659 - Bus Depot - Breton Road

A bus service operated by Arriva Kent and Surrey


Monday to Friday, school days

Bus Depot to Breton Road

Gillingham, adj Bus Depot 06:52
Gillingham, opp St Barnabas Church 06:52
Gillingham, adj Napier Road 06:53
Gillingham Park (adj) 06:53
Gillingham Jezreels Canterbury Street (SE-bound) 06:54
Gillingham Jezreels (E-bound) 06:54
Darland, adj Barnsole Road 06:55
Darland, adj Woodlands Road South end 06:56
Gillingham, adj Featherby Road South 06:57
Gillingham, adj Eastcourt Lane 06:58
Rainham, opp Tesco 06:59
Rainham, adj Caldew Avenue 06:59
Rainham, adj Pump Lane 07:00
Rainham, adj Bloors Lane 07:01
Rainham, adj Manor Farm 07:03
Rainham, adj Broadview Shops 07:04
Rainham, opp Highfield Road 07:04
Rainham, opp Lyndhurst Avenue 07:05
Parkwood Deanwood Drive Top (E-bound) 07:07
Parkwood, opp Campleshon Road 07:08
Parkwood, opp Shopping Centre 07:10
Parkwood, opp Lovelace Close 07:10
Parkwood, opp Nares Road 07:10
Parkwood, adj St Augustine School 07:11
Parkwood, opp Hawbeck Road 07:12
Parkwood Deanwood Drive bottom (W-bound) 07:12
Wigmore, opp Fowler Close 07:14
Wigmore, opp Kenyon Walk 07:15
Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre (Stop B) 07:19
Hempstead, opp Kingsdown Close 07:21
Hempstead, opp Green Bank Close 07:22
Hempstead, opp Hickory Dell 07:22
Hempstead Road North (SW-bound) 07:23
Hempstead, opp The Flying Saucer 07:23
Hempstead, opp Post Office 07:24
Hempstead, opp Shepherds Gate 07:24
Hempstead, opp Greenfinches 07:25
Hempstead Dukes Meadow Drive (o/s 18) 07:26
Luton, opp Waggon at Hale 07:29
Luton, opp Recreation Ground 07:30
Luton, adj North Dane Way 07:31
Lordswood North Dane Way (S-bound) 07:32
Lordswood, adj Shawstead Road 07:33
Princes Park, opp Kingfisher Drive 07:33
Princes Park, adj Swift Crescent 07:34
Princes Park, opp Morrisons 07:36
Princes Park, opp Maundene School 07:37
Walderslade, opp Downland Walk 07:38
Walderslade, opp Peacock Rise 07:39
Walderslade, adj Kenwood Avenue 07:39
Walderslade Princes Avenue (opp 15) 07:41
Walderslade, opp Sussex Drive 07:43
Walderslade, adj Weeds Wood Road junction 07:44
Walderslade, opp Poachers Pocket 07:46
Walderslade, adj Snodhurst Avenue 07:47
Walderslade, opp Snodhurst Bottom 07:49
Chatham, opp Magpie Hall Road Top 07:50
Chatham Huntsmans Corner (S-bound) 07:52
Chatham, opp Wallace Road 07:52
Chatham, adj The Ridgeway 07:53
Rochester, opp Horsted Way 07:55
Rochester, adj Cloisterham Road 07:56
Warren Wood Arethusa Road (o/s 27) 07:57
Warren Wood, opp The Thomas Aveling School 07:58
Warren Wood, opp Binnacle Road 07:59
Rochester The Tideway (o/s 164) 08:01
Rochester, adj Hawser Road 08:02
Rochester, opp Grammar Schools 08:05
Rochester, opp Breton Road 08:07

Breton Road to Bus Depot

Rochester, o/s Grammar Schools 15:30
Rochester, opp Hawser Road 15:33
Warren Wood, o/s Primary Academy 15:39
Rochester, opp Cloisterham Road 15:40
Rochester, opp Jiniwin Road 15:40
Rochester Horsted Way (NE-bound) 15:41
Chatham, opp The Ridgeway 15:42
Chatham, adj Wallace Road 15:43
Chatham Huntsmans Corner (SE-bound) 15:44
Chatham, adj Magpie Hall Road Top 15:45
Walderslade, adj Snodhurst Bottom 15:46
Walderslade, opp Snodhurst Avenue 15:49
Walderslade, o/s Poachers Pocket 15:51
Walderslade, opp Barrington Close 15:51
Walderslade, opp Weeds Wood Road junction 15:52
Walderslade, adj Sussex Drive 15:53
Walderslade Princes Avenue (o/s 5) 15:54
Walderslade, opp Kenwood Avenue 15:55
Walderslade, adj Peacock Rise 15:56
Walderslade, adj Downland Walk 15:57
Princes Park, adj Maundene School 15:57
Princes Park, adj Petrol Station 15:58
Princes Park, adj Morrisons 15:59
Princes Park, adj Kingfisher Drive 16:00
Lordswood North Dane Way (N-bound) 16:01
Luton, adj Recreation Ground 16:03
Luton, adj Waggon at Hale 16:04
Hempstead Dukes Meadow Drive (o/s 25) 16:06
Hempstead, adj Greenfinches 16:07
Hempstead, adj Shepherds Gate 16:08
Hempstead, adj Post Office 16:09
Hempstead, adj The Flying Saucer 16:09
Hempstead Road North (NE-bound) 16:09
Hempstead, adj Hickory Dell 16:10
Hempstead, adj Green Bank Close 16:10
Hempstead, adj Kingsdown Close 16:11
Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre (Stop A) 16:14
Wigmore, adj Kenyon Walk 16:17
Wigmore, adj Fowler Close 16:19
Parkwood Deanwood Drive bottom (E-bound) 16:19
Parkwood, adj Hawbeck Road 16:20
Parkwood, opp St Augustine School 16:21
Parkwood, adj Nares Road 16:21
Parkwood, adj Lovelace Close 16:22
Parkwood, adj Shopping Centre 16:23
Parkwood, adj Campleshon Road 16:24
Parkwood Deanwood Drive Top (W-bound) 16:26
Rainham, adj Lyndhurst Avenue 16:26
Rainham, adj Highfield Road 16:27
Rainham, opp Broadview Shops 16:28
Rainham, opp Manor Farm 16:30
Rainham, adj Roberts Road 16:30
Rainham, opp Bloors Lane 16:31
Rainham, opp Pump Lane 16:32
Rainham, adj Tesco 16:34
Gillingham, opp Eastcourt Lane 16:35
Gillingham, opp Featherby Road South 16:36
Darland, opp Woodlands Road South end 16:38
Darland, opp Barnsole Road 16:38
Gillingham Jezreels (W-bound) 16:39
Gillingham Jezreels Canterbury Street (N-bound) 16:40
Gillingham, opp Napier Road 16:41
Gillingham, adj St Barnabas Church 16:42
Gillingham, opp Bus Depot 16:43

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/AKSS/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 25 November 2021

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