655 - Barnston Road / Chalkwell Drive - Wallasey Village / Village Way

A bus service operated by Selwyn’s Travel


Monday to Friday, School days

Barnston, adj Chalkwell Drive 07:35
Gayton, adj Well Lane 07:35
Gayton, adj Hillside Road 07:36
Heswall, adj Beacon Lane 07:37
Heswall Bus Station (Stop D) 07:38
Heswall, adj Tower Road South 07:39
Heswall, adj Grange Road 07:40
Heswall, opp Downham Road North 07:41
Pensby, adj Kingsley Close 07:42
Pensby, adj Rosemead Avenue 07:43
Pensby, adj Fishers Lane 07:44
Thingwall, adj Cornelius Drive 07:45
Thingwall, adj Penrhyn Avenue 07:46
Thingwall, adj Richmond Way 07:47
Thingwall, adj Heywood Boulevard 07:48
Irby, adj Whaley Lane 07:49
Irby Heath, opp Glenwood Drive 07:50
Irby Heath, opp Coombe Road 07:52
Irby Heath, opp Mill Hill Road 07:53
Irby Heath, opp Manor Road 07:53
Irby, adj Manor Road 07:54
Irby, opp Far Meadow Lane 07:54
Irby Hill, adj Hillview Road 07:55
Irby Hill, adj Sandy Lane North 07:57
Greasby, adj Hillbark Road 07:57
Greasby Primary School (opp) 07:58
Greasby, adj Thorns Drive 07:59
Greasby, adj Eastcott Close 08:01
Greasby, adj Hambledon Drive 08:03
Greasby, adj Wood Lane 08:04
Greasby, adj Broadway 08:05
Greasby, adj Cortsway 08:05
Upton, adj Greystoke Close 08:08
Upton, adj Newton Way 08:09
Upton, opp Upland Road 08:09
Upton, adj Warwick Road 08:10
Upton, nr M53 Motorway 08:10
Moreton, adj Seaforth Drive 08:11
Moreton, opp Griffin Avenue 08:12
Moreton, opp Glebelands Road 08:12
Moreton, adj Garden Lane 08:13
Moreton Station (Stop B) 08:13
Moreton, adj Tarran Drive 08:14
Moreton, opp Ditton Lane 08:15
Moreton, adj Lingham Lane 08:15
Leasowe Castle, adj Oakmere Close 08:16
Leasowe Castle, opp Reeds Lane 08:17
Leasowe, opp Wakefield Drive 08:17
Leasowe, opp Castleway North 08:18
Leasoweside (opp) 08:19
Wallasey, opp Gardenside 08:19
Wallasey, opp Heyes Drive 08:20
Wallasey, nr Barmouth Road 08:22
Harrison Park Wallasey Grove Road Station (Stop A) 08:23
Wallasey Village (adj) 08:24
Wallasey, opp Village Way 08:25
Operates on schooldays for school pupils only.

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