686N - St Thomas More RC Academy - John Spence Community High School

A bus service operated by Go North East

Billy Mill Lane-School (NW-Bound) 07:50
Billy Mill Lane-Whitehouse Lane (N-Bound) 07:50
New York Billy Mill Lane-Selkirk Way (N-Bound) 07:51
New York Road-Brookland Terrace (W-Bound) 07:53
New York Westminister Avenue (S-Bound) 07:53
New York Westminster Avenue (SW-Bound) 07:55
West Chirton Norham Road North-Balkwell Farm (S-Bound) 07:56
West Chirton Chirton Industrial Estate (S-Bound) 07:57
West Chirton Norham Road North-Formica (S-Bound) 07:58
West Chirton Coast Road-Norham Road North (E-Bound) 07:59
Billy Mill Coast Road - Glanton Road (E-Bound) 07:59
North Shields Billy Mill Ave-Addington Cres (S-Bound) 08:00
West Chirton The Quadrant-Heaton Terrace (SW-Bound) 08:03
West Chirton The Quadrant-Oswin Terrace (S-Bound) 08:05
Meadow Well The Quadrant - Burt Avenue (S-Bound) 08:06
Meadow Well Ripley Avenue (S-Bound) 08:07
Meadow Well Avon Avenue (SW-Bound) 08:10
Meadow Well Waterville Road-Lowdham Avenue (E-Bound) 08:10
Meadow Well Waterville Road-Silkeys Lane (E-Bound) 08:11
North Shields Waterville Rd-Upper Elsdon St (NE-Bound) 08:13
North Shields Waterville Road-Coach Lane (E-Bound) 08:13
North Shields Hawkeys Lane-Highbury Place (N-Bound) 08:14
North Shields Hawkeys Lane-Lansdowne Terrace West (N-Bound) 08:15
North Shields Queen Alexandra College (N-Bound) 08:15
North Shields Walton Avenue-Hazel Avenue (N-Bound) 08:16
North Shields Walton Avenue-Crematorium (N-Bound) 08:17
North Shields North Road-Preston Terrace (N-Bound) 08:18
North Shields Preston Village (N-Bound) 08:19
Preston Grange John Spence Community High School (E-Bound) 08:20

Timetable data from Go North East, 7 December 2023

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