard Street (Adjacent) 08:0910:2412:0813:0814:0815:53
Rushmere, opposite Phoenix Road 08:1010:2512:0913:0914:0915:54
Rushmere Gordon Road (Adjacent) 08:1210:2712:1013:1014:1015:56
Rushmere Nelson Road (Adjacent) 08:1310:2812:1113:1114:1115:57
Rushmere, opposite Khartoum Road 08:1410:2912:1213:1214:1215:58
Rushmere, opposite Rivers Street 08:1510:3012:1313:1314:1315:59
Ipswich Duke of York (Adjacent) 08:1710:3212:1413:1414:1416:01
Ipswich, adj Dove Street 08:2110:3612:1713:1714:1716:05
Ipswich, o/s Majors Corner 08:2310:3812:1813:1814:1816:07
Ipswich Tower Ramparts Bus Station (Stand FF) 08:2510:4012:2013:2014:2016:10
Ipswich Museum Street (Stand 1) 08:2710:4212:2213:2214:2216:11
Ipswich, opp Willis Building 08:2910:4412:2413:2414:2416:13
Ipswich Old Cattle Market Bus Station (Stand E) 08:3010:4512:2513:2514:2516:15

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