652 - Pasture Road / Leasowe Road - Heath Road / Wirral Grammar School for Girls

A bus service operated by Selwyn’s Travel


Monday to Friday, School days

Moreton, adj Leasowe Road 07:43
Moreton, adj Ditton Lane 07:43
Moreton, opp Tarran Way South 07:43
Moreton Station (Stop A) 07:44
Moreton, adj Silverburn Avenue 07:44
Moreton, adj Garden Lane 07:45
Moreton, opp Harvest Lane 07:46
Moreton, opp Lingham Lane 07:47
Moreton, adj Kestrel Road 07:48
Moreton, adj Bermuda Road 07:49
Moreton, adj Linear Park 07:49
Moreton, adj Alnwick Drive 07:50
Moreton, adj Garrick Avenue 07:52
Saughall Massie, adj Acton Lane 07:53
Saughall Massie, adj Poplar Farm Close 07:55
Upton, adj Kingfisher Way 07:56
Saughall Massie, opp Brookside Crescent 07:58
Upton, opp Saughall Massie Road 07:59
Upton, adj Welton Avenue 08:02
Upton, adj Ford Road 08:04
Upton, opp Sullivan Avenue 08:04
Arrowe Hill, adj Leeswood Road 08:05
Arrowe Park, opp Arrowe Brook Road 08:06
Arrowe Park, adj Pool Lane 08:06
Arrowe Park Hospital (opp) 08:07
Woodchurch, adj Church Lane 08:08
Woodchurch, adj Ackers Road 08:10
Prenton, opp Palmwood Close 08:14
Prenton Dell Road (opp) 08:15
Prenton, adj Holm Lane 08:16
Prenton, adj Dovedale Close 08:17
Prenton, opp Osmaston Road 08:18
Prenton, opp Curzon Road 08:19
Prenton, adj Storeton Road 08:20
Prenton, adj Woodchurch Lane 08:20
Prenton Road West (adj) 08:20
Cross Hill, adj Mendip Road 08:21
Cross Hill, adj Storeton Road 08:22
Cross Hill, adj Mendip Road 08:22
Cross Hill, adj Mount Road 08:23
Rock Ferry, adj Cavendish Drive 08:24
Higher Bebington, opp Thornton Avenue 08:24
Higher Bebington, adj Kings Lane 08:25
Higher Bebington, opp Kings Close 08:25
Higher Bebington, opp Bentfield Gardens 08:26
Higher Bebington, adj Town Lane 08:26
Higher Bebington, adj Roland Avenue 08:27
Higher Bebington Bebington High School (NW-bound) 08:28
Bebington, adj Abbots Drive 08:29
Bebington, o/s Wirral Grammar School for Girls B 08:30
Operates on schooldays for school pupils only.

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