655 - Sandy Lane / Wallasey Village - Barnston Road / Telegraph Road

A bus service operated by Al’s Coaches


Monday to Friday, not Sch holidays

Wallasey Village (adj) 14:57
Wallasey, opp Village Way 14:57
Wallasey, adj St Johns Road 14:57
Wallasey Village (adj) 14:57
Wallasey Village Station (Stop B) 14:58
Wallasey, adj Southcroft Road 14:58
Leasowe, nr Heyes Drive 14:59
Leasowe, adj Gardenside 15:00
Leasoweside (adj) 15:00
Leasowe, adj Castleway North 15:01
Leasowe, adj Wakefield Drive 15:01
Leasowe Castle, adj Reeds Lane 15:01
Leasowe Castle, adj Oakmere Close 15:02
Moreton, adj Mereheath 15:02
Moreton, adj Leasowe Road 15:03
Moreton, adj Ditton Lane 15:03
Moreton, opp Tarran Way South 15:04
Moreton Station (Stop A) 15:05
Moreton, adj Bermuda Road 15:06
Moreton, adj Burden Road 15:06
Moreton, adj MacDonald Road 15:07
Moreton, opp Meadowbrook Road 15:07
Moreton, adj Kestrel Road 15:09
Moreton, opp Lingham Lane 15:10
Moreton, opp Harvest Lane 15:10
Moreton, adj Joan Avenue 15:15
Moreton, opp Rosslyn Drive 15:16
Moreton, adj Glebelands Road 15:17
Moreton, adj Marian Drive 15:17
Moreton, adj Croft Drive 15:18
Overchurch, nr M53 Motorway 15:19
Overchurch, opp The Woodlands 15:20
Upton, adj Braeside Gardens 15:21
Upton, adj Ford Road 15:22
Upton, opp Sullivan Avenue 15:22
Greasby, opp Cortsway 15:24
Greasby, adj Brookdale Avenue North 15:25
Greasby, adj Norwood Road 15:26
Greasby, opp Hambledon Drive 15:27
Greasby, opp Hillcrest Drive 15:29
Greasby, adj Lloyd Drive 15:29
Greasby, opp Thorns Drive 15:30
Greasby, opp Thorns Drive 15:31
Greasby Primary School (o/s) 15:31
Greasby, nr Arrowe Brook Lane 15:32
Irby Hill, opp Sandy Lane North 15:33
Irby Hill, adj Heathbank Avenue 15:34
Irby Far Meadow Lane (SE-bound) 15:35
Irby Heath, adj Roslin Road 15:37
Irby Heath, adj Coombe Road 15:37
Irby Heath, adj Glenwood Drive 15:38
Irby Heath, opp Whaley Lane 15:39
Thingwall Drive (opp) 15:40
Thingwall, adj Mill Road 15:41
Thingwall, adj Sparks Lane 15:42
Thingwall, adj Wimbourne Avenue 15:43
Pensby, adj Gills Lane 15:45
Pensby, adj Fender Way 15:46
Pensby, adj Belmont Drive 15:47
Heswall, adj Downham Road North 15:48
Heswall, adj Whitfield Lane 15:49
Heswall, adj Daryl Road 15:51
Heswall Bus Station (Stop A) 15:53
Heswall, opp Beacon Lane 15:53
Gayton, adj Boundary Lane 15:53
Barnston, opp Brimstage Road 15:55
Operates on schooldays for school pupils only.

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset