663 - St John Rigby College - Hindley Council Offices

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St Helens Road, Leigh - Bus Stop Closure
30 June–2 July 2024

Bus stop WK3714 on St Helens Road is closed due to works taking place.

Customers should board or alight at stops before or after Jean Avenue.

St John Rigby College to Hindley Council Offices

Gathurst St John Rigby College (Layby) 16:05
Gathurst, o/s Vale Royal 16:05
Gathurst, opp Deanwood Avenue 16:06
Orrell Post Cambridge Road (cnr) 16:08
Orrell Post, nr Rydal Avenue 16:09
Orrell Post (Stop B) 16:10
Lowton St Marys, nr Lowton Labour Club 17:00
Lowton Common, opp Pocket Nook Lane 17:01
Lowton Common, nr Sandy Lane 17:02
Wash End, opp Reeve Street 17:03
Lowton Common, nr Moss Industrial Estate 17:04
Lowton Common, nr Pennington Flash 17:05
Pennington, opp Jean Avenue 17:08
Pennington Park (o/s) 17:09
Pennington Winmarleigh Gardens (cnr) 17:10
Leigh, opp Buck Street 17:11
Leigh Town Hall (by) 17:13
Leigh, opp The Avenue 17:14
Lilford, nr Chadwick Street 17:15
Lilford, opp Ratcliffe Street 17:15
Lilford, nr Gordon Street 17:16
Kirkhall Lane, opp Linden Grove 17:17
Westleigh, opp Westbourne Avenue 17:18
Westleigh, opp School Street 17:19
Westleigh Methodist Primary School (o/s) 17:20
The Westleigh School (o/s) 17:21
Abbey Lane (nr) 17:22
Dangerous Corner, nr Harbern Drive 17:23
Dangerous Corner (nr) 17:24
Dangerous Corner, nr Bexhill Drive 17:25
Hindley Green Roebuck Street (Stop G) 17:26
Hindley Green St John's Church (Stop A) 17:27
Hindley Green, opp Swan Lane 17:28
Hindley Green, o/s St John's Primary School 17:29
Hindley Green, nr Lincroft Road 17:29
Hindley, opp Long Lane 17:30
Hindley, nr Askwith Road 17:31
Hindley, nr Meldon Gardens 17:32
Hindley, opp Borsdane Avenue 17:33
Hindley, opp George Street 17:34
Hindley First Avenue (Stop E) 17:36
Hindley Council Offices (Stop B) 17:37

Hindley Council Offices to St John Rigby College

Hindley First Avenue (Stop F) 06:59
Hindley, nr George Street 07:00
Hindley Old Laurel Gardens (cnr) 07:01
Hindley, opp Meldon Gardens 07:02
Hindley, opp Askwith Road 07:03
Hindley Green, nr Long Lane 07:04
Hindley Green, opp Lincroft Road 07:04
Hindley Green, opp St John's Primary School 07:05
Hindley Green, nr Swan Lane 07:05
Hindley Green St John's Church (Stop B) 07:06
Hindley Green Roebuck Street (Stop F) 07:07
Dangerous Corner, opp Bexhill Drive 07:08
Dangerous Corner (by) 07:08
Dangerous Corner, o/s Kingdom Hall 07:09
Dangerous Corner, by Smallbrook Bridge 07:10
Atherton, opp Lovers Lane 07:11
Atherton, opp Durban Street 07:12
Atherton, nr Linstock Way 07:13
Atherton, nr Prestwich Street 07:14
Atherton, nr Market Street 07:15
Atherton, opp Sumner Street 07:16
Howe Bridge, opp Liscard Street 07:16
Howe Bridge, nr Hope Fold Avenue 07:17
Howe Bridge, o/s St Michael & All Angels 07:18
Howe Bridge Eckersley Fold Lane (cnr) 07:19
Howe Bridge, opp Hansom Drive 07:19
Howe Bridge, nr Old Hall Mill Lane 07:20
Lilford, opp Newhaven Avenue 07:21
Lilford, opp Brentwood Grove 07:22
Lilford Ratcliffe Street (cnr) 07:23
Lilford, opp Chadwick Street 07:24
Leigh, nr The Avenue 07:25
Leigh Town Hall (opp) 07:26
Leigh Bus Station (Stop M) 07:26
Leigh Buck Street (cnr) 07:28
Pennington, opp Winmarleigh Gardens 07:29
Pennington Park (opp) 07:31
Pennington, nr Jean Avenue 07:32
Lowton Common, opp Pennington Flash 07:35
Lowton Common, opp Moss Industrial Estate 07:36
Wash End Reeve Street (cnr) 07:38
Lowton Common, opp Sandy Lane 07:39
Lowton Common Morgans Way (cnr) 07:40
Lowton Common, nr Pocket Nook Lane 07:41
Lowton Common, opp Hesketh Meadow Lane 07:42
Lowton St Marys, opp Lowton Labour Club 07:44
Orrell Post (Stop A) 08:16
Orrell Post, opp Rydal Avenue 08:20
Orrell Post, opp Derwent Road 08:23
Orrell Post, opp Cambridge Road 08:25
Gathurst, nr Deanwood Avenue 08:30
Gathurst St John Rigby College (Layby) 08:40

Timetable data from Transport for Greater Manchester/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 21 June 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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